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The F1Fanatic Live Blogs for the Spanish Grand Prix will be running during Saturday practice (10am), qualifying (12pm for 1pm qualifying start) and the race (12pm for 1pm race start)

You can use the forms below to receive a reminder when the blogs start. Help running the blogs is always appreciated and if you’d like to be a moderator please contact me using the contact form.

Look forward to chatting with you all on the live blogs!

2008 Spanish Grand Prix information and session times

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  • 9 comments on “Spanish GP Live Blogs on F1Fanatic”

    1. No live blog on Friday then?  I guess I’ll hop, skip, and jump over to Sidepodcast on that day.  :)

    2. Yeah I’m working I’m afraid :-(

    3. journeyer you are a very fickle person :)

      keith.  dumb question, why not just create a post and then go to work?  let people chat amongst thereselves.

    4. Would people be happy with just having comments (rather than the live blog) during Friday practice? If so I’m more than happy to set it up. What do you all think?

    5. keith. where do you watch the saturday morning 10am practice in the uk? if i recall correctly, for some strange reason itv-f1 don’t web-stream this (they only stream the friday practices)?

    6. Chas, it’s only available in a couple of places.  TVlizer would have it on their French Eurosport channel.

    7. if anyone can help:
      just put TVU on my puter – is Star Sports the right channel?  the guide says the race Sunday is "blocked"
      p.s. looks REALLY sluggish, also

    8. oops, forgot: Thanks for the invitation!

    9. It is nice to have such blogs… there is no need to afraid of it.

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