Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Barcelona, 2012

Ecclestone tips Hamilton to leave McLaren and wants Schumacher at Red Bull

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Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Barcelona, 2012
Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Barcelona, 2012

In the round-up: Bernie Ecclestone suggests Lewis Hamilton could leave McLaren and says he’d like to see Michael Schumacher win again.

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Ecclestone: Hamilton may leave McLaren (Daily Telegraph)

“I think if he doesn’t perform this year he’ll be looking maybe to move on, and the team may also be looking for him to move on.”

“I’d like to see him in a good car”: F1 supremo Ecclestone wants Schumacher in a Red Bull (Daily Mirror)

“It would be nice if Michael won a race wouldn’t it. I’d like to see him in a good car. I’d like to see him in the second Red Bull.”

Bahrain Grand Prix will go ahead as planned, says Bernie Ecclestone (The Guardian)

“Nobody is saying we’re not going or we don’t want to go or anything. Everybody is quite positive. I’ve told all the teams there’s no problem at all. I’m absolutely 100% sure we’ll go there and there will be no problem.”

FIA to close off ECU loophole (Autosport)

“An updated version of the software for F1’s Standard ECU – which controls the engine maps – will be released before the season-opening Australian Grand Prix.”

Tata Communications seeks brand boost via F1 (Reuters India)

“Tata Communications will use its undersea cable and its IT networks to transmit data and live video from the 20 Grand Prix locations as the circuit tours the globe. It will also host the Formula1.com website in a multi-year deal for which financial terms were not disclosed.”

Q&A with Toro Rosso?s Jean-Eric Vergne (F1)

“It would be fantastic if one day somebody would call me the next Sebastian Vettel. For me he?s the best driver on the grid right now. But then again I don?t want to be anybody else – I want to be myself: a driver who is winning races. I don?t need anybody to tell me to win as I am the first one who wants that.”

Ferrari, RBR change final test plans (Yahoo)

“Red Bull Racing and Ferrari have changed their testing plans for next month and will now run at Barcelona from March 2-5.”

Prost is new Renault ambassador (Joe Saward)

Alain Prost has been named as Renault?s new international ambassador.”

Japanese mother builds Red Bull RB8 replica for four-year old son (Japanese)

Brilliant pictures of a model RB8 built out of cardboard – right down to the 2012-style nose! Thanks to Journeyer for the tip.

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Comment of the day

Amid optimism over McLaren’s potential this year, Daniel Thomas wonders what the consequences might be for Lewis Hamilton versus Jenson Button round three:

Reading that article on Hamilton and Button?s optimism is good news for McLaren fans.

But if their car is quick enough to win from the start this could be the year their sweet relationship begins to sour.

Tabloid-ish, sure, but an exciting prospect nonetheless.
Daniel Thomas

From the forum

Happy birthday!

No F1 Fanatic birthdays today. If you want a birthday shout-out tell us when yours is by emailling me, using Twitter or adding to the list here.

On this day in F1

Happy birthday to Pedro de la Rosa who is 41 today, and four-times champion Alain Prost who celebrates his 57th birthday.

Image ?? Jamey Price/F1 Fanatic

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  • 105 comments on “Ecclestone tips Hamilton to leave McLaren and wants Schumacher at Red Bull”

    1. Hrm this may be a little cruel of me, but i’m tipping Bernie to be fully senile by the 2014 season.

      1. He should have been sectioned the moment he started talking about sprinklers being used in f1 races!

        I’m really curious about redbull changing their testing schedule. If teams are basically having private tests to hide developments, then surely all of these “shadow games” will soon be clamped down on.

        I was also intrigued by JB’s comment on how the upcoming mclaren upgrade “won’t be straight-forward” and “isn’t just about bolting downforce on the car” *RAISED EYEBROW*

        1. Red Bull are testing with Ferrari so I doubt teams would approve it if they were really trying to pull something. They said it was better logistically but who knows really.

      2. Hrm this may be a little cruel of me, but i’m tipping Bernie to be fully senile by the 2014 season.

        It is cruel of you. The article quoted was published by The Daily Mirror, and The Daily Mirror is well-known for making things up.

        1. Actually I read it elsewhere, not that it changes much.

          Bernie still makes multi millions per year and is more than capable of suing them into the ground which is why I find the reporting of his utterances tends to be quite accurate.

