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Autocourse (2007-2008 edition)In this week’s round-up of F1 news and articles there’s stacks of prizes to be won including F1 2007 DVDs, Autocourse 2007 annuals, Lewis Hamilton books and more.

Plus a fatality at Interlagos, new plans for a night race in Australia, more tests for Michael Schumacher, the battle for the last few 2008 F1 drives and more.

50 car books and DVDs to be won – OK it’s a shameless plug for my own column on Auto Trader but we are giving away Autocourses, F1 2007 DVDs, Hamilton books and more. What are you waiting for?

Lighting system submitted to FIA – Mark Webber evaluates a new lighting system for the Australian Grand Prix organisers. Pitpass has more on the F1 night races.

Ferrari to test at Menorca this week – Straight-line test for Ferrari in Spain.

We Didn’t Push for Large Penalty, Says Whitmarsh – McLaren chief operating officer Martin Whitmarsh denies the team wanted a harsh penalty for Renault. More thoughts on the Renault decision from GrandPrix.com.

Rafael Sperafico loses his life – Stock Car racer killed at the Aut???dromo Jos?? Carlos Pace, home of the Brazilian Grand Prix.

Schumacher turns taxi driver in flight dash – Michael Schumacher races his family to the airport.

Sutil’s 2008 seat still in doubt – He impressed many in 2007, but will Adrian Sutil be dropped by Force India? More on driver decisions at Force India F1 on GrandPrix.com.

Conway gunning for GP2 title – then F1 future – 2006 British F3 champion and Honda test driver Mike Conway is still set on reaching F1 despite a disappointing GP2 campaign this year.

Grosjean joins GP2 – Meanwhile new Renault F1 test driver and 2007 F3 Euroseries champion Romain Grosjean has joined GP2 with the ART team, who ran 2005 and 2006 champions Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton respectively.

Zuber hopes for Honda test spot – Andreas Zuber (Timo Glock’s iSport team mate this year) is another GP2 driver looking for a way into F1.

Super Aguri fate in Honda hands – More thoughts on what the future holds for Super Aguri.

Michael Schumacher to test in 2008
– We’ve not seen the last of him at Ferrari.

Max Mosley interview – This is a few weeks old but given the many recent developments concerning the FIA it’s worth having a look at this BBC interview with Max Mosley conducted on the Hard Talk programme in October.

Press split over term of new Alonso deal – Fernando Alonso has returned to Renault – but for how long? And how much money?

‘Kovalainen dropped because he was too fast’ – And did Renault get rid of Heikki Kovalainen because he was a threat to Alonso?

Albers to test DTM with Audi teams this week – Former Spyker and Minardi driver to return to the German Touring Car Championship?

Strategies, philosophies and the use of power – Can the FIA really stop teams from spending money on aerodynamic developments?

Ralf not interested in Force India F1 drive – Barring a surprise announcement from McLaren it seems the end is near for Ralf Schumacher’s F1 career.

Brundle makes a point – It’s Martin Brundle vs Max Mosley.

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