3 comments on “Robert Kubica, BMW, 2009 testing”

  1. Sven Weichbrodt
    19th November 2008, 7:31

    I am happy that the F1 Overtaking Group has finally recognised that in order to guarantee overtaking the cars need to be less reliant on aerodynamically derived downforce and more reliant on mechanic downforce, ie grip provided by the tyres (thank God the grooves tyres are gone).

    However, I think somewhere deep down in their charter there is a clause which also states that the new cars must be as ugly as possible.

    If this is the new 2009 look then I will listen to the GP’s on the wireless rather than on the TV as I doubt I can stomach it. The entire aesthetic of the car is wrong, with that tall, narrow rear wing combined with that ironing board on steroids at the front.

    God help us, can they get anything right?

  2. Sven is right, but I am reminded of what Han Solo said about the Falcon in Star Wars…
    “She may not look like much, but she’s got it where it counts…”
    It will be interesting to compare lap times and G loading.

  3. yorricksfriend
    23rd November 2008, 9:42

    I’m used to it, they look fine to me – at least they aren’t full of “furniture”

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