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F1Fanatic blurred logoThere’s been a load of work going on behind the scenes at F1 Fanatic – here’s a quick run down of the new features.

We’ve got more wallpapers, more feeds plus our pick of the very best in F1 books and video.

F1 Fanatic’s Most Recommended

The best F1 books and videos hand-picked from our growing library of reviews. These are the top picks that no F1 fan should miss out on.

Plus if you purchase from our affiliate partner F1Fanatic receives a portion of the sales to help keep this website running (at no additional cost to you).

From the best in biographies to top F1 season videos, don’t miss F1 Fanatic’s Most Recommended.

Loads more wallpapers

By popular demand – more wallpapers of your favourite drivers are being added all the time. Check out the latest additions and drop me a line with your requests.

The latest from Maximum Motorsport

Down the bottom right of this page you’ll notice the five newest stories from Maximum Motorsport.

F1Fanatic’s sister site covers the best in international motor racing including GP2, Champ Cars, IRL, Formula 3, touring cars and more.

Visit Maximum Motorsport here.

The best of F1Fanatic

New to F1 Fanatic?

This site has been running for over two years so if you want to catch up with some of the best and most popular features use the new ‘Best of F1 Fanatic‘ link at the top of the page.

We’ve got a load more links to add here as well so make sure you check back soon…

Your favourite feeds

Interested in a particular driver or team? F1 Fanatic can now offer you customised RSS feeds with the latest features on your driver or team of choice.

Simply pick a driver or team from the Categories menu to the right to find a link to your feed.

To see an example click here.

Want to use our feeds on your site? Then get in touch.

Printer friendly

Need to print a page? Save yourself a lot of paper and ink by using the new ‘printer friendly’ option below.

Share F1 Fanatic

Read a feature here you liked? Then use the Share or E-mail this article link below to send it to a friend, or submit it to Digg,, Furl, Netscape, Yahoo! My Web, StumbleUpon, Google Bookmarks, Technorati, Blinklist, Newsvine, ma.gnolia, reddit, Windows Live or Tailrank.

Stay up to date – for free!

OK this isn’t new – but it’s very useful!

Make sure you don’t miss anything from F1 Fanatic. You can get the latest by a free and spam-free daily e-mail, or with our RSS feed. Click here to find out more.


F1 Fanatic has been hugely busy over the past months and continues to grow and grow. I’d like to thank all of you for continuing to visit, read, contribute, comment, query, and generally join in the fun.

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    1. …and just when I thought this site couldn’t get any better.
      You Rock Keith ! ( and whoever else may be helping you out.)

    2. Thanks Wesley it’s much appreciated :-)

    3. Great job with the site. Thumbs up
      Thanks for the comprehensive news source, and keep up the great work.

    4. Nikos Darzentas
      12th July 2007, 23:40

      I think I’ve read every single article in this site, which says a lot… excellent effort.

      Keep it up Keith.

    5. This site is great, I’ve been addicted since I first found it about last month. I check it pretty much everyday and theres always something interesting to read wether its the latest news or just something fun :)

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