New video of Robert Kubica’s Canada crash

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Robert Kubica, BMW, Montreal, 2007While the owners of Formula 1 try to remove video of Robert Kubica’s crash from YouTube, new footage of the shunt shows just how fortunate Kubica – and many other drivers – were.

This video is shot from the opposite end of the hairpin to the TV cameras and shows Jarno Trulli and Robert Kubica catching the slower cars at almost full racing speed.

It’s easy to see how perilously close Kubica’s car came to vaulting the barrier and hitting the cars on other other side travelling in the opposite direction. The video is below.

Truly F1 had a very lucky escape on Sunday.

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3 comments on “New video of Robert Kubica’s Canada crash”

  1. Extremely good footage and shows brilliant response from marshalls. However barriers do not seem to well placed and ‘launching’ of Kubica’s car should be concerning F1 bosses not YouTube.

  2. Yeah i had also posted the video earlier today. The man in white got the shock of his life !

  3. New footage of Robert Kubica’s Crash…

    There is new footage of the horrific accident that could quite easily have claimed the life of Robert Kubica in the Canadian GP on Sunday. It is currently on YouTube, although for how long we don’t know. The FOM are asking YouTube to pull all foo…

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