Belgian Grand Prix: rate the race

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Rate the Belgian Grand Prix out of ten and share your thoughts on the race below.

Rate the 2008 Belgian Grand Prix out of 10

  • 10 - Perfect (14%)
  • 9 - Fantastic (40%)
  • 8 - Great (23%)
  • 7 - Good (10%)
  • 6 - Not bad (2%)
  • 5 - A bit dull (1%)
  • 4 - Often tedious (1%)
  • 3 - Boring (0%)
  • 2 - Rubbish (2%)
  • 1 - Terrible (9%)

Total Voters: 400

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26 comments on “Belgian Grand Prix: rate the race”

  1. 7/10 – Seeing as most of the race was not too bad, but the final 4 laps were absolutely edge-of-the-sofa stuff, so it averages out to a good race, I feel. A few more laps of rain, or some closer racing during the first 40 laps would have bumped the score up a lot, for me.

  2. Thrilling start, thrilling end. Lots of overtaking. Great race.

  3. Lovely race, would’ve been perfect if there were 2 Ferraris on the podium, one of them on the top step :) But that’s life and Formula 1. Kimi lives to fight another race and hopefully another championship next year, since I don’t see him closing down the mammoth 23 point gap in 5 races. Hats off to Massa for not doing one of his special moves this time around, Lewis and Kimi were working very hard to throw away their respective races :)

    Good races from the Toro Rossos and Alonso. And thanks for hosting the live blog Keith, and thanks once again to the mods for keeping it sane :) Later mates!

  4. boring! remove this from calendar and keep Hungaroring and Valencia. Let’s put an oval too to get more americans interested in F1.

  5. Coming to my funeral????
    i nearly died when kimi crashed, it was great until that happened .

    (Alonso and Kimi fan)

  6. I’m reserving judgement on this one until we know whether the stewards decide to make the whoe thing a waste of everyone’s time.

  7. This is exactly what Valencia missed!

  8. Great start and finish, but not great in terms of result – I don’t think I’ve ever felt nauseous watching any sporting event until earlier today. Kimi’s final spin into the wall was the biggest heartbreaking sight this season.

    I had a bad feeling about the race when Lewis was making substantial, and clearly visible, gain on Kimi – then come the penultimate lap the chicane, home straight, first corner and subsequent-don’t-want-to-go-theres I was praying to any god that would listen. So although my bad feeling turned out right, at least I proved (to myself) there is no god.

    8/10 – Great race, rubbish result.

  9. Bloody fine racing. 10/10

  10. but, if there had been more passing during the race would it have made the end less memorable? sorry, couldn’t resist.

    maybe we should have ratings by the stints. ie: lap 1-first stops, then to the next stops then to the end. just to keep us all paying attention. i had sort of started thumbing through a magazine until hamilton started making ground on kimi.

  11. That was one hell of a race, lol. Never seen a GP conclude quite like that one.

    I gave it a 9/10.

  12. According to Autosport Hamilton has been handed a 25 second penalty for cutting the chicane. In my mind it makes the whole event a waste of time so it gets a 1 rather than a 9.

  13. 1/10. There is absolutely no point whatsoever in watching a race if the result is just going to be changed afterwards.

  14. Since the outcome of this season is apparently predetermined, can we start rating the final 5 races of the season before they happen?

    1. …Are you criticising 2008 by saying that the championship predictable?
      Was the 2004 season immensely close in your eyes?

  15. 9 until the stewards stuck their oar in,now a 1

  16. 7 for the race – The first 20 & last 10 minutes were great, the middle was a bit dull though.

    1 for the final decision though, would be shocking if I hadn’t been watching F1 so long.

  17. Fantastic race,spoilt by the decision of the stewards. Nevertheless, lots of overtaking, lots of action and lots of fun. More of the same(without the intervention of the FIA)!!!

  18. silverdreammachine
    8th September 2008, 3:20

    Trully fantastic race, was sat on the edge of my seat nails cutting into the palms of my hands praying Lewis would stay on the track

    stewards ruined it for me

  19. Fantastic Race. Terrible Aftermath. Why can’t the FIA just be consistent? At least then there can be no claims of bias and drivers and teams will no where they stand as incidents happen, rather than a couple of hours after the race has finished.

  20. great race, the last 5 laps really made it a classic.

    crazy driving from lewis, it showed the type of risk-taking confidence that is rarely seen anymore in F1. it took a lot of guts and for the FIA to take that well-deserved victory away from him is an absolute travesty!

    shame we didn’t get to see a bit more of the chaos behind, as those on intermediates chased down those still on dry tyres, but i can understand that the main excitement was at the front.

  21. As a lifelong fan, I am totally disgusted at the insidious corruption displayed in dubious decisions over the past 2 seasons and I have today, vowed, never to watch another F1 Meeting, unless this decision is overturned.
    Sad but determined!!

  22. FIA and Ferrari should be ashamed of themselves………..

  23. It was fun, even with the after race drama (sorry Kimi & Jenson fan). It is one of the most interesting races & season to come, just like last year, we are not sure who will come on top.

  24. Have been F1 fan for almost fifty years.Not any more. Cant see the point of watching a sport where FIA means FERRARI must come 1st Assoc. its apoor show when a sport is brought into disrepute by its own governing body. I couldn’t be bothered to watch the Singapore GP!

  25. I decided to look back on it with a fresh pair of eyes today. The question not talked about for me is why did Kimi move to his left at la source… why did he give lewis the opportunity to dive down the inside?

    I think he was trying the switchback (hence the resulting wing contact) – braked very early to get a good exit, and kind of let hamilton take the place temporarily. If lewis _had_ stayed right behind Kimi, as some are suggesting, he would have broken his front wing, as Kimi braked so early.

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