          Doesn’t change the fact it’s a monumentally naff idea and it’s the latest in a long stream of them.

        2. @prisoner-monkeys Ecclestone was speaking at a press conference, the quotes were widely reported.

          1. Nevertheless, it’s unnecessary and cruel to accuse Bernie of being senile simply because you do not agree with him. I disagree with a lot of people. It doesn’t mean that I go around calling them various names simply because they disagree with me.

            Besides, looking at Bernie’s comments, what is there to suggest that his brains are steadily turning to mush? He said that if Hamilton does not perform this year, then it may be in both Hamilton’s and McLaren’s interests to part ways. I’d expect that of any team and driver experiencing such difficulties. It sounds perfectly rational to me. He then says that he would like to see Schumacher in a Red Bull – putting the most successful driver of all time in the same car and the same team as the new German wunderkid. It might be unrealistic, but it would be incredibly interesting to watch. And as for his comments on Bahrain, he is simply repeating what other people have told him about their stance on the subject.

            So, where is this supposed selinity?

            1. Errmmm… did you mean senility? You’re not that old are you?

            2. Because Bernie twenty years ago would never have uttered such inane drivel?

            3. You think it’s inane – but only because you disagree with it. You can’t just accuse someone of having dementia because you don’t like what they say. That’s what the Soviets did; if ever someone said something they didn’t like, the Kremlin would have them declared legally insane and shipped them off to an asylum to discredit them, break them down physically and mentally, and isolate them from the rest of society so that their dissenting ideas could not spread.

              If you have an issue with what Bernie says, then at least take the time to explain why you think he is wrong, rather than just accuse him of losing his mind and expecting everyone to agree with you.

            4. Oh here he goes..

              Because even though PM was wrong for discrediting the source, he can’t admit that and has to deflect by attacking what was obviously written in humour.


      3. Cruel? I’d say you’re being optimist…

      4. Like Schumacher, Bernie is past his prime, but at their age it is quite incredible how they can still measure up to the best.
        Here’s to them!

        1. I personally would like to see Mercedes dump Schumacher and Rosberg, for me the most deserving of a drive would be Alain and Sir Jackie they would lend gravitas to the team perhaps K.Rosberg could be test driver. If the old fella wants Schumi to win so much he should make F1 for over 40’s only. But No! that would let Rubens back in…. our hero certainly wouldn’t want that.

        2. I think he (bernie) try to deliver a messagge that sebastian vettel is not a real champion. he is champion just simply because he got dominant car, thats all. LOL. Like what much people said, if kubica drive for red bull 2010-2011 he would be world champion too. and not to forgot alonso too. F1 driver are all proffesional, hard to say who is good and who is not so good. Same comment to jensen button in 2009 season where most people describes he not really a champion, he just got a dominant Brawn car.

      1. @harry-palmer – 1999 called. They want their joke back.

        1. @ Prisoner Monkeys

          Ironically, I think that comeback is from about 1990! :)

    2. A cardboard RB8? Luxury. In my day we had a cardboard box. And we was happy. Tell that to kids nowadays? Won’t believe a word.

      Maybe Micheal Schumacher has a chance of getting in the second cardboard RB8.

      1. Hahahahaha good one :D

      2. I fear the cardboard RB8 would not pass the FIA mandatory crash tests….

        1. Or rain or fire test!

      3. Cardboard box! Luxury, in my day we sat in the road………….

        next please.

        1. Haha A road! Oh what I would have given to sit on a road!

          We used to sit on a patch of dirt.

          1. Dirt? Thats luxury, that is.
            We had to sit in a swamp, if we were lucky :)

            1. Swamp? Luxurious, if only I was as lucky!

              In my day we sat in quicksand :)

            2. Quicksand? Heaven! We had to pay FOM’s hosting fees with a 7% escalator for the privilege of standing on one foot in mid-air.

            3. UNeedAFinn2Win
              24th February 2012, 8:12

              A foot! You pampered pansy, ne’er ‘ad a foot, me, my artificial leg is STILL lodged under the concrete slab we were sleeping under when it slipped !

