Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Melbourne, 2011

Australian Grand Prix Wednesday in pictures

2011 Australian Grand Prix

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The teams have gathered in Melbourne for the first race of the year.

Here are pictures of what some of the drivers were up to on the Wednesday before the Australian Grand Prix.

At Red Bull Sebastian Vettel visited a farm while Mark Webber and Daniel Ricciardo served up a barbecue breakfast to journalists.

Renault duo Nick Heidfeld and Vitaly Petrov met up with some Australian rules footballers.

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51 comments on “Australian Grand Prix Wednesday in pictures”

  1. Good lord that fat filled fry up Webber’s holding…Is he on a Montoya diet?

    1. He’s trying to lower the centre of gravity on the RB7.

    2. He’s handing it out, not eating it! They might have put up the sheep Vettel shore as well!

    3. looks disgusting if im honest!

      1. Webber should stick with his day job doesn’t look like he’ll be at the helm of any Michelin rated restaurants any time soon. Maybe Pirelli rated… or Cheng Shin rated…

      2. Huh? It’s making me hungry!

      3. @Fer no.65

        what do you eat? grass?

    4. good to see webber.. cooking on a weber

  2. wow nick is tiny!

    as we can see from this photo, tyre markings will be clearly visible on the inside of the tyres. so from onboard footage we’ll be able to tell which tyre the driver is on.

    1. In F1 2011 the game, how will tyres be chosen? Will the compunds be chosen according to real life choices by Pirelli, randomly or just using softs and hards?

      1. jsw11984 (@jarred-walmsley)
        23rd March 2011, 18:21

        I reckon it will be the same tyres that are used in the actual race, in order to make the game more realiistic

        1. By the time the game comes out there will be only 2 or 3 races left… So even if Pirelli didn’t already announce which tyre to bring, I’m sure they can come up with a realistic choice.

    2. Nah mate, Nicks not that small. The guys he’s standing next to are 6’5 and 6’3. They are big boys

      1. Petrov looks like he might have a chance mixing it with them though. Nick Heidfeld looks just lost.

  3. I just was thinking how hard is current f1 drivers life: they even are asked to shear sheeps!!!
    Swimming in Monaco, shearing in Australia, riding camels in the desert of Barhein, biking in Interlagos…pushing buttons on the wheel everywhere!

    Lot of stuff to think about but driving…

    1. Alonso looks like he is standing next to the Spanish Stig.

  4. Even the Kangaroo’s are on Vettel’s side…bad weekend for Mark.

  5. ha! how tiny does nick heidfeld look compared to that football player?

    1. And sporting a fairly camp pose there.

      1. haha yeah

  6. This thrills me so much! It actually reminds me just how close we are to the lights go off! God this has been a long winter.

    1. Definitely! Saw the channel ONE ad for the gp yesterday (the one with the Johnny Cash song), couldn’t wipe the smile off. Anyone have a link to that? I would like to own a copy of that piece of film.

  7. Much as I dislike Ferrari, at least they’re, you know, doing Formula 1 stuff. Instead of arsing around in a field with sheep.

    1. i must agree

    2. at least they’re, you know, doing Formula 1 stuff. Instead of arsing around in a field with sheep.

      Do you see Alonso or Massa in those pics?
      Just because the drivers are having fun doesnt mean the teams are lazing around too?

      1. Isn’t Alonso in the team garage there though?

    3. Ferrari is like the guy back in school, who came to a math test and started learning 15 minutes before it starts, when everybody else did their homework properly and can relax a bit before it gets hot.

    4. Just publicity really… meh…

      1. rather baah!

  8. yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees… this feels so “on season”

    the drivers-doing-stupid-things-ahead-of-a-race pictures are back!

  9. Nick Heidfeld can use some sun!
    Really looking pale.

    1. he always hide behind that beard…

  10. I want a ‘roo now. Looks like an awesome pet.

    1. Yeah they sound like a good idea, right up until they grab what you are holding & kick you in the jewels, sneaky little buggers are just the right height too!

  11. but… is HRT present?

    1. yeah they are I saw some pics on another site of kartikayan standing next to his car and a mechanic holding a stearing wheel.

      1. D’ya think someone should tell them its supposed to be the other way round, or just let them find out for themselves on race day.

  12. Hi everyone! 6:30am Thursday here in Melbourne, we drove over from Adelaide yesterday. Driver interviews and pitlane walk today! So excited!

    1. Welcome to Melbourne ivz. Thanks for lending us your Grand prix, we might be handing it back to you in a few years

  13. Nice photos.

  14. Showers are forecast for next few days.

    1. says where?

      1. Well it’s likely to be raining for FP1 and FP2 but the rest of the weekend should be ok.

  15. funny it aint Webber and Vettel taking walks along the beach!

  16. Interesting that the Ferrari front wing is not the final version we saw in the last test.

  17. I always think how patronising this sort of thing must be for the drivers! That fry-up looks stunning though…mmmmm.

  18. Sebastian Vettel + rancher hat = very dorky.

    I wonder how many of these will end up in the rolling caption competition : )

  19. Webber and Ricciardo FTW! :D

    Vettel look’s like a dork, especially with that hat on. :P

  20. That first picture has to be used in the caption competition soon…

    1. Pink Pirelli
      24th March 2011, 7:07

      How about “No sheep for you” ! Or ewe, if you’d prefer.

      1. “A gang of Mark Webber fans abducted Vettel ahead of the 2011 season to improved Webbers chances of taking the title”

        The second one is pretty good too: “After taking Webber’s front wing at Silverstone, Vettel has now begun taking Webber’s Aussie heritage.”

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