Gerhard Berger, Ferrari, 412T2, Mugello, 2011

Berger gets back in his last Ferrari at Mugello

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Ferrari brought a selection of their classic F1 cars to their world final event at Mugello this weekend.

Gerhard Berger was re-acquainted with the last Ferrari he raced in F1 – the team’s final V12-engined car, the 1995 412T2.

Among the other retro Ferraris in action was a mid-seventies-vintage 312T and the team’s last turbo-powered car, the F1/87-88C of 1988.

Reserve drivers Giancarlo Fisichella and Marc Gene were on hand to demonstrate some of the more recent machinery.

Here are pictures of some of the cars from the Finali Mondiali:

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Images ?é?® Ferrari spa/Ercole Colombo

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41 comments on “Berger gets back in his last Ferrari at Mugello”

  1. The 412-T2 is such a pretty car

    1. My favourite of the V12s, a couple weeks ago I watched the 95 Monaco quallying sessions, Berger and the 412-T2 were sliding all over the place just beautifull

      1. I was watching that just the other day

    2. @Taurus It’s got nothing on the 641!

      1. And I remember seeing that video a few months back. Simply incredible.

        1. @damonsmedley it should be F1 LAW that cars are designed in the spirit of the 641

  2. I’m not a Ferrari fan, but this has so many shades of awesome it has its own swatches from B&Q.

    1. Very much agree with that @icthyes!

    2. So awesome.

      Even Luca can’t ruin this :D

      Well….. maybe.

    3. Definitely true @ichtyes, and I have to say that I love the looks of that last turbo, and of course the 412-T2, when Ferrari started to climb back to the top, scoring poles, podiums and wins again.

  3. The Ferrari world final event used to be such a celebration. I miss those days.

    1. I miss the days the Ferrari world final was actually at the END of the F1 season. We still have two races to go!

  4. Did Ferrari win any title they can celebrate this year? As far as I can remember they have only their single Silverstone win, not even the GT class racing brought them any big prizes, did it?

    1. Hater alert still F1 was dissapointing and GT were nothing more than promissing.

      1. Ferrari won the European Le Mans Series with a round to spare and the only way BMW can deny Ferrari the ILMC title (which will become the World Endurance Championship next year) is by taking pole and winning while hoping none of the three Ferraris finish. I’d call that a good performance, even if that success has not been replicated in the FIA series.

  5. Wish there was audio, a Ferrari V12 F1 machine at full grunt would make a great ringtone.
    Some beautiful cars there with lucky people around them.

    1. Fear not, you can easily find one on youtube!

      1. Thanks, trying to find a spot that doesn’t have some blabbermouth talking all over it!

    2. Yeah, great idea!!

      Hey Keith, any chance you could make an F1 noise resource on the site so we can all have screaming engine noise ring tones?

      Nice article btw!!

  6. the 1995 ferrari was a very good car, if unreliable.

    The world and his wife has been told ferrari were slow coaches when michael turned up in 1996. But anyone who watched Alesi in 95 knows different.

    Just check out Suzuka!

    1. The world and his wife has been told ferrari were slow coaches when michael turned up in 1996. But anyone who watched Alesi in 95 knows different.

      Indeed. In fact, when Schumacher arrived at Ferrari his first test was in the 412 T2 because the new car wasn’t yet ready. His initial feedback was to express surprise that Ferrari hadn’t won more races in 1995 because the car felt so much better than his Benetton B195.

      The 412 T2 – the last V12 Ferrari F1 car – was the prettiest design of 1995, but Ferrari had some appalling luck during the year restricting them to a single race win courtesy of Jean Alesi in Montreal. Gerhard Berger was initially declared the winner in Brazil, after Schumacher and David Coulthard were disqualified for fuel irregularities – the drivers were later reinstated, although Williams and Benetton lost their constructors’ points. But for fading oil pressure, Alesi might have been able to push Johnny Herbert harder for the win at Silverstone. Alesi retired from the lead at Spa and it took a mighty drive from Schumacher to deny him the win at the Nurburgring.