            4. You guys are awesome :D

            5. Artificial leg? I never ‘ad no fancy leg – just an ‘ollowed-out old tree stump for me, lad. We ‘ad t’pay a 12% escalator in them days too, and no-one could even watch us race round t’quicksand in cardboard cars unless we ‘ad satellite coverage. Applied to us drivers too, like – there were tight regulations in them days. One poor lad, ‘e ‘adn’t paid, and ‘e ‘ad to race with ‘is eyes closed – wasn’t allowed to to watch ‘imself or ‘is opponents. That’s ‘ow I lost me leg y’know…

            6. Day. Mine. Made.

      4. Impossible, there would be too much controversy regarding flexible cardboard.

        1. Yeah, its all in the layering, right :-o

      5. As one who is old enough I know that no matter how much you spend on the toys the kids want at christmas, they always end up playing with the large cardboard boxes.
        And the kids do not improve with age, my youngest is 28.

        1. Too true.. My lad had RC car, skylanders, etc…. The only thing he has really sat down and played with is an old family chess set he was given by his grandad.

      6. Only in Japan!

      7. We used to push our cardboard racers up hill for 10 miles both ways, in the snow and barefooted. These current F1 cardboard racers are such sissies!

      8. My dog’s really jealous now, car rides not good enough now he’s seen what other dogs get !!

      9. I think Mummy Builder San is hiding some detail under a bin liner by the nose “step” – wonder if it is a new kind of Sushi storage or “S” duct?

      10. If only I could know what that mother’s genetic make-up is – to spend that much time and effort to accurately recreate much of the Red Bull peculiarities such as the stepped nose and the vent and livery…not something women are generally interested in here in India. Awesome job Ohana! And thanks Keith and @Journeyor for bringing it to our attention and making my day brighter!

        I used to make cardboard cars too, but never as detailed as this.

        Really wish F1 tyres were as wide as these! :)

    3. Schumacher is past it. Vettel would run rings around him in the Red Bull.
      Also Lewis should stay at McLaren

      1. Naaah, mix it up a bit! :)

      2. Elliot Horwood
        24th February 2012, 6:19

        perhaps Bernie could change the rules so at the end of each season every “2nd” driver in each team goes into a hat and a lucky dip of what team they will drive for next season is picked out? ;)

      3. Race of champions 2011. Schumacher – Vettel. Amnesia. I’m suree you’ll get this crossword puzzle…

      4. Like here??

        Schumacher vs Vettel ROC 2011

        It isn’t F1 but it is better than comparing drivers in totally different F1 cars.

    4. Good round-up today! I’d like to see Shumi in an RB to find out whether he is still all-there, but can’t see it happening. And anyway there are plenty of younger drivers that now are better (just look at Rosberg).

      Just a thought – imagine if they wrote a glitch into the ECU software – if its debuting at the opening there wouldnt be much testing on it (within teams anyway). Imagine if there was a glitch that occured after a race start- every single car would break down simultaneously!!

      That cardboard RB is unbelievable. It’s almost scary – all for a four year old! I want one…

      1. It’s almost scary – all for a four year old! I want one…

        What, a four year old? They’re not as much fun as they look.

        1. Haha – not quite yet!

      2. Rosberg looked to me like he was trying to outscore schumacher every race for the past 2 years. hat’s wrong with this you ask? Well, in doing so, he chose to only try to make himself look good compared to his teammate, rather than MAXIMISING THE PERFORMANCE OF THE CAR each race.

        The amount of times I saw Rosberg sacrifice race pace just to out qualify his teammate on Saturday (no points) was ridiculous. Cancel out Schumacher’s mechanical retirements & the fact that he kept running into petrov (& vice versa) & MS actuially outsocred ROS last season, & whilst focusing on race pace in the car rather than Saturday no points glory runs that the media loves to focus on so much too!

        1. oops typos hahaha hopefully you get the point.

          1. Wow…so many things wrong with that comment, imho Aussie Fan…I think you are making a huge assumption when you suggest he was ONLY trying to make himself look good vs. his teammate….I thought the idea of qualifying was to get yourself as high up on the grid as possible.

