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Formula 1 World Championship Edition, Playstation 3

We learned last week that Codemasters had snatched the rights to produce the official Formula 1 game from Sony, and the first installment in the series will arrive next year.

Codemasters have a clear choice in how to approach this. They can cynically exploit the F1 brand and just stick the official drivers and team colours on a bog-standard racing engine.

Or they can create something truly original that will court both young newcomers to the sport and long-term fans; those looking for a quick race, and those hankering for an immersive, long-term challenge. Here’s what I think they should do with the new F1 game.

Cater for both crowds. Racing game fans are generally split between those who want pick-up-and-play arcade fun, and those who are happy to while away hours with a realistic simulator refining setups and chasing lap times.

Geoff Crammond’s excellent Grand Prix series proved you can create a game that caters for both crowds. Turn all the driving aids on, and you can ricochet off the Monte-Carlo walls to your heart’s content. Turn them off, and try tackling the same event with full race distance and the weather changing as you drive, and it suddenly becomes exponentially more demanding.

Proper career mode. Inevitably the game will have to be based around the current season. But why not throw in a few of the last years’ teams, drivers and tracks as well?

If the new game covered the seasons from 2001 to today then fans of Kimi Raikkonen, Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa could re-create their heroes paths from the likes of Sauber and Minardi to to Ferrari and Renault.

Why not take the idea a step further and offer expansion packs bundling different seasons together? A ‘Michael Schumacher years’ kit would go down a storm in Germany and I’d love to have a go on a ‘turbo era’ version.

Challenge mode. While we’re nicking ideas from the past, let’s merge F1 history with Gran Turismo’s ‘Challenge mode’. A sub-game could re-create famous moments from F1’s past – you could be Nigel Mansell chasing down Nelson Piquet at Silverstone in 1987, or Kimi Raikkonen racing from 17th to first at Suzuka in 2005, or Juan Manuel Fangio reeling in the Ferraris of Mike Hawthorn and Peter Collins at the Nurburgring in 1957. Complete the challenges to unlock bonus tracks or cars.

Evolving cars. We all know that a Ferrari at Monza looks totally different to one at Monte-Carlo. The graphics should reflect that, with tea tray wings on the super-fast tracks, and aerofoils bolted onto every available surface at the street races.

Checklist. No official F1 game should go to market in the 21st century without the following: race control modelling including safety car periods, car damage and reliability modelling, online play, changeable weather and convincing computer driver intelligence.

What do you want from the new Codemasters F1 game? What other racing games should it borrow ideas from? And what should it avoid?

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  • 312 comments on “Codemasters 2009 F1 game wish list”

    1. TommyBellingham
      16th May 2008, 12:48

      F1 97 was great as it had a fun Arcade but yet real Grand Prix mode too. F1 world grand prix (also from 1997) had challenge modes from real situations from that year. One being trying to get Damon Hill to the finish at the Hungarian Grand Prix without losing too many places.

      I only have a wii and a PC, I doubt it will come to wii and also rfactor is the only racing game you need now really

      1. i would agree with the rfactor comment but when i download new cars/tracks only about 1/4 of the tracks will work and like 1/20 of the cars do, they need to be in a zipped file when i download them for it ot work on my computer…. how can i get it to work if the download isnt a zipped file??

      2. It is coming out on wii on 30 september 2009. Pre-order it on amazon for £24.95.

        1. Change that to 29th October 2009.

    2. sChUmAcHeRtHeGrEaTeStEvEr
      16th May 2008, 13:08

      id like to see a driver & team rating system which actually affected the outcome of races.

      eg for drivers you could have 10 different categories with mark out of 10. for instance you could have for drivers..speed,qualifying, starts, wet weather, overtaking etc

      and also something similar for the teams such as reliability, straight line speed.

      basically id liike it to be as realistic as possible, so eg at monaco mclaren are stronger than ferrari, massa being stong at turkey.

      what i dont want is what happens with the last game. masssa always seems to outpace shcumacher, alonso never wins and honda are always up there even though they wernt that strong in 06.

      so this game wont be out until next year then???

      1. Sounds like GPM2….

    3. There’s some nice ideas here Keith – especially challenge mode. This reminds me of the challenge mode in the old ISS (an alteration of Pro Evo) football games, where you’d be 2-0 down and have to win 3-2 in the last 20 minutes, for example.

      Codemasters really need to add as much detail as possible into this new game, and make it both fun and realistic at the same time, and as you said Keith, make it appeal to both casual and more hardcore gamers.

      I think they should focus primarily on you as the driver, and allow you to change teams and get fined for causing accidents.

