Jenson Button, McLaren, Barcelona, 2011

Second Barcelona test – day 4 pictures

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Seven teams conclude their pre-season testing at Barcelona today.

See below for pictures of the cars in action.

F1 pictures

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Images ?? Ferrari spa/Ercole Colombo, Williams/LAT, Force India F1 Team, Sauber F1 Team

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32 comments on “Second Barcelona test – day 4 pictures”

  1. The title of this post on the home looked funny.
    The first line said: “Second Barcelona test day”
    The 2nd line said: “4 pictures”

    I said: ***? Only 4 pictures?? hahaha

    1. Yeah, let’s put a hyphen in there…

  2. What’s with the red balloon?

    1. I don’t know but it’s cool :-)

      1. because it’s red, eh Keith?

        My god, you’re a tifosi !!!

        1. They let fans go up in the hot air balloon during the test.

          I know someone who did it. Crazy idea but sounds very cool.

  3. well someone likes ferrari ;)

    1. UKfanatic (@)
      11th March 2011, 15:18

      well someone loves mclaren. stop complaining about the pictures obvioulsly we want to see more pics of other cars but sometimes isn´t possible.

  4. Yeah i had to look twice at the title of this!!!!!!

    Where are all the Mclaren and HRT photos????

    1. You see where it says “More pictures will be added here throughout the test” – guess what that means?

      HRT’s car hasn’t even done a lap yet. Pictures of the launch are here:

      HRT F111 seen for the first time in Barcelona

      1. I know i am just being impatient thats all and please dont think i am a die hard HRT fan i just wanted to know if it did get around the track? ( which i now know thanks) although it would be great to see a team every last man and his dog has slagged off wipe the floor with everyone.

        1. HRT aren’t running until tomorrow :)

      2. guess what that means?

        … Free cookies?

  5. Looks like Saubers team kit is just about as insiring as HRTs!

    1. I know. The pit crew look like a bunch of middle aged computer programmers at a corporate team building event, who may or may not be going for a game of golf after the afternoon seminar on Microsoft MySQL…

      1. Very accurate description. Maybe it will only be minigolf in “funny” T-shirts the HR department came up with though!

  6. UKfanatic (@)
    11th March 2011, 15:21

    wow I just noticed that Ferraris front wing has huge pillars between the nose and wing. was that standard? i thought they were testing with last seasons wing

    1. the nose section and uprights i think have to be set for the year, its the actual wing section that the teams can alter throughout the year. And yes i believe thats last years wing section

      1. UKfanatic (@)
        11th March 2011, 23:32

        okay why did redbull changed their nose and wing in 09? i believe it was at silverstone.

  7. I can’t believe it, just looked on GP Update and Mercedes GP have changed there front wing! OMG :):):):):):):)

    I am now going to have a party, yay!

    1. First change in two years just about…

      1. yeah, i’ve been moaning about it for ages. They obviously listened to me. :)

        1. Wow, it’s a bloody miracle!! I thought they had just stopped development of their front wing so they could divert funds elsewhere ;)

          1. Well, let’s not get too hasty, it isn’t a very dramatic change, nor is Ferrari’s front wing change, but I feel it is more substantial.

  8. Actually Ferrari seem to have a sort of new front wing. From what I can see new endplates, new third stacked element

    1. And new bodywork. This isn’t the 150 Italia they launched at Maranello…

    2. UKfanatic (@)
      11th March 2011, 23:35

      no they haven´t compare with other tests the wing is identical the nose i dont know. the third stacked element was already used last year since silverstone

  9. No it’s definitely not, it appears much more developed. I’ve got a feeling Massa and Alonso will be much better able to mix it up with the Redbull boys this year.

  10. The Williams livery is strangely growing on me.

  11. Looks like Adrian Sutil’s career has

    puts on sunglasses

    taken off

  12. drkakkilaya
    12th March 2011, 9:17

    Mr Keith,

    More of mercedes and schumacher photos please. ;-)

    1. I agree, only one photo of Mercedes of which it was Rosberg who only did 20 laps.

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