Paul di Resta, Force India, Valencia, 2011

Force India extends McLaren deal

2011 F1 season

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Paul di Resta, Force India, Valencia, 2011
Paul di Resta, Force India, Valencia, 2011

Force India will continue to use technology supplied by McLaren until the end of 2012.

The Silverstone-based team announced an extension of the arrangement through which they use Mercedes engines and McLaren gearbox and hydraulics.

They also announced the appointment of Andrew Green to serve as their technical director. Green was previously director of engineering and was responsible for designing the team’s 2011 car, the VJM04.

He previously worked for Jordan, BAR and Red Bull before joining Force India in July last year.

Team chairman Vijay Mallya said:

The partnership with McLaren and Mercedes has matured into one of the most successful relationships on the grid.

In 2009 we scored 13 points, one pole position and one podium and in 2010 we secured our highest-ever championship position and 68 points overall.

I’ve always said I would like to see a Force India on the podium at the Indian GP and I believe we have the resources, both human and technical, to do it.
Vijay Mallya

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23 comments on “Force India extends McLaren deal”

  1. Good for them, can’t help thinking they would be lost without it.

  2. Does this include KERS? Or are FI again racing without it?

    1. I would assume yes, if they opt to use it.

  3. Good step for them, I do think the KERS will be included from this year onward.

    1. Indeed, to be honest I am very much in favour of these tech deals, like Redbull/Lotus, FI/McLaren, HRT/Williams as it allows the smaller teams to concentrate on a small area of things.

      I’m intrigued to see the “new” HRT as I hear it is a large change from last years design (but you never know if thats hype or not).

      1. To be fair, if it isn’t a large departure from last year’s they’re in very, very deep trouble. I’ve never seen an F1 car so patently trying to throw itself into the scenery.

    2. @ BasCB

      I differ on that. I think a partnership with Ferrari would have been more fruitful & yielded better results

      1. I think a partnership with Ferrari would have been more fruitful & yielded better results

        I think so, but for Ferrari, because it would give them more money. Both would do well for Force India.

        1. Force have enough coin. VJ always said it was a 5 year plan & now with a home GP im sure car will another big step up. They have taken there baby steps & are now ready to run & make there attack. Very much like RBR have.

        2. FI originally terminated their engine supply with Ferrari because they couldn’t agree upon a technical deal (gearbox, hydraulics)

      2. Much like Toro Rosso’s I would imagine.

      3. Yeah cause its done STR & Sauber allot of good…

      4. @Unipart – Ferrari would never give the same spec engine deal to anyone, that’s why FI moved to Merc. All Mercedes, McLaren & Force India use the same spec engine with equal treatment.

  4. I guess I’m a Mercedes Benz engine fan. :S

    My favourite drivers on the grid are Hamilton and Rosberg, Mclaren and Mercedes GP respectively who both have Mercedes engines. And I’ll be backing fellow Scotsman, and Brit Paul Di Resta who will have a Mercedes Benz powerplant in his Force India!

  5. They did have a parntership with Ferrari pre 2009, and it wasn’t all that fruitful, and it didn’t yield better results.

    1. I do not know how this got here.. it was meant to be reply to unipart’s statement/

    2. How can you say that when their 2008 car wasn’t good enough?

      1. huh? Force India’s car in 2008 wasn’t really their car, it was a modified version of the 2007 spyker. There was never a partnership between FI and Ferrari. FI just had to pay through the nose for the Ferrari engines that the spyker car was built for.

        Ferrari will sell you an engine the rest is up to you. Mercedes will sell you an engine and then make sure it works for you. Look how they helped Brawn GP.

        I’ve started to ignore Uniparts anti replies to BasCB.

        1. Why is he always replying to him btw? Strange ferrari obsessed fellow.

          1. There’s lots of that kind looming around here.. :p Ignoring them is the best deal as I’ve learnt!

  6. Hope to see them challenging for podiums this year. Sutil and Di Resta are capable.

  7. Since they have been using the system from Mclaren & Mercedes they have improved a lot I think given their performance for the last two years they could carry the momentum into this year as well. Good to see some mid field runner are trying to come in the front for the challenge.

  8. Hey guys can anyone tell me more about andrew green … ???

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