      Why don’t they let you control the celebration scenes, where you could spray champagne over the drivers/cameraman at your will? Players will probably like this kind of fun freedom.

    4. sChUmAcHeRtHeGrEaTeStEvEr
      16th May 2008, 13:13

      oh an also better AI. on the last game when the computer cars tried to oivertake yo they just stayed slightly offline and didnt really move or anything. needs to be better.

      the thing is with the next gen consoles ps3 and xbox so many things are possible. iv just bought the new grand theft auto on ps3 and some of the things they have done on there are incredible. i just hope codemasters have the same ambition.

    5. Keith, I stand by you for your idea of “Evolving Cars”. That’s what I dearly miss in the F1 games I play and it’s quite disappointing when you see a Monaco spec wing in Monza–which is exaclty what I see while I play F1 ’07. The “Safety Car” idea is valid too. I would like to have the following: ‘varying degree of damages’–for example, a slow punture and associated vibrations from the tyre when the car hits a shard of carbon fibre; sidepod and radiator damage during a first lap incident and the consequent gradual loss of cooling efficiency; wind direction and speed affecting the handling; cars getting coated with brake dust as the race progresses on; visible blisters and chunkings; occassional pit-stop fumbles by the pit-crew; the driver’s hands visibly fiddling with the steering wheel controls when the gamer changes the brake balance etc. from the controller; engine dyno; a replay that has the option of showing a ‘translucent car’ to show how the gamer used the brake and gas pedals and heel and toe-ing… I’ve much more to add but I’m running out of time!

      1. i think the game should have a like manager mode where you can be a team principle like martin whitmarsh for example and be able to recruit drivers and run a team and develope the cars. it should also be more relistic

        1. ATM, there aren’t are whole lot of opportunities there, but if you are interested in that sorta thing, check out GPM2world,

    6. simple really!
      good/realistic physics, a challenging AI (that takes risk overtaking moves and aggressively blocks you!) and online play!
      challenge/career mode etc is good but all i want is similar to the old “grand prix” series!
      those games, to me, are still the best f1 games for the above reasons!
      they are simple, challenging and realistic! u could even re-release those with todays graphic ability and cars/tracks etc and there you go, perfect!

    7. unfortunately i’ve never had the opportunity to play any of these games yet. does anyone know what todays F1 drivers think of the games and how realistic do they find them?

    8. sudden groudhogs at montreal and dogs at istanbul map pack.

    9. Decent multiplayer options \ with quality netcode.
      So you can set plenty of rules options on the race server.

      and release a free mod editor to allow the race sim community to edit and add their own content.

    10. Haha Sush!

      Chas your not missing much, every game has been poor since F1 97. I dont no about the official games but i read in F1 racing that Karthikeyan and Chandok play GP4 together :D

    11. I would like to see a career mode that allowed you to develop different aspects of the car… Give a set budget and allow it to be spent on areo, engine reliability/ power, driver development, etc….

    12. Isnt Lewis having his own racing game with EA sports? Does this meen we could see the driver name as ‘McLaren Number One’ similar to ‘Williams Number One’ that was used on the games when Villenueve had his own game

    13. yer add ur own content etc with NO MISMATCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    14. Include a “coaching” segment to actually tell people how to do it right (who wouldn’t want the in car voice of Jackie Stewart telling you what to do as you enter Loews telling you to trail brake and to go as deep as you can before spinning the wheel left to full lock). You have to follow him in the 6 wheeler as he shows you the circuits maybe too.

      Always have full video available of every session (games that don’t do this drive me nuts).

      Have a pit crew challenge mini game, same for “team boss” mini game (who doesn’t want to wear the red sweater in Thailand?!)

      Aero Editor where you can talk to the designer at the beginning of the season and “help develop the car” You can be Ralf, or Michael (ie hurting or helping the car) for the whole season.

      I love the idea of the turbo years, also I’d love to roll in the 1993 fully active stuff too. (oh and the opportunity to generate the rainbow explosion of Jos Verstappen would be, horrifying/awesome.

      Most of all, coaching though. I know I’m slow (that’s why I’m not a professional driver). Help me to get faster. I know it’s a game, I want to get better. That’s how you can help everyone.

    15. Basically the F1 games need to be more involved with the people who are playing them. I also agree totally with the idea of coaching – on the last F1 game I managed to stick it in the wall for 2 weeks until I got the hang of it.
      Any car alterations would have to be an option, though, as you could risk alienating people who just want a normal game if you overload it with high-tech stuff.

