Ralf Schumacher, Toyota TF105, Spa-Francorchamps, 2005

Bernie’s axe falls on Spa

2006 F1 season

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The best circuit in Formula One will not be visited by the series in 2006, as the Belgian National Sporting Authority have announced it will instead undergo extensive rebuilding work as demanded by Bernie Ecclestone.

The circuit was voted the most popular by Formula One fans in 2005, who evidently cared less about the extent of the track’s paddock facilities and more about the immense, high-speed corners that characterise the circuit – the kind which are notably absent from new venues such as Shanghai and Bahrain.

The cancellation will create an additional three-week gap in the Formula One calendar, there will be 18 races instead of 19, and the Italian Grand Prix on September 10th will now be followed by the Chinese Grand Prix on October 1st.

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