‘It won’t happen again’ – Webber

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The picture, taken today, which Red Bull issued along with its latest statement
The picture, taken today, which Red Bull issued along with its latest statement

Red Bull have issued another statement which the team hopes will ‘draw a line’ under the fall-out from their drivers’ collision on lap 40 of the Turkish Grand Prix.

Mark Webber Said the pair will not allow a repeat of the collision:

It?s a shame for the team, as we lost a good opportunity to win the race. It?s sport and these things can happen, but it shouldn?t have done. I feel for everyone at Red Bull, at the factory and everyone involved. Seb and I will make sure it doesn?t happen again and will continue to work openly together, no problem. We have talked enough on it now, it?s done, we?re looking ahead and I?m focused on the race in Canada next week.
Mark Webber

Vettel added he was “sorry” about the collision:

The team had got us into a great position and it wasn?t good for them what happened ?ǣ so I?m sorry for them that we lost the lead of the race. Mark and I are racers and we were racing. We are professionals and it won?t change how we will work together going forward. We have a great team and the spirit is very strong. I?m looking forward to Canada.
Sebastian Vettel

The team may be keen to move on but they can expect plenty of questions about the state of the relationship between their two drivers and what exactly happened in the run-up to the controversial collision when they next face the media at the Canadian Grand Prix weekend.

The Red Bull crash

Image (C) Red Bull/Getty images

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99 comments on “‘It won’t happen again’ – Webber”

  1. Caption contest! Anyone?

    1. It is all smiles at redbull as the two drivers present each other with gifts.

    2. Mark: I’m gonna kill you in your sleep

      Seb: *Just keep smiling*

      1. Seb: “I’m posing for a picture, you can move out of the shot now”

        Mark: “I was here first mate, (stepping on Seb’s heel) …flat tire!”

        1. Sush Meerkat
          3rd June 2010, 21:18

          *Mark stabs Seb in the kidneys*
          “Good luck without your sidepods”

          1. mark: Can you move to the right a bit seb

    3. Let’s see:

      “Following instructions from the team principal, Red Bull drivers now have a standard response to media questions: I dunno.”

      “I could have sworn there was THIS MUCH room between our cars.”

      “They took away my baseball bat before letting me in to see you.
      The same thing happened to me!”

      Eh. Those weren’t very good.

      1. lol – I like “I could have sworn there was THIS MUCH room between our cars” for Webber, but see how Seb’s hands are farther apart, saying “But I wanted THIS much.”

    4. Ned Flanders
      3rd June 2010, 14:56

      Not a caption but an observation. They may appear all loved up, but I think the photo is misleading. They aren’t actually smiling; Vettel is about to bite Webber, and Webber is getting ready to plant a nut on him…

    5. “Why did we agree to this?”

      Answer: Who cares, we still have our shot at the WCC and this makes the sponsor happy (as per the usual in F1 …).

    6. Webber: Mate, where’s my apology?
      Vettel: *cheesy grin*

      And if I may shoehorn this is crowbar stylee:
      Horner to Mateschitz(off camera): I thought you’d asked for an AUSTRALIAN driver!?!?

    7. “Why the hell do we have to do this? no-one will believe it?”
      “Hell if I know!”

      1. haha the best one..

    8. i blame mark, as u can see after the crash the faces of both was too different than we was waiting 4. Seb: angry, Mark: asking himself guilty… and i think than we don’t know all the information that they were using during the race!!!
      probably the team explain mark the seb’S situation, in short, the team sitiation… seb should overtake because his pace was faster, but mark didn’t help the team,

  2. “It wasn’t me”

    1. He He, good one!

      1. I would have had so much respect for Vettel if he had just come out and said sorry, it was my fault.

        It would have also made the bosses of Red Bull look stupid and that would have made me feel a bit better as well.

  3. I wonder if straight after that photo they had their hands round the other’s neck :P

    I’m glad they’re moving forward. This is probably still going to be a hot topic at Montreal.

    1. I’m imaging Webber’s secretly thinking like Alan Jones with respect to burying the hatchet with his team mate…

  4. Magnificent Geoffrey
    3rd June 2010, 13:54

    Christian Horner (out of shot): OK, so who sent the photo of that Cosmopolitan interview I did to Keith Collantine?

