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Nico Rosberg completed a hat-trick of fastest times in the three practice sessions leading up to the Australian Grand Prix.

But he has Jarno Trulli and Jenson Button hot on his tail as three of the ‘double decker diffuser’ cars set the fastest times. Felipe Massa was the quickest car not to be using such a diffuser, and to run with KERS.

Review the Australian Grand Prix Practice 3 live blog below.

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3 comments on “Australian Grand Prix Practice 3 Live Blog”

  1. David Watkins
    28th March 2009, 4:26

    Thirty-five minutes until Chain O’Clock. Knowing the BBC they’ll have churned out a trance version of it.

    Gotta like Trulli for pole at 7/1. Hopefully my 20 will come through

  2. Incidentally the three front running teams are all running without KERS. If the present form is carried into qualifying, would make for a really strange grid indeed.

  3. The McLarens were much quicker. They seem to have made some gains in setup, which they’ll probably be able to do and which will give them pace on the street circuits and circuits with lots of slow sections like Australia that require more mechanical grip. Lewis and Heikki have been pretty quick in Sectors 1 and 2, but they’ve been thwarted in Sector 3, which has more high-speed corners and requires more rear downforce.

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