“Formula One 1973: Reign of Stewart” (DVD)

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?????ǣFormula One 1973: Reign of Stewart?????? (DVD)The fourth in the Brunswick series of DVDs covers Jackie Stewart’s final championship victory – and final season.

It was a year punctuated by some brilliant drives and some horrible accidents. Roger Williamson and Francois Cevert both lost their lives.

But this excellent documentary presents even the more harrowing footage objectively and responsibly.

As with several other DVDs in this series the entire season isn’t covered. There isn’t any coverage of first round of the year at Buenos Aires.

It’s unfortunate – the Brunswick crew simply didn’t capture a lot of material on their various trips to F1 races. But this particularly DVD features more of the year’s highlights than some of the others.

We see the infamous pile-up at Silverstone triggered by Jody Scheckter, for example, and Emerson Fittipaldi’s retirement in the French Grand Prix.

Fittipaldi was injured later in the season and an insightful piece of footage captures him being administered a painkiller and told ‘not to drive too fast’! In another scene Lotus boss Colin Chapman whips an unauthorised Goodyear cap from Fittipaldi’s head after his victory in Brazil.

As with the rest of these films its poor in footage but rich in detail – rather the opposite of today’s season reviews.

Any criticisms? It would be nice to have heard more about how Grand Prix racing continued in spite of the oil crisis at the time. But that’s it – another excellent Brunswick film.

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