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Review the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix live blog below.

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5 comments on “Abu Dhabi Grand Prix live blog”

  1. love this sport, love this site :)
    any complaints if I use links to this site in on my own, mainly coming up to next years season ?

    thanx :)

  2. For me the race was a dull procession, with the ballsiest moves coming from Kobayashi, and Fisi….the overtaking comittee must be scratching their heads, as we get further away from the wheel to wheel racing that they strove for with their new rules. Every time I read Autosport the Engineer Gary Andersen points out relatively inexpensive routes for the engineers to pursue ie ground effect, that give close racing, and stable race cars. I feel there is a need to give drivers the incentive to race each other, the turbulence that plagued previous generations of cars is back, and needs to be removed from the equation….

    1. Ethnic_Tension
      2nd November 2009, 0:20

      Well you can’t put a tall drag inducing spoiler an the back of the car and not expect the car following not to be effected. They could have used last year’s Monza spec rear spoiler (which supposedly producers the same amount of downforce as this years high downforce spec) however the cars would have been ‘too fast’.

      Enough about car design. The venue looked great, however I though there track was far too wide in many sections and the run-offs were too generous. This led to a lack of exciting racing (maybe I’m just pessimistic). The duel at the end between WEB and BUT was the best part of the race for me.

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