F1 in the news 51: Honda conspiracy

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Rubens Barrichello, Takuma Sato, Spa-Francorchamps, 2007 | HondaRacingF1.comAs if Formula 1 weren’t already waist-deep in scandal, now it’s being alleged that the Honda team is deliberately impairing the performance of Super Aguri. After all if Honda know anything, it’s how to make a car slower.

Also this week the latest on the spy scandal and Heikki Kovalainen on how F1 drivers actually have very dull social lives. I’m not sure his fellow Finn Kimi Raikkonen would agree…

Honda clipping Super Aguri’s wings? – Are the factory Honda team trying to guarantee they beat customer team Super Aguri?

The R27… in 3D – Another nice offer from Renault’s excellent F1 website. In truth I was a little disappointed that you couldn’t rotate the model freely and the explanatory text was very basic. They should develop the idea some more and perhaps let users see how the car changes from track to track. Still I don’t see many other teams offering half as much material on their website.

Heikki Kovalainen column – The Finn reckons, “Yes, we go around the world a lot, but it is not the lifestyle people think, that we drink champagne on the plane, go to the nightclubs, from one party to another with celebrity friends.” Funnily though a mate of mine just interviewed Jason Plato and testified that his fridge was full of champagne…

Abu Dhabi track will exceed expectations – The circuit is believed to include an Eau-Rouge style sequence as well as a Monaco-esque street section, and is part of a $40bn (yes, billion) development.

McLaren drop their appeal against lost Hungary points – Although the 15 points lost over the qualifying incident at Hungary might have helped them recover some lost monies in the constructors’ championship, McLaren have decided not to keep their next appointment with the stewards.

Too much fuss made about Fernando Alonso – Mark Blundell reckons there was nothing wrong with Alonso’s move on Hamilton at the start of the Belgian Grand Prix.

Niki raps ‘weakling’ – Niki Lauda compares Alonso to Alain Prost, but not in a positive way. He reckons both showed their weakness by using political tactics to get themselves an advantage,

An opinion from a legal mind – A Queens’ Council on the FIA verdict against McLaren.

Mosley ‘will act’ if McLaren offer Renault evidence – Could F1 be heading to another another spy scandal?

Meltdown at McLaren revealed as Alonso labelled a ‘recluse’ – No one has been pushing the Alonso at McLaren angle harder than The Times’s Ed Gorman, who’s also made some interesting remarks about it on his blog.

Photo: HondaRacingF1.com

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3 comments on “F1 in the news 51: Honda conspiracy”

  1. Based on the picture of the Honda and Augri side by side, you can see that the wing is drastically different. Also being last years model, the two noses look a hell of a lot different. One seems to be copying Ferrari’s nose and the other a McLaren design.

  2. I think WE, the public, blew the McLaren/Ferrari issue out of proportion and now WE are starting more rumors about Honda/Super Aguri wing issue. Some are stating (as if it were fact) that Honda were/are “sabotaging” Super Aguri but it more likely than not Super Aguri were to PAY for Honda’s
    R & D work and haven’t been able to cough up the cash !!!!!
    Be patient, don’t jump to conclusions.

  3. Even if Honda have been trying to slow Super Aguri down, it doesn’t make any difference as they are still going to finish behind them in the Constructors

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