            I find it quite hard to imagine NR doing something different on Saturdays that would have seen him improve on Sundays. Go slower on Saturdays how, and to what end? In hopes that the pace is there on Sunday? When it’s already hard enough keeping up with the top 3 teams? I think you are looking only at the two drivers at Mercedes and I would like you to tell me what MS did to compete against the top 3 teams by qualifying so poorly?

            As if MS was happy with his Saturday performances. As if he won’t be trying to improve on that this year.

            MS was only lucky that Merc was a distant 4th place team with Renault a distant 5th. That way, in spite of his poor quali efforts NR with his better starting spots couldn’t do much with the top 3 cars and MS could eventually catch up and not be bothered by other cars because everyone else starting with Renault was a distant 5th in the WCC.

            How convenient of you to cancel out MS’s mechanical issues when NR wasn’t immune to that, or to having to conserve fuel, at least once to MS’s benefit. How convenient to cancel out MS’s bad driving that saw him lose a front wing on more than one occasion that was his fault and that was borne from starting too far back in the grid and having to play with lesser cars and drivers while NR was trying to play with the big boys.

            I think you will find that last year was a forgiving one for MS and his poor quali performances, and assuming the whole field will be closer MS will not be able to make himself look as good if he continues to quali so badly.

    5. I think, but I’m not sure, that Bernie is the owner of the world’s biggest wooden spoon!

      .. he sure does like stirring.

    6. Bernie said what? Let me see that… (muttering: schumi to red bull, hamilton out of mclaren) …well, okay. Won’t ever happen, but okay. What else was there? (muttering again: Bahrain is a go)


    7. Hamilton = clearly had the qualifying pace to keep up with his fellow team mate Button.

      Schumi = ‘Past it’. However, I also wouldn’t mind seeing him get a podium or even a win…I’m not a Schumi fan but it would be a great watch.

      Bahrain = Give up on trying to host a race there for at least two years….tensions are tight there, as mentioned by various journalists.

    8. Shut up Bernie, just shut up.

      1. Why? He can give his opinion just like anyone else.

        1. Yes, it’s an opinion.. Schumi is still good! :)

        2. All too often, his opinions become facts

    9. RBR should look into hiring the cardboard car lady. She got her version of the RB8 out pretty quickly! I understand that it will have some blanket updates come Melbourne.

      1. She just copied Red Bull in extremely short order… I’d think. Ferrari would be pretty interested in hiring her.

        1. You’re mean!

      2. She managed to get pictures of it up online too without crashing her servers…

    10. I love how people take BE comments so seriously, he is asked a leading question by a journalist, something like ‘so many people are tipping Mercedes to have a much stronger season this time around, how much would you like to see Schumacher winning races again?’ and all Bernie has said is yes it would be good to see him win but he needs a good car, no-one knows if the Mercedes is good yet but as Red Bull seem so dominant, he would probably win in that.

      Immediately people go crazy about how it would never happen and how Vettel is so much better and how senile Bernie is.

      Journalism is all about asking the questions in the right way to get the answer you want, and therefore this should not be taken so seriously!

      Anyway, if Bernie, the teams and the drivers are happy for Bahrain to go ahead, then so be it. Whether you agree that things have got better or you think Bahrain shouldn’t host, it doesn’t matter. They have a contract, and only in extreme cases will the race be cancelled. From what I have seen the area is nowhere near as tense and disrupted as last year

      1. I agree.

        Although with Bahrain I’d point out that there is a significantly stronger grip on the population than this time last year.

      2. I also agree. I bet Bernie would laugh himself silly over the tizz people get into over his comments, if he actually cared that is! As for Bahrain, like it or not (I haven’t followed the situation this year), it’ll probably happen.

      3. @sam3110 BE might just be having a laugh when he says certain things, but ppl take his sommenta seriously because he’s been serious about some ridiculous notions on many an occasion. The way that he kept on harping on about sprinklers for instance, that was senility personified. If not he had me believing he wanted it (probably because he didn’t finish his comment with an emoticon ;-) )

        1. Typo “comments” not “sommenta”

      4. Yep. And we ought to remember that Bernie has a vested interest in driver changes as well as Schumi winning again as both will create press column inches and TV minutes which is what F1 thrives on (and Bernie makes money on).
        I hate the little piece of excreta who corrupted F1 from a technical sport into a stupid media circus where rumour and gossip have taken precedence over racing.

