Force India and Brawn GP change numbers

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The FIA have changed the F1 teams’ car number yet again after a complaint from Force India.

Having finished last in 2008, Force India had been expecting to use numbers 20 and 21 for Adrian Sutil and Giancarlo Fisichella’s cars. It had already begun printing its merchandise using those numbers.

But when the FIA re-classified Brawn GP as a new team earlier this week it gave the former Honda team 20 and 21, switching Force India to 18 and 19.

Following their objections Force India have now been given 20 and 21 again and Brawn GP have 22 and 23. There will be no car numbers 18 and 19 (or 13 for that matter).

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3 comments on “Force India and Brawn GP change numbers”

  1. Andrew White
    26th March 2009, 8:49

    Does this mean we could have two consecutive seasons where car number 22 is champion? Go on Jenson!

  2. Seeing the previous article about Bernie finding three new teams and a 26 car grid, perhaps this little bit of number swapping has confused him?

  3. Button, no worries about your car number. 22 or 23 event 100 you will on P1. Bravo BRAWNGP!!!

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