    16. Nathan play Rfactor….

    17. “Why don’t they let you control the celebration scenes, where you could spray champagne over the drivers/cameraman at your will? Players will probably like this kind of fun freedom.”

      That is a fantastic idea. And actually making the celebration sequences look good, and not just limiting them to the podium either would be great. It’s all about making it feel more realistic…

      I can’t think of any ideas, all of the ideas that Keith put forward are solid gold. Please pay attention, Codemasters, don’t screw this up.

    18. John Beamer
      16th May 2008, 19:08

      One thing to avoid is model the current F1 aero regs. You won’t be able to pass and it will be a snoozefest

    19. For a proper career mode they could include the junior racing categories that f1 drivers go through – karts, formula ford, formula BMW, formula renault , formula 3, gp2 etc.

      And then having to go through a best-of-three shootout in an f1 car to hopefully land a drive. Your win ratio in the junior categories can determine which team will make an offer to sign you up.

      I think this will be brilliant being as you’ll have to work all on the way up to being a fully fledged Grand Prix dirver.

      Another addition which i think will be neat is including classic f1 cars from the past as well as circuits that f1 has raced on but doesn’t anymore – Brands Hatch, Nordschleife etc.

      Also i reckon they should poach the team that worked on the brilliant physics engine for the otherwise completely rubbish Gran Turismo series.

    20. amen to all of the above. a lengthy preseason development session with options for development over a number of user-determined areas (front/rear wing/sidepods/nosecone/monocoque/engine cover/rear diffusers/etc >:)) would provide limitless replay value. i suppose a lot of these items could be classified as being past the “point of diminishing returns” since it appears we all would buy this game anyway. but we won’t harp on that.

      since hd to regular tv is like color to black/white i just can’t complain as even 720p is a blast. advancing f1 vidgames to 1080i will be quite an achievement. can’t wait.

    21. if its on the Wii they will no doubt make a spanking minigame as is the tradition with the Wii and minigames.

    22. I think too much imagination is already killing it.

    23. IF (and only if) the physics modelling was well achieved from the start, and the IA drivers’ ability and aggressiveness levels correctly implemented too, THEN a “Max Mosley substitute” mode could be added, in which you could, let’s say, forbid wings, enable wider or slick tyres, etc. at the start of a hypothetical session, with cars and drivers reacting accordingly…
      Only a dream, of course.

    24. Well, don’t make it too realistic, or the racing will be dull like F1!

      Codemasters are very good and experienced at making driving games. I trust them to do a good job.

    25. TommyBellingham
      17th May 2008, 22:34

      “Why don’t they let you control the celebration scenes, where you could spray champagne over the drivers/cameraman at your will? Players will probably like this kind of fun freedom.”

      Make Kimi down the Champagne!

    26. agree with oliver!
      all they have to do is make it same as GP series with current cars/drivers etc
      BTW they r apprently modelling the engine around that of the game GRID.
      i played the demo for it and it’s completely shithouse!
      graphics n damage seems ok (didnt play for long) but physics are a joke!

    27. most things are out there, like in rfactor or ea’s old f1 games, wich are great with all those mods! like the turbo mods

    28. Keith could you send theese ideas codemasters? Otherwise they’ll probably go nowhere.

    29. I think the most important thing for codemasters is to sort out the handling of the cars. Games like GRID give the player no feel of whats going on. Games like forza 2 are so much better at this, as you get a feel for when the car is on the limit.

      On the subject of handling they have got to understand that whilst the cars are similar they have completly different characteristics. You should be able to tell what car you are driving by the handling alone. For instance Ferrari has better high speed grip and traction than the Mclarens, at least this year!

    30. I think a career mode that starts you off fighting to get a Formula 3 seat and then if you do well you move on to a GP2 ride, then you finally get to F1 and yet again have to fight your way to spot with a top team would be great fun!

    31. i agree with the idea of safty cars also cars should be more offensive and defensive also drivers should make mistakes under pressure

    32. you need lots of driving views ie down low tv cam like on tv etc..

    33. The game should include proper pre-race build up. In C.E, you only hear the voices of martin brundle and every one else. Also, the drivers inside the cars should move around more than they do on C.E – change a setting on the steering wheel or visable gear shifts would be good.

    34. The new f1 2009 should have realistic driving aids, changing weather for example there may be dry and wet conditions in the same race, and a race can be paused and it can be resumed even if the game is closed,the graphics should be complete with full detail, there should be videos of podium victories,safety car should appear in the race completely,all rules must be included ,all the tracks in which f1 has gone through these years should be included,night race option in some races,with more realistic telemetry,with customised car setting on which victory depends on the driving style and car settings,with realistic crowds, realistic pit crew and pitstop,it may be done with 8gb ,with a nvidia/ati basic video card support(the most important thing official broadcast of race and multiplayer and online gaming of the race should be possible,with official commentary , radio messages….

