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Ecclestone rekindles interest in F1 sale

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In today’s round-up: Bernie Ecclestone’s comments on a Singapore floatation spark a market for sale of F1, as potential buyers are put on alert.


Top F1 links from the past 24 hours:

Ecclestone flotation talk puts potential F1 buyers on alert (James Allen)

??There also remains the issue of the 2013 Concorde Agreement. It is hard to see how any sale, either public or private, could take place until a new one is agreed and put in place, binding in the governing body, commercial rights holder and teams for a fixed period of five years or more.??

Ferrari are racing to pair Lewis Hamilton with Alonso again (Daily Star)

??Controversial Brit Lewis Hamilton could be in line for a sensational switch to Ferrari.??

Williams F1 & TRL Sign Simulator Training MoU (Williams)

??Williams F1 and TRL (the UK Transport Research Laboratory) have signed a memorandum of understanding to cooperate on research regarding the application of advanced simulator-based vehicle training technologies. This will help to improve road safety, reduce vehicle emissions and increase passenger comfort and safety.??

Force India not taking sixth in constructors’ for granted (ESPN)

??Force India has vowed not to become complacent over its current sixth place position in the constructors’ championship.??

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Comment of the day

There?s been a great response to Keith?s article on the drivers will make their last F1 start next week. petebaldwin says:

If Williams have decided that Barichello isn?t going to race for them next season, it should be announced before the race so he gets a final send off.

It would be a shame for his career to end quietly after the season.

From the forum

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to polishboy808!

If you want a birthday shout-out tell us when yours is by emailling me, using Twitter or adding to the list here.

On this day in F1

Jacques Laffite turns 68 today. The French driver made his F1 debut in 1974 and scored his first victory in the Swedish Grand Prix at Anderstorp in 1977.

Like all of his six victories, it was achieved at the wheel of a Ligier, the team he started 132 of his 176 races for.

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  • 74 comments on “Ecclestone rekindles interest in F1 sale”

    1. Some great non story reporting their from the daily star.
      Point out one driver is good but not happy.
      Point out one driver used to be good but isn’t any more.
      Nothing links Hamilton to Ferrari, but we’ll gloss over that and stick it in a headline.
      Daft, please don’t encourage them.

      1. …there…
        I hate people getting that wrong too. I’ll put it down to tiredness!

      2. I couldnt agree more, that “news” article didnt have one iota of actual fact to support the headline. Sheesh. I’d rather see lewis in a mclaren

        1. What else do you expect from the media?

          1. What makes the star think:
            a) that Ferrari would want Lewis when in actual fact they’ve showed more interest in Vettel
            b) that Fernando “this team is mine” Alonso would want a team mate who can actually challenge him
            c) that Lewis would agree to move to anything slower than the mclaren having only shown interest in moving to red bull…

            I can only see a young driver coming in to replace massa (as he himself did barracello) perhaps someone like perez who has some experience lower down the grid.

        2. The sad thing is that “news article,” as evidenced by the comments on the roundup, is going to be talked about more then the actual news article i.e: “the burnie floater”

          1. The floater is inevitable isnt it? Unless Bernie is the walking dead/immortal/vampire or some other mythical creature, his time is coming to a close. I hope the successor does not ruin my F1.

    2. I have a conflict. On one hand I think there is a need to open seats for new talent… but Barrichello is one of the good guy, I wouldn´t to see him go.

      “Controversial Brit Lewis Hamilton could be in line for a sensational switch to Ferrari.”

      That will xplain the recent love pact between the both… I wouldn´t mind… Ipm almost sure that they will hate each other again, but it will be really fun to watch… specially when Dominicalli orders one of the other aside for the other…

      1. Ferrari could not operate as they historically have liked to with a pairing such as Hamilton and Alonso. It did not even work with McLaren, a team that has historically allowed drivers as fast as possible to race each other.

        In Ferrari, the climate would be even more different than in McLaren – we obviously know this. Fernando would want to be given #1 status (if not in contract then then after he was leading Lewis in the points after the first 3-4 races). Lewis would never allow such a fallacy in the contract, and likely would not allow team orders in the first 2/3rd of the season, let alone 3-4 races. Therefore, we could have turmoil as early as Monaco.

