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A Qualifying Change From FOTA

Clive on FOTA's qualifying brainwave: "The only thing that worries me is the elimination of the slowest driver after only one lap. That seems a bit harsh to me and I would prefer that they be given a few laps to warm up before the times begin to count."

STOP rewarding Mediocrity – Start rewarding Winners!

"The racing was bland, personalities were muffled and there was not a compelling reason to watch most races." F1? Nope – NASCAR…

The end of an era

James Allen's final word on ITV: "The team is now disbanded. I know that many people had frustrations with the ad breaks and some found the build-up show’s emphasis on Lewis Hamilton unjustified, but there is no doubt that ITV raised the standard of F1 TV production very high indeed."

FOTA to discuss new qualifying format

"The new idea to be looked at consists of all cars jumping onto the track at the same time and with the same amount of fuel, with the slowest driver being eliminated after each lap. After 14 laps, the six fastest drivers would then fight for pole position, fitting new tyres but still using the same amount of fuel." Once again it seems FOTA is wasting its energy trying to fix something that isn't broken. Qualifying has had more than enough changes in the last five years. The only further change that is needed is to get rid of the race fuel element in Q3. Otherwise, leave it alone.

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  • 3 comments on “F1 links: On FOTA and NASCAR”

    1. James Allen needs to learn that it wasn’t just the advert breaks that frustrated people watching F1 on ITV… it was also him and his name dropping about all these people he seemed to want us believe that he was on first name terms with….

      And also all the useless ill informed information he came out with race after race…. turned me off watching… or rather listening…


    2. Agree on the “Another Change to Qualifying format”. Personally the single lap qualifying format was better. It did test nerves of the drivers. And the build up by end of the session was great as well. Does anyone remember, nerves getting better of Kimi when he was about to start his qualifier lap in Brazil’05 and team radioed him Alonso taking provisional pole, that fraction of twitch caused the Finn to lose the pole to Spaniard.
      The Q1,Q2 Q3 are almost predictable and no build up happens, the surprises are far and few. But then there is something happening on the track, than in actual races, which if not for rains and safety cars will more often than not end up as snoozefest.


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