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Kimi Raikkonen, Ferrari, Silverstone, 2007, 2Kimi Raikkonen and Ferrari have the most victories in their respective championships – but they’re not leading them.

Plus, proof that the 2007-specification cars are now quicker than last year’s models despite the move to specification tyres. And which driver is once again leading the ‘most car failures’ table?

Kimi Raikkonen became the first driver to win three races this year and moved into third in the championship ahead of team mate Felipe Massa.

This means the driver with the most wins (Raikkonen, three) isn’t leading the drivers’ championship and the team with the most wins (Ferrari, five) aren’t winning the constructors’ championship. Luca Montezemolo was unhesitant in his criticism of the championship, saying: “This is unsporting, it’s wrong: F1 shouldn’t be a sport for calculators, it should be for winners.”

Both McLaren drivers continued their excellent string of consecutive points finishes this year. His scoring rate of 7.78 points per race is higher than Alonso’s was last year (7.44) when the Spaniard won the championship.

Hamilton equalled Jim Clark’s record of consecutive podium finishes for a British driver with nine.

Mark Webber suffered his fourth race-ending mechanical failure of the season – more than any other driver. Last year he suffered the highest number of mechanical failures of any driver (six, tied with Mark Webber).

But Red Bull stable mate Scott Speed has suffered the most retirements – six – three mechanical and three due to incident.

Until Magny-Cours the fastest laps set in qualifying this year had all been slower than their equivalents last year. But for the past two races the fastest times have been quicker. Fernando Alonso’s 1’19.152 was 1.1s quicker than the best time he set last year.

Qualifying and the race had a peculiar symmetry at Silverstone. Five teams filled the ten places in the last part of qualifying: McLaren, Ferrari, BMW, Renault and Toyota. Then in the race the top ten stayed the same except the Toyotas were replaced by rivals Honda.

Having been out-qualified by their respective team mates all year Ralf Schumacher and Alexander Wurz finally turned the tables on Jarno Trulli and Nico Rosberg. However Rosberg beat Wurz in the race and neither of the Toyotas finished.

The last five British Grands Prix have all had different winners. It was also the author’s seventh visit to a race – all of which have been won by different drivers…

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  1. Hey just i want to say thanks for all the Great work here, i was checking this blog for long time, and seems the best,Great subjects, and great comments iam 16 years old.

    FERRARI:Brilliant strategy matched by super driving by Raikkonen and Massa,yes coming through the field has been done before in the year,and in an inferior car-but that car is question DNF’ed and the circuit in question was a bit more conducive to overtaking.

    MCLAREN: Drivers probably did all they could,but it was a case of bad strategy again-especially Alonso’s final run was ruined when he came out amongst backmarkers.

    BMW:Solid as always,Kubica has been seemingly getting a new lease of life after his crash,and is creeping up on Quick Nick

    RENAULT:Same as BMW,Kovalainen is seeming to learn the trade better as he goes along.

    HONDA: I think their quali pace is still suspect but their race pace is decent and it was again backed by decent strategy.

    RED BULL:Whatever the gained on reliability, they have sacrificed pace for it and it does not help that their strategy’s are not top notch-DC fighting for points at one stage descended below the Honda’s in the final classification. Still he was the only drive who gave Massa some sort of resistance during the latters charge through the field and in the process got the better of Rosberg.

    WILLIAMS:They too seem to have dropped pace- although if Nico’s problem didn’t surface he might have been fighting for points.

    TOYOTA: New Red Bulls? Fast but no reliability.

    STR: Are they ever going to see the chequered flag?

    SUPER AGURI: Currently setting into their rightful place, that is back of the grid.

    SPYKER: Same old, same old- Sutil ahead of Albers until he blew an engine.

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