      The weirdest race of all was at Monza. David Coulthard spun off, Damon Hill hit Schumacher and both retired, leaving Alesi and Gerhard Berger in a Ferrari 1-2. Then Alesi’s onboard camera fell off and hit Berger’s car, breaking the suspension. Alesi continued in the lead but then suffered a freak wheel bearing failure, which put him out too.

  7. I wonder if Fisi knew he’d be retiring when he moved to Ferrari in 2009.

  8. i always thought this event took place after the f1 season ended?

  9. I guess this year all the team members would prefer to go immidiatelly on christmas holiday after the F1 Season has finished, because it is that long.

  10. Wow the 95 Ferrari really is a beautiful car.

  11. The previous (1 year old) ferrari is usually given the current years livery for use in pre-season testing and publicity events like this now that they can’t use the current car. Does this mean once the car becomes two years old someone has to return it’s livery back to the correct year? otherwise all the cars would be historicly incorrect. I know the 1995 412t2 is correct because of the 28 and Agip but what about the 2000s cars?

  12. Ferrari Race cars look great…

  13. I can still hear that glorious noise the 412T2 made! Incredible car, one of my very favorite Ferrari’s.

    I’ve said it before, and i’ll say it again, I was never a fan of the turbo era Ferarri’s, particularly the late 80’s cars, but now when i look at them I can’t help thinking they are great looking things.

    1. @geemac It’s the red body and black wings, just looks right.

      Something I’m afraid I can’t say about the current design.

      1. @keithcollantine I completely agree. The best looking Ferraris ever, in my opinion.

        I found it unusual when @Hairs was saying they looked terrible on Twitter a while ago, however!

        1. @damonsmedley That’s because I’m right. The black wings look like pieces they’ve robbed from another car, or offcuts they picked up from the shop floor because they car was due on track and they ran out of time to finish it.

          “All done boys, we’re ready to race!”
          “Oh.. err.. yeah guv, just wheeling it out now”
          “But boss, we’ve no wingy bits”
          “Slap a bit of tar on that bit of cardboard and glue it on son, they’ll never know.”

          And they never did.

  14. Yes, some great looking cars here. I have to say though that the F2007 is pretty ugly. I’m very glad all those silly aero appendages have been outlawed, they just make the car look like they got the original design wrong and had to glue bits all over it to make it work. I know the current snow plough front wing is a bit weird but I’d take the current cars over the late 2000s cars any day.

    1. @coefficient I find the 2007 one looks better than the version from 2008. Looking back, all those appendages made them look like some manga space robot or something. The current front wing still is big, and the noses mostly too high for my liking, but their cleaner look does appeal to me.

      But compared to that 1995 Ferrari, well, sorry, it might be nostalgia, but that looks a the best.

  15. Santander please change you’re corporate colors from white to black. Those late 80s/early 90s Ferraris are so pretty in black and red. One of the best liveries in F1 ever if you ask me.

    And a shame we probably won’t see those cars without airbox again in 2014 because of safety.

  16. Fisichella really is the perfect man for this job; he has the knowledge required to drive an F1 car, but isn’t likely to drive it fast enough to carry any risk of actually damaging the cars.

    The 412T2 is a beauty, but so is the F2002 and it had the success to match its good looks too.

    1. Spa 2009 ??? Fisi still has the speed and if he needed to step in again for one of the drivers, he’d be much more used to the ferrari controls this time. I wouldn’t be suprised if he was faster than Massa.

  17. As this picture shows, if you paint the F10 and the F2008 in the same livery they look pretty similar.
    I have to say the F2008 looks great both in its original and 2011 livery. In 2009, the 2009-spec cars looked ugly in my opinion.
    By mid-2009, the 2009-spec cars looked good and the pre-2009-spec cars looked ugly.
    Now I happily saw pictures of 2007/2008 cars and I have to say they’re wonderful. The Ferraris from 2007 to 2010 are spectacular!

    1. Also, Fisichella is using his 2010 helmet (an RF1, not an SF1 as Gené is wearing), with Marlboro barcodes and the Etihad logo covered, and with the Scuderia’s 2011 logo.

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