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The 2009 German Grand Prix gets started

Kimi Raikkonen makes his return to Formula 1 this season after two years away.

He last raced in 2009 – a year that saw the astonishing one-off triumph of Brawn, the debut of Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems, and some strange-looking cars thanks to the new aerodynamic rules.

But how well do you remember the 2009 season? Test your knowledge with the newest F1 Fanatic Quiz.

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How did you get on? Share your score in the comments – but remember not to leave clues about the questions!

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34 comments on “2009 F1 season – The F1 Fanatic Quiz”

  1. Holy petunias, that Brawn had a low nose!

    1. I wonder why they couldn’t make the 2012 noses look like that.

      1. Jarred Walmsley
        13th February 2012, 18:27

        Well, the 2012 Merc hasn’t been unveiled yet, it’s possible it could have the Brawn nose

        1. Unlikely though

    2. That Brawn looks just like the 2012 HRT.

      1. How do you know what the 2012 HRT looks like?

        1. uh that’s the 2011 car.

  2. Ok, that’s a recent season, should be ok then :-)

    1. Hm, whatever went wrong, a meagre 6/20! Hard to remember the poles!

      1. 15/20. Not bad, but I expected more!
        Some questions are really precise though!

        1. 15 for me too, some were tough!!!

  3. 15/20, my best for a while!

  4. Gah… I hate doing these at work. Naturally the phone rang inbetween… 0/20. I knew a bunch. At least 15.

    1. I took that risk too, managed to get in there just before the 5 minutes ran out!

  5. 11/20, jeez that was actually hard. And those multi-choice questions… I remembered usually one correctly, but had no idea for the rest.

  6. 14/20, not good. Some were tough.

  7. Please don’t call while I’m in the middle of the quiz… arggghhhh!!!!

  8. 7/20 and I had to usher a colleague out of the room ;)

    Prior to taking the quiz, I thought I should have good knowledge of such relatively recent events, but it turns out the little things had all but slipped my mind.

  9. Gah, computer froze in the middle of the quiz :'(

  10. 18/20, not bad!

    That last question was hard, I had no idea what the correct answer was.

    1. same here! 18/20!

      1. I know, I did a bit of internet work after the quiz and I still don’t know what the answer is!

  11. Well, looking at the cars in the picture above… at least the cars got a little prettier over the years. Except for the 2012-spec noses of course, but that goes without saying.

  12. Is there any way of having the clock visible at all times? Got 0 as I forgot to check the time, did it again though and got 16 (didn’t cheat) which is my best for a while so happy :)

  13. Why are there only 15 cars in the picture?

    1. On the outer line there must be Räikkönen, Kovalainen, Rosberg and Fisichella following each other, and Glock starts from the pitlane, and we got everyone.

  14. apparently I need 6 minutes for these quizzes….

  15. noo. 6/10.
    keith on one of the questions ( i think number 8 or 9?) there are two exactly the same choices that appear when you start typing the answer. could one be wrong?

    1. No, it’s just a typing aid. The duplicates will be removed but it doesn’t make a difference which of the two you pick.

  16. Question 20 was very obscure, but I remembered everything else, even some of the “older” questions.

  17. I really don’t think 5 minutes is long enough. Data entry on the iPad meant I timed out and I was going as fast as I could!

    Can we see the answers anywhere?

  18. Blurgh. 18/20. I don’t even know which 2 I got wrong.

  19. 3/20. I expected much better, at least 10! Dreadful!

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