    35. 1. let u control the replys
      2. no oil leaks like 06 , yeah some stuff on the track taht will screw u up slow u down this and dat , but not make u crash cut corners ect
      3. career mode similar to 06 one with the news mail and stuff,
      4. season like f1 career mode , but this one from 05-09
      5. MONTOYAAAA should be in it
      6. make the celebrations longer with anthems and driverss look realistic cars , you be able to drive to the actual pit line and stop do car for the crew to do the work

      this is being realistic, none of this talk about turbo bull and f197 seasons to far bak.. make it fun,realistic, good comentary and ill buy it

    36. Alistair Senior
      22nd June 2008, 8:52

      I think they should have a manager mode on it like in Fifa 08. You should be able to manage a team (create your own team) hire young upcoming drivers develop the car negotiate sponsors and also pick a driver and drive for the team.

      I also think that it would be great if you could create your own track to race on out of templates already made for you (like on some of the skateboard games where you make your own skate park).

      1. i agree it would be awesome

      2. i agree with that the game should include a manager mode where you can build a team that wud be realy cool

    37. They need to take a look at how detailed Geoff Crammonds GrandPrix 4 was, in terms of being able to change all aspects of the car, the ride heights/springs/dampers/brakes/gear ratios/wing angles. etc.

      Also in terms of tire-wear/fuel-load effects the handling of the car very subtly but realistically. (that may sound like a given, but y’never know somtimes :] – It was done very well in GC’s GP4 6 years ago so i dont see that being a problem to do)

      A Safty-car when theres been a serious incodent would be cool (optional, for those who just wana get on with racing), i dont think i’ve ever seen that before in an F1 game.

      Again, like GC’s GP4 – Changable weather through-out a race, which realistically effects a cars handling.

      If this game turns out be decent, im definatly going to spend a nice penny on a wheel/pedals.

    38. i think the f1 game should include: a 8 year career mode,in which you start a teamand gradually develop new aerodynamical devices for example i would start 2 make an f1 team in 2001 and in 2008 i wud have a sharkfin on my car and by 2009 slick tryes and the new CDG rear wing.
      quick race mode like in F1 06 CE,time trial,create an f1 team,(which you basically create an f1 team.)
      quick season(just play a season with a car and driver of your choice.
      a good feature would be create a driver-create the helmet the suit everything.
      include some test tracks-and be able to download upgrades for example new f1 tracks nd teams that weren’t availible during the making of the game.
      also there should be retro races where you can race 1994 imola as aryton senna or micheal schumachers last race or montreal 2007 or suzuka 2005 and many more historic races.
      also a 3D world like in forza 2 when you can rotate the screen around the car to view every possible angle.
      a photo mode would make this game a classic-picture your crash’s that microsecond you crossed that line.
      also a replay mode would be another good feature which is a must to record that brilliant battle for a podium or that time you narroly avoided a crash.
      secondly you should be able to crash test in career mode-that would make a good pastime.

    39. a good thing would be for the game not to overexagerate the loss of traction control,and ABS and when you crash you have the option of reversing the damgage EXACTLY THE SAME AS RACE DRIVER-GRID,the game should have extensive TV coverage the podiums and trophies should be unique to each track and the way the driver gets out the car and celebrates takes his helmet and HANS system off before putting on a bridgestone cap and popping on his rolex or tag heurer before walking off to the podium.
      a safety car should only come into place when 4 or more cars are involed in a crash,also when a car crashes into a wall the car AND WALL should be damaged,spinoffs should be vast with no traction conctrol and ABS but as i said earlier no TCS AND ABS SHOULD’T BE EXAGERATED it makes for a very frustrating game like in R-FACTOR you cannot get to 65 without having a severe crash.
      also rather like GT5 you should be able to wacth the driver watching his pit crew working on the car during pratice sessions.
      also before the driver goes out in the car you seem him with his visor up andd watching the live tv,
      also the game should include interactive pit stops and on the grid before the race you should see an umbrella lady the pit crew taking off the trye blankets and watching the tv interviewer interview people,

    40. James Ravell
      30th June 2008, 22:45

      i think in career mode other drivers should change teams like button to ferrari or alonso to honda, to make the game different their should also be rookie drivers each year like with hamilton and kovalinen who
      and maybe this could be in a constructors mode where you race and pick your drivers that wud b awesome

    41. i would without a doubt like the multiplayer mode to be alot better than the recent one. The online mode to me is terrible and i think the fact that u cant split screen is odd. things needed: safety car- pit stops improving (lessfuel quicker the stop)- updates aviable- different cars work better round different tracks etc..

