Massa joins Rossi at Ferrari Barcelona test (Video and pictures)

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Rossi spent a second day lapping Catalunya in an F2008
Rossi spent a second day lapping Catalunya in an F2008

Valentino Rossi completed his two-day test for Ferrari at the Circuit de Catalunya today – and was joined by Felipe Massa in the afternoon.

Massa arrived at the circuit ahead of his test in the F2008 tomorrow. See below for pictures and footage of Rossi in action.

The start of the second day was disrupted by fog, but it quickly lifted allowing Rossi to get on with his test programme.

He was able to run on slicks in the afternoon once the track had dried out. Ferrari have not released details of his lap times yet, but they did draw attention to how the test attracted interest from America:

Last night, the online edition of The New York Times, the most important newspaper in the USA, published an article on its homepage about Valentino Rossi?s day, with his declarations, stated on our website. This is a real exception for a newspaper and a country quite reluctant to give space to motorsport from the Old Continent: the coupling Rossi-Red prevails above scepticism ??Made in USA??. And who knows what they might write one day soon after Vale?s great lap times at the end of the test session!

Pictures from today’s test and video from both days of the test are below. I particularly the picture where he looks like he’s being shown how to use a steering wheel instead of handlebars…

Update: Ferrari have released details of Rossi’s lap time. See here: Rossi beats 2009 fastest lap at Barcelona

Valentino Rossi Ferrari F1 test video

Valentino Rossi Ferrari F1 test pictures

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Image (C) Ferrari spa / Edoardo Colombo

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16 comments on “Massa joins Rossi at Ferrari Barcelona test (Video and pictures)”

  1. Luis Salvatierra
    21st January 2010, 18:15

    Well, there are lots of us here in the USA following Formula 1. This does not mean we are from here. I am from Guatemala and I have been here since 1998. I have been a formula 1 fan since 1990.

  2. Rossi doesn’t look too hot in those shots. I presume from the testing he’s done he might consider F1 a possibility.

  3. Rossi’s driving looks and sounds very slow to me.

    1. That’s exactly what ppl said about Prost after his first F1 test.

  4. Yeah, rossi really doesnt look 4 wheel material. Well atleast he got to drive an F1 car.

  5. I think Ferrari and Rossi are seriosly thinking about a possibility of contract, for a third car eventually.
    Ferrari has been impressed about how fast Rossi is, but the problem is he still miss one second and a half to be at the top…Ferrari cannot accept to have a driver that miss one second and a half from the top drivers. I think that after this testing, and my be another couple, if he doesn’t significantly improve, they will quit.

  6. he’s the biggest f1 star that never was…..

  7. Prisoner Monkeys
    22nd January 2010, 2:23

    Damn, the cars look ugly compared to last year’s.

  8. You’d understand how Valentino could get his lap time close to the lap time of 2008. For one he is using slick tyres for the F2008. Where Massa and Kimi in 2008 used grooved tyres. F2008 also has more downforce compared to the F60 (2009) so he would really get his lap time to match the lap time of the 2009 season.

  9. Mouse_Nightshirt
    22nd January 2010, 8:02

    “I particularly the picture”?


  10. I’m surprised Ferrari is surprised at NYtimes’ coverage. The latter has had a rather decent F1 blog for quite some time — I started reading it on and off in ’09.

    Not quite at the same level as Britain’s The Times (with Ed Gorman), but still very decent.

    And answering Ferrari, here’s what NYtimes had to say at the end of Rossi’s test:

  11. Dorna Sports is robbing fans of the privilege of seeing Velntino Rossi in action. They and their “copyright claims”, huh

  12. ThosewhoSlam46Rrazy!
    24th January 2010, 11:27

    Those who slam Rossi as not being 4 wheel material or that he’s slow are idiots. His F1 tests have consistently been decent, and exceptional for someone with so little experience, and his WRC performances are legendary as well for a beginner. Those who diminish Rossi’s talent do so at their peril..

  13. lets see how quick these f1 drivers would go on rossi moto gp bike at this track that rossi tested the f1 car on last week, i bet they would not get within 20 seconds of rossi times set on his moto gp bike 7 years ago let alone last year and yet he can get straight into a f1 car and set fastest lap times, rossi is on a different planet .hail rossi

    1. Sorry you’re wrong. Schumacher was within 5 seconds of the FASTEST time during a 4 hour test with Ducati at Valencia in 2007. Not too shabby.

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