Renault Sochi demonstration

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Renault Sochi demonstration

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Renault Sochi demonstration

2 comments on “Renault Sochi demonstration”

  1. That 3 seater is weird. When he looks at his wing mirrors all he see’s is a face looking terrified, back at him. They are going too far with this cost cutting exercise. Put the 2 main drivers and the test driver in the same car, genius. It solves the three car idea and saves alot of £$£$£$. Now they can’t fix the race, or can they? :-)

  2. La Sexta has launched in Spain a similar campaign using a modified jordan with 3 seats.

    They are offering the seats to the fans and you can see in TV before each race, people talking about the experience. When listening the declarations of the fans, it has to be an incredible experience!

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