        Worse yet, if the SF were to bring in Lewis who then outraced Fernando, team orders would fall on deaf ears.

        Either way, it is an impossible thing to happen. I think maybe at this point the drivers are respecting each other a bit more following the 2007 fiasco, but teammates at Ferrari? Dream on.

        1. Mclaren drivers might be equal in the whitmarsh era but in the ron one? dream on.

          1. Are you really going to make me examine the Dennis years in their entirety?

            1981: Watson and Decrasharis (who earned his nickname this year but was quick) – no clear #1/2
            1982-3: Watson and Lauda, Both reasonably strong drivers. I think Watson actually ended up finishing ahead.
            1984: Prost + Lauda – half point championship
            1985: Lauda had a hard time keeping up this season, but was it motivation or was prost #1?
            1986: Keke was a bit fat, but former champion.
            1987: Okay, a clear #1/2
            1988-90: Senna/Prost, need I say more?
            1991-3: Senna/Berger I think driver performance more than team orders was at play here. Berger was strong and allowed to race.
            1994-5: rebuilding years, weak results
            1996-2001: Hakkinen/Coulthard. Starting out, I think McLaren wanted to see who was fastest. Traded blows, Mika got the upper hand, won two championships, and it went back to trading blows. Clear #1/2? You tell me. I think definitely, sometimes it was Coulthard giving way for hakkinen.
            2002-4: Kimi/Coulthard: They raced, Kimi was faster.
            2005-6: once again, orders, or faster? I didnt see every race these years.
            2007: Okay, no one expected lewis to be that fast.
            2008: Lewis/Heikki: Here is your Ron Dennis #1/2

    3. Its from the Daily Star people!..hardly the most credible source of news.

    4. Okay, I admit it, I did get a tad excited when I saw the headline but then any and all positive emotions dissipated as soon as I saw the Daily Star right next to it.

      Still, Hamilton and Alonso as teammates again is kind of a mouthwatering prospect….

      Well for me anyway.

      Too bad it’s never going to happen again.

    5. A link to the Daily Star is disappointing..

      1. It’s the round-up of Formula 1-related articles from a Sunday with no race on. Can you really blame Keith if there is a complete lack of anything happening?

        1. Well, maybe there’s no need to pretend that something is happening ?

        2. Posting something that’s probably a load of tiffle though is quite confusing. I’d rather have either a quality story or no story at all, rather than what the Daily Star has spit out – which to me is a non-story.

    6. If Barichello wants a proper sendoff, he should just say Brazil will be his final race. I understand he doesn’t want to retire now but the security of his Williams seat is wearing away.

      1. I have a suspicion he knows Brazil will be his final race but he doesn’t want a “proper” sendoff, which is why it isn’t being announced. Can’t really blame him for just wanting to race without an additional thousand distractions.

    7. can someone photoshop Hamilton in Ferrari gear? or him driving a ferrari f1 car?

    8. People are actually talking about that Daily Star link?

      Completely agree with COTD, if Williams are going to drop him then at least come out with it now and let his fans make the most of it!

    9. It’s really up to Rubens to announce his retirement if he wants to go out with some grace. It would be nice if Williams told him before Brazil of course, so that he could ‘retire’ but having said that with all this Maldonado uncertainty perhaps they’re just not ready to finialise their drivers yet.

      As for a daily star link being on here, well it’s a little disappointing. I presume it must be for a bit of fun?

      1. It almost seems like fate he could bow out on home soul, the last race of the season

    10. Don’t do that to me daily star! I can’t think of a headline more exciting to me than that, and yet it’s based on..nothing.

      But just imagine – Alonso & Hamilton at Ferrari..That is the ultimate, would be amazing to watch. Shame the chances of it actually happening are 0.001% before that headline, it was 0.

      1. Just cant see Lewis learning Italian

    11. erm, I know Jacques Laffite’s carreer was a long one (and I could be wrong) but I’m pretty sure it was ’74 he started in not ’64

      1. You’re correct of course. He raced between 1974-1986. Seems unusual that he started F1 at the age of 30 but that was not uncommon those days.

