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A1 Grand Prix, Brands Hatch, 2005The A1 Grand Prix series have releasesd the provisional schedule for its second season which will run over the winter of 2006-07. As expected the British round of the series at Brands Hatch (pictured) has moved from the opener to the finale.

13 events are scheduled – one more than was planned for the first season although one of these (Curitiba, Brazil) was cancelled, another (Sentul, Indonesia) postponed and a third (Laguna Seca, United States) narrowly avoided being cancelled.

Interestingly China is currently slated to hold two rounds of the series. The calendar sees a lot of change from the 2005-06 schedule – only Brands Hatch, Sepang, Shanghai and Durban are expected to be re-visited by A1.

Round Country Venue Date
1NetherlandsCircuit Park Zandvoort1st October 2006
2Czech RepublicAuto Motodrom Brno8th October 2006
3ChinaBeijing5th November 2006
4MalaysiaSepang International Circuit26th November 2006
5United Arab EmirateDubai Autodrome16th December 2006
6New ZealandTaupo21st January 2007 (TBC)
7AustraliaSydney4th February 2007
8South AfricaDurban Street Circuit25th February 2007
9South or North AmericaTBA11th or 18th March 2007
10MexicoTBA25th March 2007
11IndonesiaTBA8th April 2007 (TBC)
12ChinaShanghai International Circuit15th April 2007
13Great BritainBrands Hatch29th April 2007

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