Renault’s 3-seat F1 car in Russia (pictures)

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Renault face the wrath of the FIA shortly but for the time being they’re still out there spreading the F1 gospel in distant lands it hasn’t reached yet.

This weekend Romain Grosjean and Adam Khan visited Sochi in Russia, which is hosting a major economic forum.

I must confess I didn’t know Renault had a three-seater F1 car, but they apparently do, and they were using it to give high-speed demonstration runs to journalists and guests.

Here’s some photographs from the event – if you were there please share your pictures and video via the F1 Fanatic

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23 comments on “Renault’s 3-seat F1 car in Russia (pictures)”

  1. Funny how there is all this talk of saving money everywhere, yet they seem to find the funds and time to develop 3 seater ‘F1’ cars.

    As for the car there that isn’t the 3 seater, which model is that? The front wing looks last year, yet the sidepods look distinctively 90’s… no undercut at all, with a bar wing across the back of the engine cover. Doesn’t look like any Renault car from the past few years that I’ve ever seen.

  2. looks more like a Champ Car

  3. Ferrari could do with one of those

    1. You beat me to that one! hahaha….

      1. That was a good one :)

  4. Prisoner Monkeys
    21st September 2009, 1:45

    Next week: Lotus unveil the fruit of their labours so far, the Lotus ninety-four seater, designed to take the fans for a ride.

  5. How about have three drivers in one car other than 3 car per team?

    1. one on the wheel, one on brakes and the third on the throttle. that is a spectacular idea you have!

  6. It looks a bit like the old Arrows 3 seater as seen here.

    However the nose is different and Minardi bought that off Arrows. I presume that stayed with Torro Rossa as well..

    1. At least the 3 seater Arrows actually looks like an F1 car, which, as Lustigson has pointed out below, the 3 seater Renault simply does not.

      Ps, did anyone else love that orange and black livery? I thought it was amazing. James Allen mentioned on his website that Orange are looking to sponsor Brawn next season, so perhaps it’ll make a return…

  7. I prefer this front wing to the current one .
    what turn will he crash at?

  8. The Arrows 3-seater came to mind, too. But at least that looked somewhat like a current F1 car. This is far from a recent Renault model, if a Renault model at all. It could very well be a early- to mid-1990s F3000 tub in Renault colours.

  9. It’s a strange mish-mash looking thing. Looks like its been thrown together from old spare body parts knocking around from the last 20 years. Definatley something strange about that front end though.
    I prefer the 2 seater corporate cars , they look like proper F1 cars.

  10. HounslowBusGarage
    21st September 2009, 11:27

    3-seat F1? No, that’s the new Renault WRC car.
    Or maybe this is how Ferrari are going to deal with having Massa, Raikonnen and Schumacher all at once!

  11. lol how strange. I wonder what the stats for the car are…

  12. I can’t say I’d want to be strapped to the sidepod of a car…

  13. That looks very very weird. The Orange Arrows AX3 looked quite good

  14. There is Luca’s solution for next year.

  15. hahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    they are banned for 2 Years
    may be they will try to crash the car in next show
    god bless Hamilton

    1. There not banned from racing you know.

  16. the renault f1 minivan is much more practical

  17. Interesting- I believe Sochi is also hosting the next winter olympics after Calgary…maybe that’s Bernie’s spot for a Russian GP.

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