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4 comments on “2008 European Grand Prix live blog”

  1. Can I make a polite suggestion about the live race blogs? Having joined in for the first time today, after finding this excellent site this week, I did find it a bit difficult to follow and watch the race at the same time.

    The majority of the comments seem to repeating the action that everyone is watching on the tele anyway. For example when the Ferrari mechanics are out in the pits… you have about 5 to 10 people all say “the Ferrari boys are out”. Yet everyone knows because everyone is watching it. I think the live blog should be restricted to discussion of the race, rather than 10/15 people reporting the race.

    So the mods could agree that only the main mod (as I see, each mod takes their turn) reports on obvious action (i.e. X has crashed… Y is pitting, Z has set FL). The other mods keep stum, and any comments from non-mods are not put through to the main window.

    I think this would enable a much better flow of discussion, conversation about the race/quali/practice.

  2. “The other mods keep stum, and any comments from non-mods are not put through to the main window.”

    To make this clearer I don’t mean all comments are restricted, just comments that are repeating what is happening on the tele. Discussion, prediction, analysis etc from the other mods and non-mods would proceed as normal.

  3. Great Driving for massa .

    but without alonso its boring race for me :)

    I really hope reikonen will start driving .

  4. Mel Hutchinson
    25th August 2008, 0:13

    Here in Las Vegas Nevada USA we have to wake up at 4:30am on SUNDAY MORNING to watch Formula 1. I guess it helps to control my wine intake. I’ve been doing it for over 20 years and am just happy that we consistently have Formula1 televised. When I was 14 years old my dad and I went to the United States Grand Prix in 1981 at Caesars Palace won by Alan Jones and I’ve been hooked every since. After watching this mornings race I felt compelled to voice my opinion about the European Grand Prix and please excuse me if I bore you.

    It kept being shoved down my throat how nice the circuit in Valencia Spain was but I wasn’t impressed. No doubt it was a fast circuit and required lots of skill but it doesn’t lend itself to racing. On the United States telecast, which I believe is the same one the rest of the world views, I don’t remember seeing one single pass for position.

    What is the rule on mechanics wearing helmets? I noticed several in both the McLaren and Ferrari pits not wearing helmets.

    I bet Kazuki Nakajima was on the next flight out of Spain possibly before the race ended.

    Felipe Massa drove a brilliant race. He drove consistently closer to the walls than his competitors. At the end of the race his tires appeared to be in excellent condition. He wanted to redeem himself from Hungary and it showed. I believe the incident in the pit lane was a team error and not driver error. There was no need for Masa to be penalized with a drive through.

    I do believe Ferrari’s fine was about 1/10th of what it should have been. They broke the rule by releasing Masa in unsafe conditions.

    Kimi Raikkonen, on the other hand should be fined and penalized for his negligent driving in the pit lane. He left before the he was signaled to leave and that was absolutely driver error. When Lewis Hamilton crashed into him in the pit lane at the Canadian Grand Prix he was justifiably severely penalized for the next race and nobody was injured. Because Kimi jumped the light a mechanic was injured. It will be interesting to see FIA’s verdict between now and Spa Francorchamps.

    The FIA also needs to outlaw the sensor and light apparatus that Ferrari is using. The rule needs to state that a human being standing in front of the car with a lollipop is required for pit stops. I didn’t think it was allowed in the rules to modify the fuel rig.

    The brake covers on the Ferrari must be extremely light. I’m a little surprised that Massa’s car passed the post race inspection.

    After watching the last two races Lewis Hamilton and McLaren had better pray for rain because if it is dry and fast at Formula 1’s best circuit, Spa Francorchamps, Felipe Massa will drive off into the sunset. He is a man on a mission and is experiencing a special moment right now.

    Great Job BMW and Robert Kubica for your podium finish! I am also happy that Heikki Kovalainen, Jarno Trulli, Sebastian Vettel, Timo Glock, and Nico Rosberg scored points. After Kimi Raikkonen’s engine failure I am very concerned about the reliability of the Ferrari.

    Maybe, just maybe Lewis Hamilton is maturing as a driver and becoming more cerebral. Only time will tell.

    With all things being said, was it worth it to give up some Saturday night partying to watch the race? Without a doubt YES!

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