      2. Fixed the typo, thanks.

    12. Happy Birthday PolishBoy!

      1. Yeah, Happy Birthday @polishboy808!

        1. Happy birthday @polishboy808! Have a nice one ;)

      2. happy bday polishboy!

      3. Happy birthday @polishboy808 , you have a great driver to share it with too :)

    13. Happy Birthday polishboy808.

      I don’t think Hamilton & Alonso in Ferrari isn’t happening.

      1. I don’t think Hamilton & Alonso in Ferrari is happening.

    14. You know it’s a slow news day in F1 when a story about pairing Hamilton and Alonso pops up.

    15. Got no problem with that Ferrari pairing!

      1. Except that it’s a tabloid, and therefore cannot be trusted.

        Besides, Hamilton won’t go to Ferrari simply because he wouldn’t be allowed to compete with Alonso.

        1. Haven’t read it yet, but i expect that the single new bit in it is the headline and story they made up to pull in readers!

          I guess it would be fun to see the team succumb under infighting teammates if they ever did something like it. But I am equally convinced it will not even get close to a deal like that as you are PM!

      2. FA wouldn’t allow LH to be his team mate at Ferrari.

        I would even go further and think that he may have a clause in his contract protecting him from a pairing with LH. Is that possible ?

        1. It did happen in 1993, with Alain Prost barring Ayrton Senna from joining Williams.

          1. This is a great interview


            the thing that always get me is that senna used those clause’ during his career to.

    16. I cant wait til that senile, greedy, trecherous little goblin retires… F! will be so much better without Bernie. There are a hundred cool things that are on hold witing for him to get out of the way. Cant happen too soon.

      1. I think you’ll find that Formula 1 will struggle when Bernie retires. At least to begin with.

        1. Yep, I’m pretty sure F1 has been stable and profitable as well as having enhanced its populairty under Bernie. Thats not to say I agree with his methods but sometimes you need a complete mongrel.

          1. And the expression “better the devil you know than the devil you don’t” springs to mind. We have no idea who will replace Bernie when he leaves, and we have no idea as to their business practices. I think a lot of people are under the impression that when Bernie retires (or dies), races like Valencia and Abu Dhabi will be dropped, while the futures of races like Spa will be guaranteed and Formula 1 will return completely to Europe. Well, that’s not going to happen. Not unless Bernie’s successor can magically fix the Euro overnight.

            1. I wouldn’t want that to happen. I want F1 to go to new places.

            2. Hot places. Cold places.

    17. Plans for a circuit in Ebbw Vale, Wales (in the finest Welsh tradition, the name sounds like it’s completely made up) have been announced, but the circuit probably won’t host a Grand Prix.

      1. Interesting, seems like there’s new tracks everywhere now! I found this funny when comparing with Austin “Money will be an issue,” Mr Smith said.

        “Primarily this will be a private sector investment but of course they are going to look for some public sector input too.
        “We’re going to seek financial support from the Welsh government and the Westminster treasury too.”

        They are seeking govt. support for the track, and that is not to get in a big race like F1 (see Austin, where it will not even be real support just part of the extra tax revenue) but just to get a regional track up and running!

        1. Welsh Grand Prix, anyone?
          Actualy it’s a horrid bit of land there. It’s flat and right above housing areas so there’ll be lots of objections to the noise.
          Not going to happen.

    18. @keithcollantine , Laffite started his career in 1974, not in 1964. Or else, he would have a career longer than Barrichello…

    19. They say, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.
      The redbull era has probably changed the game to an extent Alonso and Ferarri might be willing to take a huge gamble. Alonso might be seeing himself winning a championship, drivers or constructors, beating redbull only when he is paired with another driver who is talented enough to contend a championship with a car that is not the best car(i.e, current Ferarri). Alonso knows that being paired with Lewis(as long as he is in his right mind) means that they will get the constructors title.

