Ferrari’s Aldo Costa on the F10 (Video)

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Ferrari technical director Aldo Costa played down the team’s performance in the first test of the year at Valencia, saying: “We are fast but we don’t know how fast we are compared to the others.”

The F10 was the fastest car on all three days of the test and completed more laps than any other car in the hands of Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso.

In the video above Costa also talks about the developments coming on the car over during the next three tests.

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24 comments on “Ferrari’s Aldo Costa on the F10 (Video)”

  1. I think more clear picture come up at Jerez. But undoubtedly F10 is better than F60 and more reliable.

  2. “New aerodynamic components” and so it begins.

  3. I really hate all the ‘Ferrari blow away competition’ headlines that have emerged, even by well respected publications!

    Someone posted last years testing times on another article and Ferrari topped those too, so lets just wait and see.

    I hope they can provide a good platform as they have two drivers who can really challenge for the title if they have the right equipment.

    1. That was not aimed at this site or article just to be clear. I find the information on F1F is clear and balanced, and is the main reason why I continue to visit regularly.

      1. I did wonder… thanks Invoke!

    2. I was just going to mention that Ferrari was fastest in the early pre-season testing in 2009 (though not by quite as large a margin, if memory serves). Either way it is amusing to see how quickly people forget..

  4. My personal opinion is that F1fanatic is the best site about F1.
    I care a lot about F1 not just online but also going to some tests and races, when i can afford it, but the majority of the guys who make comments here seen to know a bit about F1 and exchange ideias and thoughts is good for the sport!
    Thanks Keith, you are doing a great work!

    1. nothing to add here…

    2. Exactly, this site always attracts the more knowledgeable fans which is a very good thing. Of course I do come across some nutjobs making totally mindless and dumb comments at times, but as you said, a majority are genuine fans who know a fair bit of F1. And yes, this is one of the best sites on F1 yet (surely better than the official site)!
      Keep it up Keith.

  5. sorry for this hundredth expression of flattery, but i have to praise F1F as well. I have known this site for a week and i really appreciate it, i come from Italy and i haven’t ever found another site that has this kind of focus on F1, and such a great number of F1 real fans who are not interested in insulting each other if they support a different team (in Italy it’s quite common, Ferrari fans vs Rest of the World :) ).

    1. I come from India, live in London, support Ferrari :) But yes, it’s always about F1 as a whole and hate speech or insulting other teams is so ignorant! That is what this site has surprisingly achieved, none of that ignorant fanboy stuff. Seems Keith’s doing a great Admin job too…!

      Oh yes, I support Force India as well ;)

  6. Wow, People will say anything to get ‘comment of the day’!

  7. I still wonder why it is not possible to say something about testtimes. Do you really think Rubens Barrichello did 180laps on full tanks?
    I am sure everyone tried to go as fast as they can on all kinds of fuel levels. So my statement is: all the best times are on low fuel. Ferrari is best so far.

    This indeed is a very nice site.

    1. Wouldn’t be to sure of yourself there.

      Lewis’ fastest lap was set on I think the third lap of a twenty lap run.

      Regardless Ferrari have built themselves nothing more or less than an impressive baseline.

      Sometimes an impressive baseline can be built upon to capture a season, sometimes it can’t. Certainly the F10 seems furthur along in comparison than the F60 but it’s not aeons ahead. Ferrari are a spectacularly sucsesful and competant team an there going to be firmly in the running this year but I do object to the glory shouting on other sights. Partly because I contribute in my nurotic english sports fan way.

      1. Couldn’t agree more Scribe, Ferrari have put a marker down but the degrees of advancement over the next test will vary massivley ,with teams having different test schedules for various components and set ups. No doubt Ferrari look in good shape but to draw any real conclusion at this stage is simply premature, different teams will realise the cars potentail at different times, and likewise there will be some that make mistakes and waste valuable track time. For me the jury is out.

  8. A test is just a test and nothing good will come for any team who thinks are faster than the other at this stage.
    I would prefer to see how the following tests go to start making some comments on this issue.
    Of course all of us fans of F1 have drivers/teams we prefer to suceed but for me very important as well is to have competitive cars and drivers that can take the best performance from the car, i believe this year will be a great year for F1.

  9. I believe that Ferrari will be at the top with Mercedes and Sauber on the other hand I think Mclaren has made a mistake by adopting the long shark fin engine cover and it also makes the car look like a station wagon.

    1. It’s really too early to say that, until atleast all the testing days have been completed. A lot of upgrades, changes etc. will see the light of the first raceday, so we’ll have to wait and watch until then.
      I do expect Ferrari to be very strong this year, Merc GP will continue their solid form. Apart from that, I’m not too sure about McLaren, hope they get their act together. Don’t really know what RBR have been up to yet but I think they will be strong title contenders for sure.
      Expect Force India to be even stronger than last year and I believe they’ll be ahead of Sauber and Renault.

      1. and Williams, how could I forget them!

  10. Station wagon, maybe they´re carrying to much fuel/weight, lol.

  11. Nothing given away and all cards held very close to their chests sadly…

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