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Lewis Hamilton, McLaren-Mercedes, 2007 | Daimler ChryslerThe backlash against the Hamilton-Alonso feud got very bitter in the three-week break following the Hungarian Grand Prix – and it’s the subject of today’s Post of the Week.

Also in the F1 blogs: the cost of F1, the cost of missing your braking point at Spa, and a Michael Schumacher you can lick. Yes, really.

F1Fanatic’s Post of the Week

Taking a view

As one of the most visible F1 bloggers (and journalists) The Times’s Ed Gorman has taken a lot of flak for his paper’s coverage of the Lewis Hamilton vs Fernando Alonso saga. I think he spoke for a lot of people when he wrote:

“I am taking a view and I always will. At the Hungaroring for example, my view was that Fernando’s retaliation was the far bigger of the two evils committed that day by the two McLaren drivers and was rightly punished in the way it was by the stewards. That’s the way I saw it and I still do see it that way. This is not the result of some feverish pro-Hamilton illness.”

More F1 in the blogs

Flight school – Last week’s F1 alternative pick was the World Series by Renault race at Spa-Francorchamps – if you missed it, you missed Miguel Molina’s spectacular first corner shunt. Remember Ralf Schumacher’s effort at Melbourne in 2002?

Loyalty in Formula One – What’s better: two drivers with equal status, or one undisputed leader?

Eddie Jordan: I don’t regret selling F1 team – Jordan became MidlandF1, then Spyker – and could be set for another change.

Karthikeyan hopeful of Williams drive – Williams driver to get race seat in 2008?

The Price of Formula 1 – A look at the costs from 2003 – and they’ve only gone up since then.

Formula 1 drivers rumours 2008 (part four) – Who goes where next year (read more on the 2008 F1 driver line-up).

Good bye McLaren, hello HWA – Are McLaren going to fall our of favour for building Mercedes’ highest performance cars?

F1 driver promotional hell – Who wants to lick Michael Schumacher? More ribald humour from the fine fellows at Sniff Petrol.

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