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Ralf Schumacher, Toyota, Indianapolis, 2007Formula One Group aren’t keen on unauthorised F1 video appearing on the internet – but one blog does a brilliant job of shooting their own F1 video material.

Check it out in our post of the week – along with more on the Ferrari scandal and how much money F1 drivers earn.

F1Fanatic’s Post of the Week

Video – Britain preview special – Sidepodcast’s series of F1 preview and review videos are great – check out the British Grand Prix edition.

More F1 in the blogs

Round five – Magny-Cours – A great piece on final GP2 (and F1) race at Magny-Cours.

Adieu to Magny-Cours – An Anthony Davidson fan went to France and laments the passing of the Grand Prix.

ESPY Awards Fail to Recognize Best Drivers – ESPN ignored F1 racers in favour of NASCAR driver sin their awards.

Survival Of Formula One Driver May Be Linked To John Paul II – A Catholic group is trying to claim credit for Robert Kubica surviving his crash in Canada – which is either hilariously dumb or monstrously offensive.

Mark Webber, David Coulthard, Felipe Massa, Magny-Cours, 2007Coulthard gently jabs Webber – A little banter between the Red Bull boys.

A well timed scandal – The latest scandal compared to past controversies in 2003 in 2006.

British GP – History in abundance – Looking back on past British Grands Prix.

How much do F1 drivers earn? – Too much, if they’re Ralf Schumacher.

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3 comments on “F1 in the blogs 34: Top F1 vodcast”

  1. Is vodcast the most horrible neologism I’ve seen yet?

  2. Video + iPod + broadcast = ugly term. At least moblogging looked like a plausible word – but then this is what happens when techies control the languague. That said, “vidcast” is also a legitimate nelogism for video blogging, according to Wikipedia – it would be interesting to see which term (if either) gains supremacy.

    Whatever it’s called, though, the Sidepodcast piece was a joy to watch.

  3. many thanks for featuring us :)

    yet again we failed to catch up during the weekend, we had a really good excuse this time though (gotta catch this weeks podcast to hear more…soon as we’ve recorded that is).

    am think we’re going to have to do a ‘special podcast with keith’ to make amends.

    hope you had a brilliant weekend.

    p.s. we’re not bothered what it’s called, so long as people enjoy it :)

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