Jean-Eric Vergne, Toro Rosso, Korea, 2011

Jean-Eric Vergne to drive for Red Bull in young drivers’ test

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Jean-Eric Vergne, Toro Rosso, Korea, 2011
Jean-Eric Vergne, Toro Rosso, Korea, 2011

Jean-Eric Vergne will drive for Red Bull in the young drivers’ test following the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Vergne drove for Toro Rosso in practice for the Korean Grand Prix.

He said: “I?m really looking forward to driving the RB7 in Abu Dhabi. I know the track already and have had some track time in a Formula 1 car this year, which will help.

“I?m extremely happy that Red Bull Racing has given me this opportunity, it will be a massive experience for me and to be driving the best Formula One car is something quite amazing. I will make the best out of the three days, it will be an important three days and I?m looking forward to it.”

Vergne was runner-up in this year’s Formula Renault 3.5 championship. The young drivers’ test takes place on the 15th-17th of November at the Yas Marina circuit.

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28 comments on “Jean-Eric Vergne to drive for Red Bull in young drivers’ test”

  1. Vernge? As in French revenge? :-D (mind you, you got it right in the article)

    1. @Trix New driver, still getting used to spelling his name!

      1. It’s one of those weird sounds that are hard to spell for foreigners, I completely understand. ;-)

        1. How is it pronounced, though?

    2. it’s more like shame, “vergogne”, LOL

      1. If you want to get it right, that is. :-)

  2. I was about to ask what car Ricciardo would be driving… but the young driver test is usually for those that aren’t currently don’t have a race seat… whoops :D

    Still doesn’t seem Daniel is properly driving, considering his main weapon of choice is the HRT shopping trolley :P

    1. “those who don’t currently have a race seat” damn my English skills :-/

      1. So in theory… Kimi could take part :D

        1. I have been wondering that as well, but I guess being a former world champion rules him out!

        2. @bascb @pjtierney the rules are that you must have started less than 2 Grands Prix ;)

          1. That will be a hard one to argue for Kimi then @raymondu999!

    2. I can’t confirm – but I think the rule is that the driver given the seat has to have competed in less than 2 GP. I don’t believe practice sessions count.

      1. There must be some restriction on how many practice sessions a driver can do. If not, then McLaren would be able to run Gary Paffett!

        Maybe the limit is on total distance raced rather than number of sessions.

        1. I think they might have run Paffett last year…..

      2. Thats exactly correct.

  3. Is there an official full driver’s list published? Secondly it is a three days event so is there any numbers of drivers that is restricted per team? What is the maximum number of GP can that driver have under him to be at ‘young driver test’?

    1. So far, these are the confirmations:

      Red Bull: Vergne

      Ferrari: Bianchi

      Renault: Kevin Korjus, Robert Wickens (prize test for Wickens)

      Sauber: Leimer and Gutierrez

      Toro Rosso: Stefano Coletti

      Marussia: Adrian Quiafe-Hobbs (prize test)

      1. Oh, and Mirko Bortolotti will test for Williams as a prize for winning the Formula 2 Champiomship. He will be joined by Valtteri Bottas.

      2. @Portugoose I’m surprised Wickens didn’t get a test with Marussia instead…

  4. For the young driver test teams may field any driver who has not competed in more than two Grands Prix,

    1. And is there an age restriction or is “young driver test” just a figurative title?

  5. Vergne deserves this chance.

    1. Definitely; probably my favourite driver not yet in Formula One. He’s definitely quicker than Ricciardo and that slowpoke Hartley.

  6. Is it pronounced “Vern,” as in “Fern,” or is “Ver-nyay?”

    1. @raymondu999 I think it’s “Vern”. That’s how the BBC pronounced it.

      1. It’s pronounced more like Veyrn[j] if that makes any sense.
        00:16 for a proper French pronounciation.

        You’re welcome. :-D

  7. Good news for Vergne! Be interesting to see what comparisons we can draw between him and Ricciardo.

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