Singapore Grand Prix practice 1 live blog

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Review the Singapore Grand Prix live blog below.

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6 comments on “Singapore Grand Prix practice 1 live blog”

  1. There goes Prost then…for now.
    Good to see Bell there and that renault are at least staying until the end of the year and hopefully then on. They just need to get their heads down and keep noses clean and try and move on from this sorry chapter.

    1. hahah brilliant.
      Wouldn’t surprise me.

      Your comment is all the more funnier thanks to the next dude saying the same thing.

      Anyway, best of luck to weapon X or whatever the FIA wish to call him.

  2. YaYa….It has to be.
    Witness X is indeed Bob Bell.
    Case closed! Whats next?

  3. Witness X = Francis Charles Xavier

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