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Jordi Gene gave Seat their second win of the day by triumphing in the second race at Monza.

But the big surprise of the race was August Farfus’s failure to win from second place on the grid.

The BMW driver didn’t capitalise on the advantage of his car’s rear wheel drive and was beaten into the first corner by pole sitter Rob Huff.

It got worse for Farfus as he headed out of the chicane on the first lap. Gabriele Tarquini’s Seat had a run along the outside of the BMW but, just as he did with Alain Menu at Brands Hatch, Farfus turned across his rival.

It had exactly the same result – Farfus was dumped into the barrier very hard and out of the race.

That left Huff leading a thrilling battle between Gene, Nicola Marini, Alain Menu and Tarquini. Gene had a look at Huff at the inside of Ascari but Huff closed the door hard, allowing Larini to get a run on Gene and take second.

Gene fought back and took Huff on lap three, then passed Larini for the lead on lap four where he would remain. James Thompson took third off Huff and that settled the top four.

Yvan Muller moved up into fifth by passing Manu on lap five, Menu eventually pulling into the pits and retiring.

That left Alex Zanardi to take sixth off Tom Coronel. Eighth went to Tiago Monteiro, who passes Jorg Muller early on leading to Muller being punted off by Pierre Yves-Courthals.

Jorg Muller remains 15 points behind title leader Priaulx and Yvan Muller, who is tied with Priaulx on 81 with just the finale at Macau remaining.

Priaulx, like Farfus, was eliminated on the first lap following a collision while trying to make progress from 23rd on the grid.

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