  5. Vettel: Well, we get paid what to say :)

    Webber: Well then, say no more :)

    1. MouseNightshirt
      3rd June 2010, 15:45

      Vettel: Well, we get paid what to say

      Webber: You more than me…

  6. I smell photoshop being used on those smiles.

  7. Good for the team. Go Webber!

  8. “Who is the number two driver on the team?”

    P.S. – That picture is way too corny.

  9. “Which of you is paying for the repairs to the cars before the next race?”

  10. “Lucky they are making me smile, I have killed you 3 times in my head”.

    1. Actually I got a better one:

      “Crash? What crash?!”

  11. Vettle: The bull on my shirt is bigger than the bull on your shirt.:)

    Webber: It’s all bullshirt my friend! :)

  12. “whos the teams number 1 driver?”

  13. Webber: Mine is this big!

    Vettel: First liar doesn’t have a chance!

  14. Vettel: I had to wear this jumper, my mother knitted it for me.

    1. Nope…

      Vettel: I had to wear this jumper, yo mama knitted it for me.

    2. It was either Vettels mother who knitted it
      or Helmut Marko.

      Either way, It keeps him warm and that’s all that matters isn’t it?

  15. Vettel: You should have left me this much more room.

    Webber: You are lucky you got this much.

    1. Nice one (liked it, have to be longer, nice one is too short it seems :D, can’t add much really)

    2. Winner (Your comment was a bit too short. Please go back and try again.)

  16. Webber: My subway was this big

    Vettel: Well my subway was THIS big.

    1. Sorry, that would be impossible. Have anyone noticed how incredibly slim they are? Maybe the dialog was like this:
      Seb: I am this hungry.
      Mark: Mine is bigger.

  17. “Who’s on first?”


  18. “It’s a team sport? Who knew!”

  19. Vettel: The Baseball bat they just took from me was this big
    Webber: Mine was a bit smaller, but I am bigger

  20. it’s amazing how Vettel can say sorry, and still take none of the blame.

    1. Especially as he does not even apologize to Mark Webber.

      Maybe the picture was taken when they were asked to show in which hand the knife is hidden.

      Red Bulls**t is all what it is up to. But Hey, Webber has bagged a new contract (did the prize go up or down after last weekend?) so lets play good friends, no worries.

      Interesting they wont bring the B-duct wing in Montreal, i suppose Newey will need some time to develop it in the weeks until Valencia. Or maybe they figuered bringing updated suspension parts for Montreal.

  21. Will we make the podium in Canada?

  22. So we’re agreed then – it was Lewis’s fault

  23. The competition still runs hot as they both return empty handed from the team fishing trip!

  24. “crash ? rivals ? that’s a past, mate!”

  25. or… “what about… one-two again in the Mont ?”

  26. Looks sincere to me. No fake stuff imo. They both know they could have been a bit less aggressive since they are teammates. They will come back fighting!
    Altough Mclaren ftw at Canada!

  27. Sebastian and Mark discuss how much room is required to perform a clean overtake.

  28. perrocontodo
    3rd June 2010, 14:27

    “I wash my hands on the whole thing. See?”

    “Yeah, me too.”

  29. Vettel’s clearly moving his left hand across Webber while he’s alongside him.

    1. yep, definitely cut into his hand space. went to the left this time instead though…

  30. Webber: It’s still your fault.

  31. The Nude Wizard
    3rd June 2010, 14:35

    “We are all friends now eh… no need at all to mention the War”

  32. “Who’s calling Churchill??”

  33. *Christian Horner Says*
    “Okay everyone, time to start practicing talking with your
    hands since one of you will be going to Ferrari Next Year!!!”

    *Webber&Vettel* “We didn’t-a do it”

    (I can get away with that because I’m Italian!)

  34. Thanks to all, your comments have made my day. This picture is sooooo easy to interpret!

  35. Vettel: I don’t think they’ll believe this.
    Webber: We can’t let them know we’re falling apart, so shut up and pose.