    42. I think there should be a career mode where you start in a lower team like for example Force India and you make your way up to being in a top team. You also create your own racer and put your face on the character by using the xbox 360 vision camera or the PS3’s PlayStation Eye. There should be realistic car crashes and changeable weather. There should be different camera angles and there should be the grid walk and see the cars on the cars on the grid before the race. You should be able to see the drivers in the pit lane and the mechanics working on the car in qualifying. There should be a realistic podium sceane after the race with the top three drivers on the poduim with the full national anthems. After the race you should see the top three drivers park their cars. There should be higlights after every race and safety cars. As Super Auguri are not in F1 any more they should be put in the game exclusively on the Xbox 360 and PS3. There should be realistic pit stops and if the pit crew made a mistake their should be a reply of their error.

    43. Convincing damage modelling! If I touch a barrier or another car I don’t want to just bounce off it. I want to see carbon fibre literring the track and affecting the driving line.

    44. I think that the safety car is neccessary,and also penalties or changing weather.There should be the Career mode as in FIFA 08 game,with moneys and offers that let you choose the sponsor of the car.There should be more details of the track.In career mode you shouldn’t be only the driver but even the manager of the team.
      I belive in codemasters because they have done even other super games.I hope that they will do the same again.

    45. I also think that in career mode the teams should develop with new cars,engines and with a new look.In the career mode should also be new teams and drivers created by the computer not by the player.

    46. This is going to be a brilliant game, as long as they do, the safety car, and a ‘career mode@ and a ‘Scenario mode’

    47. I’d like to see a real effort to imitate the speed differences between teams and team-mates. A Force India should not be 7 seconds a lap slower than a Ferrari, and I shouldn’t be able to get on Pole while my team-mate languishes in 14th every other race. This has been a real problem to my mind in both arcade platform, and PC sims/mods. There is a Constructor’s Championship to fight for in Formula 1 too!

    48. Safety car = 0 fun

      It’s correct and proper and could, if you have an industrial sized brain may mean you could make it work to your advantage, but given development needs I’d put that firmly on the back burner with other wish list items.

      Things that frustrate me in the current game

      1. Qualify 1st and get taken out by a very dodgy manoeuvre from the rear. I then get an email saying bad weekend. Or another example, I win the world title in a Toyota and don’t get a top team offer. C’mon

      I believe a more graduated success and failure system should be introduced.

      2. I’m unable to save and store my default car set ups and run an import/export system. This needs to be included allowing up to 19 different nameable maps.

      3. Wet times need to be notched back for AI – I was running round Magny and the AI hit 1.14…. on inters. I’ll hit 1.13 easily in the dry but only a one sec between dry and wet seems a little screwy to me.

      4. Weather predictions in set up screens and pre race set up screen to allow you to determine your tyre choice following a wet Q3. You could also have access to tweak some elements of the car as in real life.

      5. Race car evolution that allows you to preset any element you do not wish to pursue. So if you don’t need to work out your fuel strategy you do not need to complete the fuel evolution, merely set the value to carry through.

      6. Increased information from the pit wall and reduced commentary – “You dropped point 5 to Massa in that sector “, “Kimi has just pitted”

      7. In car mapping options on brake balance (if this is still allowed) triangle to hit brake map one etc.

      8. Rumble feature

      9. Oil to affect all cars – I’ll see myself drive over an oil patch and hear my engine rev drop but then see the car behind on the same line catch me rather than maintain parity.

      10. Personal tests that allow you to alter the default track settings al la real tests. And a very personal call to remove Spain from the roster of test tracks

      11. 6 second slow-down after I run wide on a corner losing about 10 places! When and where penalties are imposed needs to be reviewed entirely. It’s a good mechanism when you cut a corner at Monaco for example but if you lose places why would you incur an additional penalty?

      12. The first Play station game had a completely fictitious track as a prize on winning the championship (all all time trials, I forget) that may be a welcome return. Also a return of the concept that tangible gaming regards for completing a winning career or championship rather than time trials.

    49. can they bring a new f1 game out 4 this christmas please.

    50. Aarón Villar
      13th July 2008, 3:08

      We want codemasters to do their best for f1 2009 game. Everybody want’s to have available all the little changes to the car, race rules and meteorologic conditions as real as posible as a choice in the game, if you think you can handle them.

      We want to seat and enjoy racing rapped with a big screen, wheel, pedals, buttons, etc. and share with the grand prix pilots the sense of a great competition.

