Bird’s Eye View: If F1 drivers were chocolate…

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ChompF1 Fanatic contributor Rachel returns with her take on what F1 drivers would be if they were chocolate bars.

Make your own confection suggestions below…

Ralf Schumacher – Yorkie: it’s not for girls

David Coulthard – Double Decker: a retro favourite, but can no longer compete

Lewis Hamilton – Chomp: good value, pint-sized crowd-pleaser

Scott Speed – Reese’s pieces: inexplicably popular in the US, but negligible following in Europe

Alex Wurz – Curly Wurly, longer than average, but still a quality confectionery item

Kimi Raik???nnen – Daim: hard, but chewy when battered

Fernando Alonso – M&Ms: changeable exterior, but consistent underneath

Jenson Button – Milkybar: a pale imitation of something better

Takuma Sato – Flake: structurally unsound

Felipe Massa – Toblerone: continental confection plagued with peaks and troughs.

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7 comments on “Bird’s Eye View: If F1 drivers were chocolate…”

  1. Robert Kubica – Terry’s Chocolate Orange: Only gets good after you break it.

  2. Massa as a Toblerone is a good one – don’t forget they are a little bit nutty too!

    Kimi would surely be some kind of liqueur – not technically a chocolate bar though.

    Ralf should be a Ferrero Rocher – grossly overpriced for what you get. Or a dark chocolate Flake – you really want the milk chocolate but buy the wrong one by mistake.

  3. Sato – I say he’s Wonka’s chocolate (from Charlie’s Chocolate Factory). You never know what you’re gonna get.

  4. Fisichella – a rancid peanut patty… Not so good to begin with and now passed its sell by date.

  5. Michael Schumacher would be a Marathon….just cause the old ones are by far the best!!!

  6. Ralf would be an Easter egg – there’s nothing on the inside

  7. McClaren Drivers – Fudge bars for obvious reasons

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