4 comments on “Renault R31 exhaust, Valencia, 2011”

  1. why would you put the exhausts pointing forwards?

    that must slow you down with the amount of exhaust gasses a F1 car pushed out especially at 19k RPM

    1. Slow you down? Yeah, that must be why they directed it forward, because they were too fast.

  2. The way it is angled, the outflowing air sucks a bit of air from the front wing creating extra downforce, and the exhaust flow/pressure coming out of the pipes helps the underfloor + rear downforce :)

    Ingenious, and no doubt will be banned after countless complaints or deemed legal and copied asap. Hope it works out for them – kubica deserves a title! This is the kind of innovation that is needed in F1, so i hope it is allowed to stay

  3. It seems a great idea to me! Its seems to me to be an extension of the EBD, using the whole of the floor rather than just the diffuser. Fantastic job Renault!

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