      The F1 pc sim game has to go on improving yearly for all of us who can not to drive a real car.

    51. I love playing F1 game it has a career mode so I can put my name as driver loved every minutes playing for career mode , I would like to see manager mode with budget example : sponsors, engine, tyres and fuel deals, improving f1 car designs and etc , if cant put everything in one game why not do two games for f1 game and f1 manager 2009 it will be interesting.

      1. u can do that online with a game called grand prix raceing online

    52. hi
      i’d like there to be a mode to create your own team were you could design your own car obviously you’d be given the basic model eg for this season the R26 but you’d be able to possibly make sponsorship deals or just be able to add decals to your car. another option is to give just car designs to pick from.

      another thing that should be concentrated on is crashes when i hit the wall slightly i want to see tiny bits of carbonfibre coming off the car and affecting drive line but make this an in game option for less experienced gamers.

    53. 1. Manager Mode where you can design your own car, type of angine e.g. Mercedes, Renault, Honda etc, sign drivers, get sponsors.
      2. Longer season mode
      3. In season mode a driver can move to another team.
      4. Weather forecast for race
      5. More in-depth pit wall radio and commentary
      6. Show the team working on your car in the garage.
      7. Pre season tests, Mid season tests, and tests when season finished, not just the tests you get as a test driver. Have full tests where different teams are at the circuit aswell.

    54. i would like to see a real garages so when you go in the garage you will see all your pit crew and they pull you the car in. i would like to see a new carear mode first you test for a team. if you do well the team will take you. and in every race you pay from your wages for a hotel. if you win(1-3) a race you get extra wages. if you finish a race from (4-last)you get the same wages. if you crash the car you have to pay for it and get no wages. and in every race there will be the friday two practices,saturday practice,saturday qualifying 1,2,3. make damage on or off. when a car crashes make the car break in a disaster.

    55. i as a kid think there should some sort of amazing game which covers all the best parts of f1 and gives you the chance to be the boss of say bmw or ferrari

      and hamilton to win 09

    56. Hamilton to win 08 ya mean! :P
      Codemasters should do a good job no worries, their obviously going to make it as realistic as it should be, which is a good thing because i was largely let down by Race Driver: GRID.
      Just wish someone would bring one out for this year, two F1 games concerning the same year is a bit wrong to me.

    57. Management game needs to be done also, F1 Manager on the PC was wicked, set in 99 so it’s bit old now, wish someone would do a new one of that aswell.

    58. I hope you get to do your own career by playing you in the game and build your way up as a rookie to a f1 legend and you are able to choose what team you want to go. I hope you can get a first man view in the helmet where your vision blurs as you speed up to high speed and get to see force feedback.

    59. I think that f1 2009 should contain all 19 tracks all 9/10 (Prodrive) teams for a career mode in which you can either pick a team and driver or create your own driver but pick a team you want to race for. A world tour mode seen in ToCA 3 where you start at basic racing classes e.g karts then Formula BMW etc. a time trial mode, good multiplayer and online playability. Also settings pending on whether to turn on saftey car periods and to change the lenght of a gp and if you need to go away but are in a good race position a “save race” option where you can save the race where you were at that exact place and another feature which i think should be included is something similar to the Race Driver: Grid crashing feature: when you crash or spin there should be a menu to go back up to 30 seconds or less from where you crashed and try to correct it. also another mode which wouldn’t bother me is the “Classic Mode” where you can pick famous drivers like Ayrton Senna, Jim Clark and Jackie Stewart and many more famous driver “era” types of race mode to re-live famous or infamous races. a map editor would be a nice inclusion aswell and also include a free race mode where you could race your new tracks and past circuits that are not included in the 2009 season.

      All of this i think should be in reach and hope that codemasters should include into the game

    60. 1)a think on manager mode you should be able to design your own car lyk different paint job different design and put a diff engine in it.
      2)a think there should be more communicating to and from the pitwall.
      3)you should be able to make ur own guy and pick what nationality you want him to be .and your guy should be able to speak and when he does what ever nationality he is he should speak english but with a different accent ltk for eg. put your guy as jamaican he has a jamaican accent to his voice

    61. i think if i put the weather to wet it should slow the laptime down by alot nt jst a second and when in the wet wen you look behind u to see were other drivers are there is lots of spray and if ur behind someone lots of spray comes up frm there car so it makes ur vision nt so good and you should put them red lights on the back of the car so u can see the car infront more clearly if in wet conditions

    62. also whem on track ready to start there should be grid girls around you and a umbrella over you then a commentator interviewing you like you see on t.v

