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Max Mosley attacks Paul Dacre and Press Complaints Commission to MPs

[Mosley] accused the journalists responsible for the NoW story against him of a "semi-criminal act" and said his victorious privacy action against the NoW ended up costing him £30,000, because the amount of money he was awarded was less than his legal costs.

JA at Barcelona test – Day 2

"On one occasion, Kovalainen lined up just in front of Raikkonen and when the McLaren launched, the Ferrari went too. Within 300 meters the Ferrari was in front. It was that noticeable. Now Kovalainen could have been playing games, knowing the Ferrari was behind him and watching, but it didn’t sound that way."

USF1 Challenge: Part 3 – The Design

Series on USGPE (formerly USF1)

Fans ask Nick

Heidfeld answers fans' questions on video

Crunch-proof racing

Ex-F1 driver Jonathan Palmer: "GP2 is 1.5 million euros, World Series by Renault is 6/700,000 euros and that lack of affordability was great concern to the FIA. There's no doubt that Formula Two has come along at exactly the right time."

Front suspension keeps Bourdais in the pits

"After Bourdais had completed just 14 laps, a problem was identified on the front suspension, which could not be solved completely without the arrival of new parts from the factory back in Faenza."

Problem with KERS cooling system for Raikkonen

"Once again it was Kimi Raikkonen who was on track today and his planned programme consisted of a comparison of various set-up options at the start of the day, followed by Grand Prix weekend simulation (qualifying and race.) Unfortunately, the simulation came to a premature end, because of a problem with the KERS cooling system."

Recession hits playing fields and racetracks

"Corporate withdrawals from sponsorship have hit Formula One teams particularly hard – most notably the Williams team, which was the main casualty of Royal Bank of Scotland’s decision to pare back its sponsorship programme. F1’s sponsorship crisis has forced teams to redraw the sport’s regulations in order to cut costs."

Hamilton honoured at Buckingham Palace

"McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton took time to reflect on his title-winning success of 2008 on Tuesday, as he was awarded an MBE by Her Majesty The Queen at Buckingham Palace in London."

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14 comments on “F1 links: Mosley attacks press over privacy”

  1. how does NoW skate by with only monetary punishment? obviously, garbage publications are (successfully) sued almost daily, but as time goes on i’m shocked less by max’s actions and more by theirs.

    keith, would it be possible to have the links displayed here open in another tab?

    1. No problem – just hold down Ctrl when you click on them :-)

    2. Or middle-click, if you have a three-buttoner and use Firefox.

    3. or right click and choose for it to open in new tab…

    4. thanks, the middle click will also work in opera. for internet surfing, right click -> menu is so…uncivilized. :)

  2. http://www.itv-f1.com/News_Article.aspx?id=45244

    Looks like a lot of people will be ****** off about Nick Fry at BrawnGP

  3. That’s one thing I like about your site Keith, that I don’t have to bother with multiple tabs open when reading. If you do decide to make them open in a seperate window, please give an option to keep the links opening in the same window/tab :)

    1. Usually in articles where I link to external sites I code it to open in a new window or tab – I think that’s what people generally expect when you’re sending them to a different website. As this article is just links to other sites I’m not sure its necessary. It’s not something I feel strongly about though so am happy to go with what suits most people.

  4. Thats funny, I thought Mad Max went to a court of law for his ‘privacy’ case, and they awarded the damages, not the PCC? Of course I may be wrong….

  5. I’m not gonna get into a debate on whether the press were right or wrong in their story about Max Mosley last year. But it’s a bit much him saying the press complaints commision is a bit like the mafia put in charge of the police force.
    He’s not exctly been a saint as head of the FIA (which is pretty much the same thing as the pcc).
    He should put his own house in order before complaining about other people’s houses.

  6. The newspapers self regulating themselves is a joke. That’s like asking the banks to regulate themselves (or approving light touch regulation) and look where thats got us…

  7. We’re not talking banks we’re talking of the rich and powerful able to hide their hypocrisy beneath a blanket self righteousness.

    Mosley’s both arrogant and hypocritical, a guy that hasn’t had a salary in nearly 20 years and has amassed millions (some say over $300m) from his F1 presidency.

    What he wants is freedom from exposure so he can continue to deceive his wife, family and colleagues as he has over the last 45 years. I can see why he’s a perfect candidate for public office and thats all the more reason we don’t make it easier for Mosley and his ilk to evade censure by diluting our press laws.

    They may not be perfect but who knows where we’d be without them, perhaps living under the Sir Oswald type regime that Max understood so well.

  8. Mussolini's Pet Cat
    11th March 2009, 19:39

    shut up Mosley, you’re lucky to be in charge.

  9. As if Max Mosley’s ego wasn’t big enough he firstly kept his job, then secondly took Fleet Street to the cleaners in court. However, Mr Mosley mentions the damage done to his reputation, his credibility, via the wicked media, yet does not mention ‘ONCE’ the damage done to the sport he represents.
    At the end of the day Max, we do not care how many girls you have sex with and how you go about it, we care about how Formula One is represented.
    We want the world to see F1 being run as the pinnacle of motorsport, not the cockhanded cornershop that the sex scandal portrayed.
    If you are so concerned about your image and eventual legacy, then atleast admit that you were wrong to drag the sports reputation through the mud aswell as your own.
    Since 1993, you have achieved great things, especially concerning safety and proper medical facilities instead of a ‘shed out back’ like we used to see in the old days.
    In twenty years time Max, if you are not carefull, people will forget this aspect of your achievements. They will remember the video tape, and those days at the beginning of 2008 when F1 fans were ashamed to be associated with you.
    You may have many people in your pocket Mr Mosley, but you cannot airbrush history and you cannot fool the fans. I hope you read this, and for a second atleast, feel as disgusted with me as I feel with you everyday for what you have done to Formula One racing.

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