Heikki Kovalainen, Lotus, Monza, 2011

Lotus bringing floor upgrades to Singapore

2011 Singapore Grand Prix

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Heikki Kovalainen, Lotus, Monza, 2011
Heikki Kovalainen, Lotus, Monza, 2011

Lotus chief technical officer Mike Gascoyne says Lotus’s new upgrades for this weekend look “promising”.

Gascoyne said: “We will be running with a maximum downforce package with a new floor and diffuser and bigger front brake ducts to cope with the brake cooling demands.

“The numbers from the wind-tunnel look pretty promising for the update to the floor so we will see what we have found when we get out on track.”

Team principal Tony Fernandes praised the efforts of his team in improving their pit stop performances and race strategies.

He said: “One of the most pleasing aspects for me over the last couple of races has been to see the improvements in the garage and on the pitwall that have seen us perform quicker pitstops, turn the cars around during and in-between sessions more quickly and efficiently, and make the right strategic calls at the right time.

“This was particularly true in Italy where Jarno [Trulli] performed particularly well all weekend but was robbed of a higher position by bad luck and Heikki [Kovalainen] also gave his all, giving us 120% all weekend and helping us show what we can do when the opportunities arise.”

Fernandes added: “The icing on the cake now would be a point.”

2011 Singapore Grand Prix

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27 comments on “Lotus bringing floor upgrades to Singapore”

  1. Well, all i can say is : go team -insert appropriate name, Caterham maybe?- I’m always glad to see new kids on the block faring well (or rather, better and better) and I certainly hope to see them around for the years to come (here’s hoping their continued approach to actually have experienced and proven drivers at the helm help them evenmore to detach from the bottom of the field).

    1. I hope for the same, although it remains to be seen how good a step this will be.

    2. Oh yes, great to see the underdogs going well.. I remember when Toro Rosso were beating Red Bull, or when Force India had the lat two places on the grid cemented..

      Although performance is obviously what matters in the end. No prizes for guessing that my favorite team is Sauber of course :)

    3. It’s funny, I was the same: “Go Air Asia- Team Caterham!”

      I’m not to interested in the naming dispute, pretty petty but Team Caterham sounds cool so I like it!

      I also like to see some signs of progression with this team, so I hope they do well for the rest of 2011 and in 2012 – whatever they may be called.

    4. I am expecting them to make a huge jump forwards next year when they get KERS up and running. That’s an extra 4 tenths right there which would really put them in contention with some of the established teams. Can’t wait for them to get their first points

  2. As this was the guy talking about scoring 50 points this season, I refuse to take him seriously.

    1. Pardon me, It wasn’t almighty Mike, but mr. Keith Saunt. Mike was attacking Renault by the end of the season and Force India, Sauber nad Torro Rosso from the beginning.

      1. Ah, well he is not that far off Williams, that is good isn’t it? ;-)

      2. No, he was “hoping to”, but was later “disappointed”.

  3. I really want Lotus to start challenging at least Williams. I am really getting bored of going into Q1, already knowing six of the drivers who are going to drop out. Getting points I imagine is a bit ambitious for Lotus, though if they can challenge for points, then that would be fantastic.

    1. Heikki sometimes makes it through to Q2, although often the “extra” elminated driver had problems/the weather was tricky.
      You’d think points would be in reach, they already have two 13th places – just three more – but those results were achieved on a day of many retirements, and 3 more is unlikely.

    2. Why on Earth would you want Team Fernandes to start beating Williams?

      1. I don’t care whether it is Lotus, Virgin or Hispania. I just want to see the bottom three teams, be able to compete with the established teams. At the moment, Lotus have the best chance of competing with the slowest established team Williams.

        And I don’t care for this political crap between Lotus or “Team Fernandes” versus Renault.

      2. It makes for good drama, that’s why.

    3. Didn’t Heikki once make it into Q2 on merit? Q2 Barcelona falls to mind

  4. yea if the new teams get their act together for next year, Q1 would be a whole new, exciting experience.

  5. I have to say, Lotus have disappointed me this season. I expected them to get points. I know Kovalainen is doing well, in fact he has been a star this year. But they’ve been poor and a real disappointment.

    1. I didn’t expect too much of them to be honest, it’s always going to take a few seasons to get up to speed. Next year they will have to start delivering though.

  6. Team Lotus will be most successful when Gascoyne leaves if his track record is anything to go by!

  7. think mike should be sacked first, then the team will improve.

    1. to be fair….. look what he did for toyota!….. all those wins….

      1. Don’t be too harsh – he turned Jordan into an almost championship winning team in the late 90s.

  8. I Like Papa Bene
    19th September 2011, 15:48

    I like Lotus/Caterham better than Williams.

  9. For all of you out there, telling us how it was certainly not about the money, when Bernie pushed to reinstate the Bahrain GP this year, he did get the money from them in the end! Guess that was no coincidence, right!

    1. Here’s a link to the Independant article cited as the source of that bit of information. Its from Bernie’s favourites.

  10. In other news, HRT are seeing their backer Tata Motors (Jaguar, Rover) investing solid money into actual building of the cars that should earn them money to pay for racing (unlike a certain group) in the UK and probalby in India.

  11. All this only makes me look even closer at the lack of movement from Virgin and wonder how long it is before they are cast adrift on their own at the back.

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