    63. must must must must must must must must must must must
      must must must must must must must must must must must
      must must must must must must must must must must must
      must must must must must must must must must must must

    64. F1 is a great game and would be even greater if it was even more realistic. Proper Teams, Drivers and Tracks should be available in every detail to make it realistic. All Current drivers should be included like Kimi Raikkonen , Felipe Massa, Lewis Hamilton, Heikki Kovalainen, Fernando Alonso, etc. in their respective Teams and even Legends like Micheal Schumaker should be included. A proper career mode and also the option to create drivers, circuits and even entire teams would be amazing! Further if all this and much more would be included in the game and the game was to be made for Playstation 2 as well, it would definitely be a hit!

    65. rFactor isn’t as real as people make out it is. Okay it’s nice and pretty but its a matter of graphics > reality

      It has failures where the crash detection comes into play. The cars don’t act properly at all, If anyone has driven karts and tries the karting mod you will know exactly what I mean.

      This game F12009 should NOT be for PS2, It’ll hold back current gen progress, We want every single thing that happens in F1 from the timing screens, commentary, safety cars, flags, pit lights and so on.

      Also the ability mentioned in the infamous Geoff Crammond Grand Prix series to switch your driving aids around is a must for all racing games catering for both needs, It enables people to learn the game at any pace.

      Mentioning Grid? It’s a nice game but it’s not a Sim, F1CE is what i’d consider the best racer out there, GT5P was horrible. Forza is a fine game but nothing has ever challenged the creations of Geoff Crammond. Codemasters need to look into the Microprose/Geoff Crammond series and build upon it since we will never ever see another game from that dev team.

    66. i have been waiting for a formula one game on the 360 since i bought one on launch day and i have 2 say im delighted to hear that codemasters have got the licence , all that i hope is that they dont just remake GRID with a new shell coz that was the worst racing game i have ever played.
      One more thing i hope is that they work closely with the fia because theyre are a lot of changes planned for next season with the limited aero designes and tires etc so i hope that once the game is out and the rules change (they always do) they take on board what could be classified as legal in terms of car design as the rules become more lax as possible downloadable content

      let me know how wot u think

    67. I total agree a safety car definately needed!!
      I would also like to see changing weather conditions during a race and when you complete a race you get to drive the car around the track and back to the pits
      You should also be able to drive to the grid on race day.
      Better crash damage such as slow punchures and suspension failures not just lose and engine blows like on CE
      Full national anthems and better celebrations from drivers
      Also you should be able to take part in tests even if ur a driver in career mode
      Changing of penalties instead of slowing you down for silly things like running of the track which may slow you down any way you should only be penilised for things like blocking in qualifying or cutting a corner and taking a possition, also the way you are penilised should be changed maybe a drive through or even 10sec stop and go???
      I also like the sound of classic mode when your put in a possition when you say have to take pole or finish at least 4th
      More infomation from pits such as what other peoples stratagies are and the occasional “keep pushing mate” and a way to communicate back to them
      A way to see flags on the side of the curcuit not have a blue or yellow bar at the top of the screen!!
      Press conferences and pre race interviews would also be nice as well as making friends with other drivers
      More indepth commentery where James Allen and Martin Brundle talk about the championship or have news from the pits about other teams from Ted Kravits
      A chance to turn the engine down or add more wing during the race and being able to change your stratagy during race would be nice!
      More realistic in qualifying such as piting for new tyres and a few laps of fuel rather than driving straight into the garage every time

    68. Another thing you could be able to control is your answers to the reporters by the track. If you get it wrong or insult the fans or their favourite driver, they could boo you at the next race

    69. And better racing views that put you in the racing seat, like looking throught your visor and being able to move your helmet sideways and look through the mirrors to see whos ovetaking. The occasional bug on the visor would be nice too!

    70. I think they should have a good career mode where you have to start at a low down team and you win money from how well you do and you slowley work your way up the teams, and also other teams can offer you a job with there team if your doing well.

    71. You need to be able to feel the bumps in the road that send you off course. It would be good if you wanted to work your way up through F3 and stuff to get to F1.

    72. Have it developed with F1 drivers to make it more realistic.

    73. PITS IN QUALIFYING!!!!!!

    74. when are we likely to see this game and will it be for the 2008 season or 2009?

    75. HI I’m Formula 1 Fan for 8 years

      About this game ,my wishes are:

      Different (inside and outside) car sounds (more close from real F1 cars)
      u know Outside sound must be very louder

      Different car physics

      Different car TV Onboard cameras(and the Driver views shaking when car goes to the high speed)

      Reality Steering Wheel LCD displays

      & Stage camera from real TV cams (dont make it like GRID or DIRT)

      just so, THX!