  36. Webber – “you’re dead right, mate!”

    hmmm… it’s possible I put the comma one word too late…


  37. “So officially who gets the blame”

    “Not me”

  38. Both:
    Look, I didn’t even have my hands on the wheel!

  39. Mattbutchers on Twitter just sent me this – it’s brilliant!


    1. Yep, it’s a bit fishy don’t you think?

  40. I love that picture. Vettel clearly saying “Look, I’m in front!”

  41. Webber: Ey Seb, who’re we foolin with this friendly-look-alike-but-oh-so-faked attitude?
    Vettel: Hmmm… 600 million viewers out there still believing FIA was serious about not allowing teams to favor one specific driver.
    Webber: And who’s that specific driver then?
    Vettel: Go f__k yourself!
    Webber: Woos!

    Bernie: Well done guys. This will pump the media up even more. :p Now, who’s up for some cheap Canada promotion?

  42. Robert McKay
    3rd June 2010, 15:58

    The annual Red Bull “What-a mistake-a to make-a” competition was reaching a thrilling climax

  43. Vettel: If you close room again I’ll beat ya!
    Webber: what?, of course I will, tos*er

    Aplogizes for my rudeness

  44. It looks so staged and fake. I can’t imagine what they are mutering under their breaths to each other!

  45. Caption:

    “RBR–The Crashmaker”

  46. “Here Vettel and Webber hold the trophies from the brilliant Red Bull 1-2 finish in Turkey.”

  47. “So who knows what racecraft is?”

  48. Mark: “No Seb, in general you’d only ever be fondling one woman at a time.”

    1. After reading the above comment, you really need to scroll back to the picture to truly appreciate the genius behind this.

      Well done!

  49. Vettel: “hey mate, check how you left Randy Mandy”.

    Webber: “You got a puncture on your girlfriend and still want I don’t laugh at you??”

  50. Grosjean's rubble
    3rd June 2010, 19:33

    which one of us is going to follow team orders in Montreal?

  51. Red Bull milking the publicity… go on boys…

  52. Alonso and Hamilton 2007?? Which is which?

  53. And people say McLaren are obsessed with PR! Maybe if red Bull hadn’t been so partisan in laying the blame none of this would be needed. Everything now looks like backtracking or hiding their true feelings.

  54. Mark: “my balls are this big”

    Seb: “but mine are like this big”

  55. HounslowBusGarage
    3rd June 2010, 20:38

    After the photo session, the drivers discussed the effectiveness of the Red Bull PR Department.

  56. This is great. You’re all way funnier than I am! I think we might have to have a regular caption competition from now on.

    1. This is actually a great idea Keith, I’m all for it

  57. “Vettel and Webber demonstrate the new, official, Red Bull hand gesture”.

  58. “Still no rain yet”

  59. The fish picture is great!I don’t have anything to add except:
    Where is our self proclaimed “caption King” PrisonerMonkeys?He had some witty ones in the forum a while back.

  60. Seb: Helmut, these hooks in my mouth and strings on my arms are hurting!

    Mark: Shutup you pansy, I’ve still got a steel plate in my leg.

    Marko: Talk to him like that again Mark, and it won’t just be a car I hit you with.

  61. Mark: “I sold my soul for this much”

    Seb: “I sold mine for this, fool”

  62. Mark: “what can i say seb, my side of the garage is behind me”

    Seb: “Well, my side is bigger”

  63. Vettel: I drank this much Red Bull

    Webber: No kidding mate, you drive like a crazy bull.. I’m going to demand Bernie start random Red Bull testing!

  64. “Who is this Helmut Marko, and why is he so important?”

  65. Question from the floor:

    Reporter’ “Mark, Seb, can you please give us a physical representation of your egos?

  66. Mark in Florida
    4th June 2010, 4:37

    Boy, this team needs to change their name to the Red Bull********.You have got to be kidding me.This photo is more staged than a political cover up.If some teammate had wrecked me out of first place like that. The only thing that picture would show would be Sebs new black eye. Talk about selling your soul to the Devil. Mark go ahead and stamp 666 on your forehead cause your in hell.

    1. Geez bud, chill out – obviously it’s staged; I don’t think they’re trying to make anyone believe they just caught a moment. Webber’s not stupid – he has a legitimate chance to fighting for the championship come season’s end, it’s not like he’s going to sabotage his relationship with the team.

  67. If Red Bull to loose the Championship this year then they will be looking back to the Turkish GP & will hoped that they could have change anything on lap 40.

  68. “I swear it was Sutil!”

  69. HounslowBusGarage
    6th June 2010, 23:12

    The two drivers had to give up in their search for someone else to blame.

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