      1. Yes! Love this idea! Actually after reading this i remember a quote a couple of weeks ago with Fernando saying something like Hamilton is the only driver who could win a championship without having the fastest car or something like that, and they seemed friendly on the podium last week, more than they have been in years. Maybe they are preparing for a joint effort at taking Seb down together! Or maybe i am just dreaming. It seems a bit too movie style epic to become a reality but Lewis and Fernando at Ferrari would be amazing! It would be HUGE!

    20. Yes it does seem far fetched but, one can clearly see and sense that the relationship between Hamilton and Whitmarsh has obviously broken down for whatever reason. So I do not see Hamilton remaining in that space for long since it appears both Jensen and Whitmarsh are out to prove something. There are drivers who can handle or live with the fact that Vettel might even be the champion in 2012, both Alonso and Lewis will not take that as we have seen what that has done to Lewis this year.

    21. Jacques Laffite made his debut in 1974…not 1964 as mentioned here.

    22. Controversial Brit Lewis Hamilton could be in line for a sensational switch to Ferrari.

      I hope so! I know Massa won’t be there beyond 2012, so I’d like to see Alonso and Hamilton against Vettel! Such a strong pairing would almost be certain to win the constructors’ championship, but what about the drivers’?
      Although I’d also like Lewis to remain at McLaren for all his career to establish a new record.

    23. Brazillian blogger Fábio Seixas (quite good sources) is claiming that Barrichelo has a “letter of intent” with the black Renault and is almost certain to be one of their drivers for next year. Announcement will be at Interlagos.

    24. Pedro De La Rosa, just signed with Hispania.
      As racing driver it seem… Will be interesting now with the Toro Rosso kids… I´m sure there will be tears… #poorbuemi

      1. And I think is the end for another Red Bull Junior Program… Liuzzi…

        1. GO PEDRO!!!!!!

          1. liuzzi might not be done unless A) he’s had enough or B) he has no money i see no reason to drop him otherwise. No way riccardo will be in hrt next year redbull have a tight leash on him. Even in interviews he has to ware the redbull cap lol and it’s the only part of sponsorship clothing u can see when they have the overals pulled down to the waist.

            I think you are correct in your thoughts this announcement means buemi will almost definitely be dropped to make room for riccardo no one could justify dropping jamie.

            1. Whats more amazing is that both “De La Rosa” and “HRT” are trending on twitter worldwide…

      2. I don’t use twitter but im glad to hear it if the world is excited about pedro returning they should be he’s a great guy. I can see from the media side this is gold for hrt. Spanish team spanish driver and it’s been announced before the years even out! That’s a massive difference from a week before the last test last year lol maybe hrt are going to really start stepping up as a team.

        1. But wouldn´t they earn more if they hired a young driver from Spain… someone like Dani Clos.

          I know that De La Rosa is a good guy, but he doesn´t have a good showing… a new driver will give them hope of new sponsorchip…

          1. They can always put Clos in next to Pedro (or have him in the 3rd driver seat and do the old chairdance mid season).

    25. Well this is true but then it’s probably more important to have the young speed when you have a good car hamilton to mclaren in 07 for instance. I think pedro can really help move them forward he has so much development experience with the best development team.

      Also he gave kamui a good run for his money and was robbed of at least one good finish that year due to imploding ferrari engines. Lady luck never smiled on pedros f1 career. I have a feeling he may even surprise a few people in the next two years because i think he has a bit of a reputation with the fans of not being quite good enough. If you ask the team bosses and the drivers i think you will hear a very different opinion about him. :)

      1. you might want to disregard what i have just said since i obviously don’t have the sense to even be able to press reply ;)

    26. Martin Brundle

      Pedro De la Rosa to drive for HRT next 2 years. That will surprise more than a few drivers who hope they might be on the grid somewhere.

      1. already old news by the look of it sorry should have done a review before posting.

      2. Reading the few headlines above, if Rubens signs with TheTeamFormerlyKnownasRenault-Bennetton… and Kimi signs with Williams, then someone will get Grosjean into Trulli’s seat and Glock next to Rubens to we can throw half the grid around!

        Gotta love the old silly season!

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