First pictures from the Singapore GP

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The Singapore F1 track at night
The Singapore F1 track at night

Here are the first pictures of the Singapore track at night and in the daytime, and the teams and drivers preparing for the first ever F1 night race.

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10 comments on “First pictures from the Singapore GP”

  1. The track at night, seems like the Sapucai Avenue in Rio, where we have the Carnival Parade…cool!!!

  2. Quite an interesting array of photos.I like the McLaren lighting setup- perhaps they are again one step ahead of the pack again!!

  3. With the “daylight” lights, I hope they take some satellite pictures of the GP taking place. This should be an interesting pic

  4. The McLaren pic… priceless!

    Reminds me of the “Keep your distance” Williams painted on their rear wings a while ago.

  5. since when red bull sports those nosecone bmw style winglets?

  6. apologies… now i see that they were testing it in jerez

  7. woooooooooooo , gr8 , really wooooooooooooooooo , this is a dream not a race to fly on 340 km on this lights and all others moving in normal streets , woooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ;)
    it’s gonna be rock ;)

  8. Haplo – there’s also a video featuring the McLaren lights: 2008 Singapore GP preview (Video)

  9. If the live TV images are as dark as some of the still photos I’ve seen here and at, we may all be in for a disappointment.

    Here’s hoping I’m wrong.

  10. I saw few FP videos, and the cars look absolutely stunning under the lights. Especially, BMW and Ferrari; simply WOW…

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