Drivers on duty in Melbourne (Pictures)

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Mark Webber meets his fans in Melbourne
Mark Webber meets his fans in Melbourne

There’s always a busy build-up to the Australian Grand Prix as teams take advantage of the local weather and scenery to carry out their PR duties.

The drivers have been sailing, surfing, meeting fans and – of course – throwing boomerangs and playing didgeridoos. See below for pictures.

2010 Australian Grand Prix

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Images (C) Ferrari spa,, Getty Images/Red Bull, Force India F1 Team, Virgin Racing

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31 comments on “Drivers on duty in Melbourne (Pictures)”

  1. I wish I were in Australia…

    1. Every reason for it to be the opening race of the season.

  2. Its great to see the drivers out and about in Melbourne.

    Its a pity though that this race clashes with the opening round of the AFL (most popular sport in Melbourne) season – as it does take some attention away from the sport.

    It would be great to have the season start a few weeks earlier to avoid this (and also because its probably the best season opener) – and also, the earlier it is, the more sunlight there is in the evening.

    1. It also clashes with the Comedy Festival, especially all the cheap preview nights !

  3. Jamie Whincup took the McLaren for a spin, and said that it made his V8 Supercar feel like a pram! lol. He mentioned that for the 1st lap, he couldn’t keep up with the car, the car was driving him! After a few laps he really got to feel what an F1 car can do, he was amazed.
    Its 11:30pm Thur here in Adelaide, just about to go to bed to get up at 4am to drive to Melbourne, should get there mid afternoon. Can’t wait! :-)

  4. Prisoner Monkeys
    25th March 2010, 13:39

    Wow. Could Ferrari have made the Make Roads Safe logo any smaller if the tried?

    Also, it’s unfair that Jaime Alguersuari is a Formula 1 driver at 20 when I’m 23 and not a driver.

    And that shot of the MP/4-23 and the V8 Supercar (even if it is a Holden …) is my new wallpaper. Keith, you always bring me the very best in violence.

    1. it’s unfair that Jaime Alguersuari is a Formula 1 driver at 20 when I’m 23 and not a driver.

      He’s still less than half Michael Schumacher’s age!

      1. Schumi could be his daddy then

    2. is this how much ferari cares about road safety?

      1. Caption “Make Roads Safe’ logos on the Ferrari F10”

        My instant reaction, where??
        Click to zoom, and it still wasn’t obvious,how oh how are you supposed to see that on the car at 300kmph!

        It’s like saying as concorde flies past, Oh look there’s an ant in the wing tip!

        1. I also couldn´t find it!!! The next step would be to put it on the inside of the pillars (where Virgin has the Manor logo)!!! Pretty smart…

    3. Red Bull has their “make Roads Safer” logo on the inside part of the rear wing…another high profile, easy viewed section!

  5. I wish any of the F1 drivers came to Uni of Sydney =[

  6. do they sign autographs at silverstone like they do there or is it more of a thursday thing before practice etc….

  7. Saw a clip on the news, Vettel hit a parked car with the boomerang. ^^

    1. I saw that. Classic. And his face after he saw it hit. ha.

  8. Oh man!
    On top of driving an F1, they get the whole package! unfair!

  9. lol, love how small the make roads safer logo is!

  10. Love how it’s under the nose where no one will see it lol.

  11. nice Make Roads Safe logo…

    hillarious how small and how well placed it is considering front wings are the first thing to explode into pieces on a collision :P.

    1. i cant even see it

      1. Jarred Walmsley
        25th March 2010, 18:16

        It’s placed just under the Bridgestone logo between the two front wing supports

  12. I’m guessing the sharks already had breakfast and that the other guy in the tank is Sutil’s bodyguard. Or maybe just his lawyer.

  13. That actually looks amazing. Melbourne, I can understand you being disappointed with road disruptions but the specatcle created must make it seem worth it. The racing has not began yet so instead we get to see world class athletes having a go in each other’s disiplines, the weather is fabulous and the drivers are immersing (or in Sutil’s case “submerging” :P) themselves in the Sydney culture, surfing and aborigine music! It all looks great fun and the everyone seems to be having a great time,the fans get autographs, the drivers enjoy all the fun PR and everybody gets a tan. Melbourne looks ace and I would certainly love to visit! Plus there’s a race to look forward to on Sunday!

  14. D’oh, I nearly made it onto your site Keith, I am just out of shot of the picture of Sutil signing autographs. I don’t know why, every year I say I am not going to bother getting driver autographs, but then when I get there some sort of frenzy overtakes me ! I have 19 drivers so far, just about to head off to chase the other 5…

    1. you lucky …!!!

  15. Why does Di Resta have a saltire on his waist strap, but when he wins, they won’t play Flower of Scotlansd?

  16. I’ve live in Australia most of my life and i haven’t even surfed or thrown a boomarang! Man, I’ve got some catching up to do.

  17. I wonder if Lewis was singing “I’m on a Boat!” when he was sailing? :D

    (for those who don’t know what i’m talking about:

    1. funny, exactly what i thought of when I saw the pics :)

  18. Doesn’t DiResta smile……..EVER?!
    In other news; Let the racing begin!!

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