Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Jerez, 2012

Jerez test day three in pictures

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Pictures from the third day of testing at Jerez on Thursday.

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Images ?? Ferrari spa/Ercole Colombo, Williams/LAT, Getty Images/Red Bull, Force India/Sutton, Sauber F1 Team, Lotus F1 Team, Motioncompany

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37 comments on “Jerez test day three in pictures”

  1. Good to see Seb starting as he means to go on this season, as he seeks to become Double World Champion in the BBC ‘Most Helmet Changes’ Awards!

    1. 2 helmets in just 1 day of testing!! He seems to change his helmet every lap!

      1. Brilliant award that was!

  2. Hey Keith, do you have any McLaren pictures at all?

    1. hahaha didnt think it’d be long

      1. haha it almost seems that way. There have not been a huge amount of McLaren photos and was just curious as to why.. It’s a shame as it is quite easily the best looking on the grid

        1. the-muffin-man
          9th February 2012, 17:04

          Nice one here (8th row down, 2nd from left)…

        2. Its the same all the time for some reason. I have been saying in my head for maybe 2 seasons now about the lack of McLaren pics. If they win its grand but any other time there not too many

    2. First of all, when it says “More pictures will be added here” (as it does at the moment) that means, surprisingly enough, that there are more pictures on the way and they will be added.

      There were some pictures of the McLaren in yesterday’s gallery:

      Jerez test day two in 100 pictures

      Obviously I can only publish images I have permission to use. If I am able to obtain any of the McLaren I will of course add them.

      1. Maybe “More pictures will be added here” is too subtle?

        1. This may be true. But you would have thought Keith’s continued explanation any time there is a pictures article on the site would be enough ;)

  3. 2Ugandan Discussions
    9th February 2012, 17:36

    As usual the McLaren was too fast to be caught on camera methinks

    1. was thinking the same thing. I too, am a fanboi – and hate not getting my Mclaren pics til last!

    2. exactly what i was thinking ;)

  4. And finally here is a clear view of the exhaust solution being used by McLaren today:

    Sky Sports Hamilton McLaren

    1. still don’t think this is the final McLaren package as Martin Whitmarsh was quoted saying we will see a very different car at the 1st race….

      1. I agree, that’s why I said today,they are probably testing many variations but with the dearth of pics we haven’t seen them.

    2. Looks a bit controversial to me. That channel to direct gases suggest a pure aerodynamic us of the exhausts…

      1. I mean “use” sorry

    3. That’s the same as the 1st day.

      1. @BBT It’s a bit different. Here we have the pipe itself finishing further into the body work. Using bodywork to direct the flow of air is, as @Matt said controversial.

        I’m fairly sure, if this is there solution that they will have to fight the rulebook if they want to keep it.

        1. @Mike To be honest I can’t spot the difference (although I can find Mondays picture now to compare). Looks like the same angle and body work channel to me, the one I commented on Monday. I think it a clever idea, wonder if it will get banned. Scarbs reckons in might break the rules, I’m not so sure is does, but I know nothing ;-)

          1. @BBT I know nothing either, I just like to talk out of my….. big head?

            err… right….. Well, I thought originally that the pipe ended flat with the bodywork. But because it’s cut out it shows that the bodywork extends beyond the exhaust exit. Using the bodywork to direct the exhaust is illegal… Or at least I think it is. So I’m not sure what exactly is going on.

          2. @Mike They’ve been doing that all week, i thought it was something new today, the comment says today. It only the fake exhaust on the launch where the body work was not cut away.

          3. @BBT Oh I see, Thanks. :D

  5. For a while there I thought I was looking at photo of Ayrton Senna. Bruno in that white balaclava looked so much like him.

  6. Bruno looks more and more like his uncle every day. It’s scary.

    1. It would be great for the sport and Brazil if he’d also start driving like his uncle.

      1. Maybe he will if he did not stop at 10years old after his uncle passed and only started to race at 20. Imagine the possibilities, if he continues racing in his teenage years like Vettel, Hamilton etc. Since fate is such, lets Bruno be Bruno and not Ayrton.

        1. Couldn’t agree more. I have to commend him for dealing with the constant comparisons for so many years with such a good attitude. I’m not sure I’d be so patient in his shoes.

  7. What’s up with there being no McLaren pics? They ban you from doing it?

    1. See reply above.

  8. is there any measuring device attached to red bull??
    it seems they’re just fine tuning the car!

  9. Kudos to the cameramen for snatching some photos of Bianchi today, i thought he crashed too quickly. ;)

  10. Two things I noticed.

    One, I like Vettel’s helmet. I always like his.

    Two, RBR have opted to put the ‘speedometer’ on the edge of the cockpit instead of on the wheel itself.

    1. Not to be a spoilsport or anything, but I think both RBR/STR have had that configuration since the 2008 season. Just thought I’d let you know

  11. Fantastic pictures.

    Without this site you’d never see all these pictures in the same place. Just brilliant.

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