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Derek Warwick will be the drivers’ adviser to the stewards at the Hungarian Grand Prix.

He is the second former driver to undertake the role twice, having also done so at the Spanish Grand Prix this year. Johnny Herbert has also appeared on two occasions.

He joins Lajos Herczeg (vice president the National Automobilsport Federation of Hungary), Radovan Novak and Enzo Spano (members of the FIA World Motor Sports Council) on the stewarding panel for this weekend’s race.

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20 comments on “Warwick returns as race steward”

  1. Hope he’s reading the FIA rule book on the flight specially the 39.1 regulation:)

  2. Spanish GP saw one of the best calls of the season IMO: Buemi’s unsafe return to the track after off in turn 1. Alguersuari’s drive through was also good call. Of course it’s not only the driver steward who is deciding but anyway.

  3. Already run out of drivers to have as stewards huh? Or are we going to see guys repeat multiple times.

    1. whats wrong with having drivers repeat the role?

    2. I think it is very good some of those guys return and being regulars at GPs each year.
      Herbert has also done a round of DTM, so maybe the FIA is building up a core team of drivers/stewards like that.

  4. Roger Carballo AKA Archtrion
    28th July 2010, 21:26

    Is there any stewardable ancient driver outside of the United Kingdom? for godsake!!

    1. i was wondering the same. There can’t be only british drivers out there.

      1. Umm. Last one was Danny Sulivan from the US, and before that, wasn’t it Emerson Fitipaldi, that well-known Brit from South America?
        To be honest though, I questioned the selection of Stewards recently, and I wondered if most of the recently-retired drivers who were invited to be stewards simply declined the invitation. We don’t know who else was asked and what they replied, do we?

    2. Well, they’ve had Prost, Kristensen, Fittipaldi and Wurz so far, off the top of my head.

      But their nationality doesn’t matter – what does matter is whether they’re good enough. Warwick obviously has a huge amount of experience.

      1. Roger Carballo AKA Archtrion
        28th July 2010, 21:56

        you got me, mate

        1. Still I do think we should get to vote for these guys. What’s Andrea de Cesaris doing these days? :-)

          1. What’s Nelson Piquet Jnr doing these days?? Now that would be a controversial appointment!

      2. Anyway, 6 on 12 (considering Hungary) former F1 driver stewards were british, all other nations had only one, with Italy none… abit strange.
        I’d like to know how they’re selected.. is there a procedure or similar, or is like “ehy, Derek, what are you doing next weekend?? bring some beers, we have a lot of monitors to see the race!” :-)

  5. Roger Carballo AKA Archtrion
    28th July 2010, 21:33

    And I don’t mean Eddie Irvine!!!!!

    1. He would be great,
      He’s very honest!

  6. Perhaps Alonso should be on the panel this week. That way, he can ensure everything goes his way. And he’s already gained the qualification of not being a driver anymore.

    1. That won’t be bad but I think he will always keep an eye on both Massa & Hamilton.

  7. It’s just 3 stewards per race isn’t it?

    So there are no permanent stewards?

    I think one or two permanent stewards would greatly help the consistency of decisions and penalties awarded. They at least would have the chance to fully understand precedents set from previous decisions.

    Obviously you have to be careful not to turn it into a committee…

  8. It annoys me that the drivers are only there as ‘guests’ and are not part of the ‘official’ Stewards organisation.
    Of course, it probably wouldn’t change their role, or the outcome of the decisions, but I have the feeling that if they say anything the others really don’t agree with, it can just be ignored, since they are only there by invitation.
    I may be completely wrong though, wasn’t there mention somewhere of Mansell giving a driver a good grilling at an earlier race?

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