Singapore Grand Prix pre-race pictures

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Singapore, 2010

Jerome d’Ambrosio made his first appearance in Virgin gear in the Singapore paddock today.

Meanwhile Nick Heidfeld joined four other drivers in the press conference as he makes his race return for Sauber.

See below for more pictures of the F1 drivers in Singapore today.

Kamui Kobayashi has been back to school and the Red Bull drivers have been out on sponsor work.

Felipe Massa has been busy – he attended the official opening of the Ferrari Store in Singapore as well as going to a Bridgestone event promoting safe and environmentally-friendly driving. Jenson Button was also at that event.

Also today Heidfeld showed off his new helmet design for his return to F1 and the safety and medical cars are sporting some new stickers:

2010 Singapore Grand Prix

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Images ?? Ferrari spa, Renault/LAT, Bridgestone/Ercole Colombo, Getty Images/Red Bull, Force India F1 Team, Mercedes Grand Prix, BMW Sauber F1 Team, Virgin Racing, Singapore GP

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14 comments on “Singapore Grand Prix pre-race pictures”

  1. Did Vettel steal Heidfeld’s shades?

    1. It seems so, it looks the same!

      1. But I think they have different frame colors

  2. The Redbull drivers went to 7/11 store, I got that update on Facebook :D
    I recommend joining the official Facebook F1 Team pages, you get loads of insight to what goes on when the teams aren’t racing.

    1. “I recommend joining the official Facebook F1 Team pages, you get loads of insight to what goes on when the teams aren’t racing.”

      I need to do this! Which 7/11 store btw?

  3. God the R30 is beautiful…

    1. i really think its hideous. the nose isn’t right

  4. Very nice feature Keith, i look forward to seeing more Thursday pictures and summaries for upcoming GPs

  5. Isn’t it great to see the drivers smiling?
    I just hope Vettel and company are smiling because Mark tripped over a teapot or some sort of oblong shape object and not because they were told to smile….. Curse you PR department!!! Curse youuuuu!!!!!

  6. Koba has horrible shoes.

  7. I notice in pre-race photos in the new front wing of McLaren, it’s a combination of button and hamilton-style front wing, if you remember they were different in the last 2 races. Also there is 2 new holes in rear wing, right and left of the center section, possibly for more stalling ??

    1. Well Spotted Eddie!! I also saw on the front wing the RB6’s “cube formed end-plates” fronts that we usually see go up and down under braking when we view from inside the cockpit. This was copied by the RED ONES (cough, cough)and Now the MP4-25 has exactly the same feature!! Are they not being too late now? :-(

  8. Amazing shots of Marina Bay Circuit from helicopter

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