Just one stop for Perez in remarkable debut drive

2011 Australian GP team review

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Sergio Perez pulled off a surprise by making just one pit stop during the Australian Grand Prix when several other drivers needed three.

But he lost a maiden haul of six points for seventh place when both Saubers were disqualified for a technical infringement.

Kamui Kobayashi Sergio Perez
Qualifying position 9 13
Qualifying time comparison (Q2) 1’25.405 (-0.703) 1’26.108
Race position DQ DQ
Laps 58/58 58/58
Pit stops 2 1


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58
Kamui Kobayashi 105.896 97.118 95.483 95.648 95.633 95.302 96.681 94.52 94.425 94.491 94.586 94.567 94.847 94.342 95.916 114.819 100.585 92.875 93.091 93.333 94.651 93.85 94.158 92.332 93.492 92.662 92.666 92.373 92.164 92.08 92.423 112.12 99.549 91.739 91.269 91.247 91.081 91.339 91.194 90.946 91.027 91.773 91.141 90.818 90.969 90.7 90.735 90.617 90.62 90.696 90.384 91.132 91.237 91.687 90.778 92.265 91.229 91.83
Sergio Perez 112.663 97.576 96.216 95.617 95.999 96.169 95.294 95.375 98.168 96.506 94.646 94.746 94.905 96.433 94.867 94.778 94.79 94.889 94.623 94.685 95.145 95.217 115.111 102.17 92.147 91.309 91.307 91.05 90.671 91.243 91.517 91.74 91.306 92.775 91.896 92.569 90.649 90.741 89.962 90.526 90.545 90.721 90.513 90.137 90.319 90.239 90.633 91.997 90.614 90.477 91.543 90.802 90.806 91.401 91.536 91.539 91.709 92.577

Kamui Kobayashi

Kobayashi got his Sauber into Q3 and although he had no new soft tyres left he decided to stick with them rather to start on hards.

Although he moved ahead of Fernando Alonso at the start he couldn’t keep the Ferrari behind.

He fell victim to a surprise attack from Rubens Barrichello later on and lost another place, but moved up again after Barrichello took out Nico Rosberg.

He pitted twice, falling behind his team mate the last time and finishing eighth on the road.

Sergio Perez, Sauber, Melbourne, 2011

Sergio Perez

Perez was one of only two drivers to start the race on hard tyres. He struggled for pace to begin with and was passed by Barrichello and Pastor Maldonado.

He stayed out until lap 22 on his original set of tyres, rising to seventh place, before switching to softs. He made those tyres last the remaining 35 laps.

Although his lap times began to slip towards the end he was under little pressure from team mate Kobayashi behind him.

Sauber claim their rear wing failed the post-race check because of a manufacturing error and insist they did not gain performance from it.

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    22 comments on “Just one stop for Perez in remarkable debut drive”

    1. Excellent dubut drive from Perez ruined by a silly factory error.
      Still, great promise for the season; Kobayashi too.

      1. Shows how important a working quality control system is, eh.

        Great debut by Checo Perez. Kamui did a good job not to get into the incidents that hit him at the start of last year and had a very nice drive this weekend. Just a shame we did not see him doing much exiting overtaking.

      2. Keith, Perez had the softer tyres on for 35 laps (22+35=58), so a typo there.

    2. I think Perez is better than Kobayashi, clearly easier on his tyres and maintains a brilliant pace. He actually seems like he could jump into a top car and win.

      Ridiculous from Sauber though ruining what was a perfect debut.

      1. I think you’re over-reacting by saying that Perez is already better than Kobayashi. It’s still too early to tell, although I do think that they will be very evenly-matched this year.

        1. I agree that it is too early to tell but I also feel that Perez could well be better than Kobayashi but although I like watching Kamui I’ve never rated him as much as a lot of people seem to. It’s a shame Sauber got DSQd too but I don’t think Perez will be that fussed as he’ll still count that as beating his team mate on his first race.

          One of the Sauber’s helped give me one of my favourite moments of the race but for the wrong reason as it was Rubens pulling off a cracking overtake on Kobayashi. Unfortunately, a little while later, Rubens then completely lost his head and ruined Nico’s race. Perfect exammple of how to go from hero to zero.

          1. I know my comment may have seemed slightly premature but he just seems the better driver. I guess we will see but I think he will consistently out race Kamui, who might I add like Steph don’t rate as much some others do.

    3. They claim it didn’t give them an advantage. I claim it did. So who’s telling the truth?

      1. It should be visible in their performance and tyre management in the next race I think.

      2. Well I’d be inclined to believe the people who can see the data and know more about their own car than you probably do…

        1. It’s a tough one for the FIA. Clearly the rules and they have to assess how much of an advantage they possibly gained. I think the appeal may be successful if Sauber can put forward a good case.

          1. *Clearly the rules were broken

      3. Well I dont know how much it matters – I mean, whether it helped or not, if the rules were broken then they were broken, that is that. Plently of teams bring updates to cars which dont always make the car go any faster; just because they are not successful does not make it any less illegal. I dont know how much of an infringement it was, or how much that matters. I would love to see sauber get the points back but I fear it would lead to a precedent that could later be exploited, so they wont.

    4. I think Perez was the most impressive driver of the race.

      1. For sure. It must not have been a very exciting drive to watch, but he was the only one to make the tires last so long and he held a very good position with experienced drivers ahead of him and behind him.

        Of course I think Lewis is always the best, and he WAS impressive yesterday … but I still gotta hand it to Perez. Very impressive.

    5. Why don’t tthe FIA just strip Sauber of their constructors points and allow Sergio and Kamui to keep the points for the drivers championship? It would be a lot fairer if the drivers were not aware of the infringements.

      But still lets hope Sauber score some more good points later in the season.

      1. Why don’t tthe FIA just strip Sauber of their constructors points and allow Sergio and Kamui to keep the points for the drivers championship?

        Well that assumes that no advantage was gained, which is not necessarily the case.

        As I said before, this is a rear wing infringement and we’re talking about the cars that were fastest through the speed trap in qualifying. Granted, not by very much, but nor had they broken the rules by very much either, it seems. That doesn’t mean they or their drivers should not be punished.

    6. Exellent young drivers, crucial failure of engineers. It’s really shame that their mistake(or cheat) spoil an young driver’s fantastic debut. Anyway, Mr.Sauber makes me sure he has brilliant eyes for talented driver once again. Just he needs more competitive car and money to keep them.

    7. Looking at what Perz did with his strategy, I can see a lot more teams starting on the hard tyre in the next few races. Trying to go as far as they can into the race on the hards in the hope that by that stage the track will be nicely rubbered in and the softs may go to the end of the race.

      I know this will not be possible on some tracks but I think it will be increasingly possible as the season progresses and the teams learn more about the tyres.

      1. Especially for a driver starting right outside the top ten. Top ten qualifiers will marginalize their tires by pushing in q2 and again in q3. Someone placing 11th or 12th in qualifying might even be able to make that strategy work to get on to the podium if they’re lucky.

    8. In the graph Kobayashi has been assigned the “fake leg” color, otherwise known as “prosthesis peach.”

    9. Really sad for this team. A rule broken is a a crime in F1 & they have to live with it. Both the drivers raced well. Now they need to concentrate for Malaysia.

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