Scott Dixon, Baltimore, IndyCar, 2011

Live: IndyCar Baltimore Grand Prix

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Scott Dixon, Baltimore, IndyCar, 2011
Scott Dixon, Baltimore, IndyCar, 2011

Follow the 15th round of the 2011 IndyCar series at the new Baltimore street circuit on F1 Fanatic Live.

F1 Fanatic Live combines updates from the teams and drivers in real-time via Twitter with comments from F1 Fanatic readers and more.

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F1 Fanatic Live Guide

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  • 14 comments on “Live: IndyCar Baltimore Grand Prix”

    1. Watching a stream right now, never been much of a fan of the series but those IndyCar engines sound so much better than the current Mosquito engines in Formula 1…

    2. Poor bourdais he is out he deserves to be in f1

    3. I had to stop following the live update account for F1fanatic, not that I don’t mind Indycar, but it gets abit much…I mean it’s in the name…

    4. Well this was a popular experiment ;)

      Anyway, last nights race was crazy, Indy car makes F1 look like rocket science, honestly they do a really bad job in the states. The worst part? well starting the race whilst utility vehicles were still on the track driving in the wrong direction! I couldn’t believe my eyes, the leaders come round the first corner and there is a truck driving the wrong way down the track! Insane.

      1. Well this was a popular experiment

        There are over 400 comments on the live page if you click through to it.

      2. I’ve always considered Indy Cars to be raw, yeah the people who look after the cars aren’t Rocket Surgeons but they have some serious top end speed, coupled with the concrete barriers they look like testing the limits.

        Not only that but this years Indy cars look fantastic, low noses, flat bodywork and wheels that are you know, the size of road going cars (I said wheels, not tyre’s).

        Just look at the picture above, Scott Dixons front tyres actually move by more than 10 degree’s, its a fantastic shot!.

        Its a shame about the utility vehicle but I just love how American’s do things, big and raw, Indy doesn’t have the finesse of F1, but that’s a [i]good[/i] thing because sometimes I want to watch a heavyweight boxing match as opposed to balletic Wu shu Kwan and Shaolin Monks.

    5. Video here …..

    6. grrr, links i post never seem to show

    7. Indy Cars are cool I like how you can really see the driver working as the car moves. F1 cars don’t jiggle or anything, it looks like they run on rails.

    8. Do I like or not like INDY cars because of how different they are from Grand Prix cars. Infact they should not be compared to each other at all. They actually do look pretty cool and the paint jobs and liverys are exceptional. Check out Danica Patricks GoDaddy car. It is sharp looking.
      Everybody was raving about how great the Balitmore event was and I rather thought this is the best you can do? The track was OK maybe barely OK. I kept thinking about Spa and its true glory and then reflecting on Baltimore and how some parts of the track were simply awful. The main straight was perhaps the single most bumpy piece of tarmac that I have ever witnessed worldwide.
      But that is INDY car racing and as a fan of both F1 and Indy I choose to not compare them as they should not even be compared. Final thought someone should look into Will Power coming to F1. He is damn good at road racing.

    9. I know a lot of you guys don’t keep up with Indycar but here is the new chassis they’re moving to next year.

      Maybe an article idea during the off season Keith?

    10. My favourite part about Indycar is how close the spectators can get to action at very reasonable ticket prices. I was at the Sonoma race 2 weeks ago and was blown away at the level of fan access they provide – F1 could really learn a thing or two from these guys.

      Pics, videos and writeup at

    11. The new chassis is really different from anything currently racing. Almost opposite of the current F1 car where the “Coke” bottle effect is so prominant. This next generation INDY car has a massive wide rear body work that has the rear tires extend up and through what appears to be some kind of a rear wing shape. At first it looks a bit odd. I understand that it will among several variations that teams will use next year.

    12. I was at this race and there were a lot of problems but it was the frist race in the city and we got hit by a hurricane the week before. overall as the frist road race i have ever been to i had a great time. got to stand in the frist corner right next to the fence. walked through the pits and talk to the crew chief and one of the drivers of the alms cars. i got to hold up one of the tires to get a feel for how heavy they are. all on FREE ground admission tickets that i got from a promoter at a gas station

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