Mark Webber in road crash

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Mark Webber has broken a leg following a road accident during his annual Mark Webber Pure Tasmania Challenge, a charity event.

Webber has had surgery on the leg and a pin inserted. The accident happened near Port Arthur where Webber’s mountain bike was in collision with a four wheel drive car.

On behalf of the F1 Fanatic community I wish Mark Webber a speedy recovery and I’m sure everyone else does too.

More on Webber’s accident here

Thanks to everyone who e-mailled in to let me know!

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  • 12 comments on “Mark Webber in road crash”

    1. Get well soon Mark.

    2. I hope this doesn’t affect his build up to the 2009 season.

    3. he will be ok becouse he is one of the strongest guys in f1.

    4. “Sh*t Happens. But mainly to Mark Webber”

      Pretty sums up Webbo’s luck. You have to wonder what he done wrong in a past-life or something to warrant everything that goes wrong in his career!

      I’m sure he’ll be up-and-running and firing on all cylinders by Melbourne next year.

    5. Webber has been always at wrong place at wrong time. hope the car driver was not an effing kid

      Get well soon Mark

    6. I hope it was nothing serious enough to compromise his career :(

      Get well soon

    7. He’s pretty lucky to have only suffered a broken leg really.

    8. Red Bull have said they expect him to be fully fit in time of the start of next year’s season.

    9. Speedy recovery Mark Webber. Rotten luck always seems to be on his side.

    10. Here’s to seeing him back on the grid in ’09! I wish you well Mark. :D

    11. Mark Webber’s life is to be a driver. He will recover of this accident.

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