    76. fonz_worthy
      7th August 2008, 6:16

      just make the game as realistic as possible, pay attention to the little details, i.e. when its a windy day make the trees moves like there is wind about!..also giving drivers information over the radio, I know they have done this befor, but could be alot better. for example giving details who have done the fastest sector or laps. And also like f1 97 show the difference in seconds between you and the driver in front or behind you in each sector, allowing us to know where are we gaining and losing valuable seconds!

    77. Hmmm, this looks like a good spot for a second-ever F1 Fanatic post…

      Anyway, I completely support your recommendations, Keith. I also think the ideas of working your way up through the ladder of open-wheeler motorsport, the ability to control what you say in interviews and the game spanning a number of real life years in Formula One are excellent. I’ve got an idea of my own – what if you could drive on the original configurations of some historic tracks as unlockables? It’d be great to be pounding Raikkonen’s 08 Ferrari around the 1950s version of Spa, or using Alonso’s 06 Renault to conquer the Nurburgring Nordschleife! Maybe throw in Monaco’s original layout, and the Mother of all street circuits (to us Aussies anyway)… Adelaide. I’ve been waiting for that circuit to be drivable in a proper F1 game for ages. Come on Codies, be nice to us fans of your V8 Supercar games (TOCA to Europeans) and give us Adelaide. Then I’ll buy the game… even if you have butchered the F1 license… which I’m sure you haven’t!

    78. Nice ideas Stealthman – but I would have thought Bathurst was the mother of all tracks for Australians? Now that’s where I’d like to see the Australian Grand Prix…

    79. Yeah Keith, I can’t get the thought of F1 cars dipping and diving round the mountain out of my head. Bathurst by far is the mother of all tracks in general, but remember that I said Adelaide was the mother of all *street* tracks. If F1 were ever to leave Melbourne, the heart would say Bathurst, but a realistic proposition is Adelaide – the F1 community sees it as a classic, and with the 2009 changes to the layout of the permanent part of the track, it’s sure to register a blip on someone’s radar. To view the plans for the updates, visit this page:

    80. Adding on from my ever growing list for the best ever f1 game would be to throw in team troubles (eg. mclaren and ferrari scandal in 2006) and you have to help the team get out of trouble (eg. go to court and give evedence). I want to be able to control the racers life, not just where I qualify and where I finish.

    81. Not a fan of that idea I have to say, eD, I want a racing game, not an interactive soap opera.

    82. On fifa 08 for example you get asked questions by the media and you answer gives you more or less fan support, respect from you team and job security. Thats what i want

    83. If you have a ps3 when this games comes out add me. my name is dcfc321

    84. The computer drivers should be better because on my current game i can start in 22nd and finsh first by a landslide after like 5 laps!!!

    85. A safety car is a must , scrap those 6s penalty’s and add like a drive threw penalty , more realistic fuel option and tyre wear,also add the new tyre soft/hard compound.
      Make a realistic career mode where you actualy get outside sponsors ,so that you can earn money $$$.
      Also somethimg where you can design your own helmet etc..Use a great deal of detail on the cars (sound, performance, looks, aerodynamic parts).
      And also alow you to change your statergy during a race .
      Pits more realistic where errors can be made by m e the driver or the pit crew and maybe just before you pit a options screen could come up and let you decide on fuel loads, tyre options.
      Allow you to drive to the gid … then do the parade lap (and whre you actually have to stop the the car on in your starting position (make it an option).
      Damage..more carbon fibre flying off the car ,brakes explode etc..
      other drivers must be way more competitive and actually put up a fight.
      In the career mode different stages of difficulties should be availible jus like in Fifa ’08

      Well done Felipe Massa for that BRILLIANT start, just a pity the engine failed.

    86. Uhm.. does this wish list actually get sent to code masters so that they could read through some of the good ideas everyone has … And hopefully their will be a seperate F1 manager ’09 game.

    87. I hope so!!!

    88. If you do get outside sponsors in career mode you need to be able to re design the look of the car with their name on. (unlike the football shirts on fifa 08!)

    89. 1. Have an option to have wet-dry race
      2. Allow you to change your strategy mid-race
      3. Softer compoud tyres give you that extra bit of performance
      4. Better AI i.e overtaking and defending

      And finally

    90. They promised a safety car last time , it never happened. That’s the main thing missing from F1 Games , and maybe when cars do crash on the track , abulances and tractors come to clean the track up ! Maybe im askin 2 much ….