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There’s rain in the air ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix but exactly when it will fall and whether it will hit the track is hard to say at the moment.

The rainfall radar for Europe shows several rain clouds in the area on Thursday, meaning the first two practice sessions could well be hit by rain. Some weather services predict thunderstorms.

By Saturday the rain is moving out of the area and it looks like it could avoid the track for final practice and qualifying. Sunday also looks like staying dry at the moment, but this forecast could change in the days running up to the Grand Prix.

Meteo France, who provide weather forecasts for the F1 teams, say temperatures will be in the high teens to 20C throughout the race weekend.

If you’re in Monaco for the race please let us know what the weather’s doing and what local forecasters are saying.

Keep an eye on the weather in the area using the radar below:

Location of Monte-Carlo

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32 comments on “Mixed weather forecast for Monaco”

  1. Although a rainy monaco would be an absolute brilliant race most probarbly, with safety cars more of a menace to some in the rain than they used to be we, we could see a race which matches Australia and China in entertainment. However if there is such a race could we be too expectant that every race is going to be amazing or even every race were its raining as not all races affected by rain are good

    1. Some times rain races are not good, but rain, Monaco, huge traffic…I doubt it could be boring.

  2. if it did rain i can imagine a lot of crashes and not much else. at least in the dry, drivers are pushing to the limit.

    1. when it rains in Monaco, suddenly two clear overtaking sports open up, which is magic.

      Still bring back the tyre change ban an we’d have overtaking for the whole race.

    2. They are in the wet as well, they’re just pushing to a different limit.

    3. yeah most drivers do. i just hate it when drivers are cautious in mixed conditions.

  3. In any case, i expect Renault to be a dark horse here. Kubica is driving really good at the moment.

    1. We cant rule out Schumacher either!

    2. Ned Flanders
      11th May 2010, 16:13

      Renault have one of the shortest cars on the grid right now I believe. That’s bound to be to their advantage at Monaco

  4. Ned Flanders
    11th May 2010, 16:12

    E= MC2
    A2 + B2 = C2
    Rain + Monaco = Entertainment

    It’s a fact! Everybody cross their fingers and do a rain dance!

    1. no don’t! every time we;ve talked up a wet race so far this year it’s been a dry one! (malaysia and spain!)

    2. This man is a scholar.

  5. I think the weekend will be superb regardless.

    We now have the best 9 drivers in the best 9 cars, and to see them all going head to head around Monaco will be fascinating, especially considering the nature of the track will brink Mercedes and Renault closer to the front.

    I agree that Schumacher is a dark horse for a podium this weekend.

  6. For the purposes of setting my recording device, what are the red flag and race clock rules this year? Can a race go longer than 2 hours if several red flags stop the race? Because if it rains, that’s going to happen. And even without rain, the antics of the slower cars getting out of the way may cause them or others to crash. Monaco is bumpy and slick even when dry off the racing line.

    The marshals at Monaco are spectacular at clearing the circuit but I can imagine an incident in the tunnel, for example, where there’s one of the easier chances to let cars pass, causing all kinds of delays.

    Is it Thursday yet? Can’t wait!

    1. If the red flag is displayed, the timing of the race does not stop, but the maximum duration of the race is two hours, plus any time that the race lost due to being suspended.

      1. Unless of course the red flag occurs on the first 2 laps, where the race is completely restarted – as at Spa in 1998 for example.

        Also, unless the red flag occurs after 75% of the race has been completed, in which case that is then declared the end of the Grand Prix – as at Interlagos in 2003.

  7. I love monaco mostly because it dissolves the differences between the cars somewhat. The limits of the track are far below the limits of the cars, so the driver has the ability (in a slower car) to bring the performance up a fair whack.

    With that fact laid out.. i expect experience to outweigh outright speed in this race, and the old timers on the grid have a good chance of a strong result, even MORE so if it rains.

    Could we see the return of the Trulli Train? COuld Schumacher use his vast experience to bring the Mercedes home ahead of the Red Bulls? Can Vettel actually finish the race this year?

    1. on a side note.. Monaco is actually a misnomer.. probably the least F1-esque track in design, the most dangerous, the tightest, least possible for overtaking etc etc.. yet we all love it?? lol – gotta love F1 for its fickle nostalgic hipocracy

      1. Right on. I’ve heard plenty of times a Track being dismissed for being too narrow or too short, or not enough run-off. Yet one of the most anticipated races every year is run on a street circuit with zero run off, barely enough room for two cars side-by-side, and on a street circuit. If every track where giving the oppurtunity there might be a chance to discover more exciting racing with the variation of unknown racing circuits.

  8. Monaco is for racers and they have always done well there. All the downforce,engine performance, advantages teams have go out the window. It should be a great weekend and I can’t wait to get there on Sat. I have been to Monaco many times as it’s the closest to me but the anticipation of this weekend has not been there for a long time.

    1. what ticket/ seating did you get?

      1. In K section on Sat and Rocher for the race.

  9. I don’t know why, but I have a good feeling about this year’s Monaco, as if we might see a repeat of 1992’s Senna-Mansell battle for the win.

    I’m also predicting a non-Red Bull pole. Because I’m mental.

  10. Hamilton brought up a decent point recently.

    The Monaco GP on Sunday could be dry, but if even one practice session sees rain (or in particular, qualifying), he believes that would be enough to disrupt the race and cause unpredictability.

    Every session at Monaco is crucial for drivers, even the most veteran and skilled here such as himself, Alonso, and Schumacher.

  11. Prisoner Monkeys
    12th May 2010, 0:17

    Rain plus a Russian Roulette-style grid?

    Yes, please!

    1. Roulette, hopefully. Russian, hopefully not…

      However if qualifying goes bananas and Petrov takes pole position I call first dibs on “Petrov wins Russian roulette” as a headline…

      1. “Russian to the flag?”
        “Putin his foot down?”

        Just a couple of alternatives. ;)

  12. The race will be exciting if it rains.It rained in 2008 & that race was very exciting as Lewis won that race despite banning his car with the barrier.

    1. Or thanks to the early pitstop! Luck!

      1. No one ever won a race without some luck, good or bad. ;)

  13. Rain at any other circuit makes for a great race, It does here as well, but at Monaco, we don’t really need it, things are already pretty frantic.

    I’m sure I would be entertained, but for the drivers? the first corner in the rain would become the new definition if havoc.

    I’d rather like it if qually was wet, and the race was at least mostly dry. a small shower wouldn’t be bad, but heavy rain and I don’t think I’ll get to see a full race.

  14. During the race no rain, or the wind is turning. Qualifier will be VERY important, probaly red bull for 1-2.

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