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Join us for live blogging during every Italian Grand Prix F1 session
Join us for live blogging during every Italian Grand Prix F1 session

Join in live discussion during all the sessions of this weekend’s Italian Grand Prix at F1 Fanatic.

Details of all the live blogs are below plus useful information about the Italian Grand Prix race weekend.

Where to find live F1 video – If you need to find live F1 video on the internet over the race weekend I keep this page updated with the links people on the live blog have found.

Monza circuit information and diagram – Information on the circuit, tyres, plus a track map.

2008 Italian Grand Prix event information

Championship standings going into the Italian Grand Prix

F1 Fanatic Italian Grand Prix live blogs

You can get reminders of when each of the live blogs are going to start by putting your email address in the relevant forms below.

GP2 live blogging

The GP2 title will be decided at Monza this weekend between Bruno Senna and Giorgio Pantano. I’ll be live blogging the races with Duncan from Doctorvee during the Feature Race on Saturday after F1 qualifying and the Sprint Race on Sunday before the Grand Prix. Join in the live blogs at Maximum Motorsport or V8. You can get a reminder for the GP2 feature race live blog using this form:

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