    11. Gibo is driving (@)
      24th February 2012, 3:20

      People can say whatever they want about Bernie but he sure doesn’t mind throwing out an opinion no matter how controversial it is. As fans we are not going to be as objective or as willing to accept changes to our favourite team or drivers. At least with Bernie we are forced to open our mind a bit even if it sounds just utter nonsense. So, about Schumi wearing a blue shirt, not sure he would look good in the colour or that Red Bull as a team would be ready for that but one can imagine the possibilities

    12. Cardboard box lady has already turned down a job offer to head HRT’s fabrication operation stating that she does not want to take a step back in her career.

    13. Can we just replace any future Bernie quotes with “This just in! Ecclestone spouts eye-catching headline material and reaps benefits through free publicity” ?

      1. “Bernie’s done it again” default headline?

      2. In fact, for him, it’s always a win-win situation:

        1. Free publicity, controversy, getting F1 talked about etc.

        2. Acting senile creates an element of unpredictability about him.

        Both are very useful to a smooth operator like him, and with all the money + power he’s got, he doesn’t give a damn about being laughed at. (You wouldn’t, either, in his place.)

        1. Is he acting Senile??

          I’d like to see what happens with Lewis in another team and Schumacher at Red Bull as well.

          I’m not saying they are good ideas, but they are interesting ideas.

        2. I don’t think he’s acting senile, he’s simply saying things he knows will get more buzz going. It’s his prerogative because it does help keep people talking about F1, but it’s kinda like him playing to the tabloid-y aspect of the media. Bit of a cheap shot. Especially for a sport that prides itself on it’s class. He’s acting more like a gossipy housewife than a senile old man if you ask me.

    14. i’m sorry but bernie is so out of touch with the sport. yeah hes good at business but he’s a comlete foool when facing current issures. he knows jaack sit about anything. get lost,.. night night

    15. In my opinion,
      Bernie, is trying to breakup McLaren to make things easier for his favourite bull.

    16. My advice? Don’t take Ecclestone so seriously. Of course he knows he’s gonna get tongues and keyboards wagging but in his position I think you’re allowed to have a bit of a laugh! Even if he’s not joking around, it’s only an opinion.

      That cardboard RB8 looks brilliant, brilliant attention to detail.

      1. @AndrewTanner

        Exactly. The kind of comments he makes are those that you’d bring up flippantly over a pint or something. I kind of like that informality about him, even if it comes across as a little irresponsible at time, his opinion in these kind of comments is sort of independent of his job.

        1. @electrolite Of course. He’s the commercial rights manager of a sporting organisation so at times you have to expect his sporting side may express his opinion. I’m just glad we have someone with character.

    17. when will this despicable little man retire, imagine if we still had to put up with Murray Walker getting it all wrong too…

      ”and there Go GO GO….oh, actually, this is just the formation lap and i was just testing to see if you were dozing off like me (ZZzzzzz)”

      seriously, every dog has his day… Bernie’s was about 10 year ago.

      1. @the-edge It’s not Ecclestone’s job to commentate or have an opinion. It’s his job to promote the sport and make money.

    18. shut up bernie.. :)

      oh and thats deffo not the RB8.. its the ferrari with redbull livery :D

    19. IMHO Bernie is a genius. A business genius.

    20. MSC at RB…. Don’t we hear enough of the German national anthem as it is? :P

    21. Where would Lewis go if he left McLaren? The 2nd berth at Red Bull would be taken by Michael Schumacher, Ferrari would be an nonstarter with Alonso there. Perhaps Mercedes, but I cannot see it being any better than the McLaren.

      1. I can’t see MSC joining redbull. On the otherhand I think Hamilton would be perfect for them. Their branding/image is all about youth, energy and excitment and with Vettel and Hamilton both on board I think it would generate all the right publicity for them. It would also give us a damn good fight!

        1. Maybe the branding would work perfectly, red bull makes you ageless, you can still perform at your very best in your 40’s or more!

          1. I think the idea was Lewis that would retire completely ,the way the response was reported ,was that if he was unable to compete with his teamate he would sulk so much that all the money he has earned would make the ingrate turn his nose up at F1. SAD IF THAT HAPPENS. For a brief moment F1 looked exciting with the deft skills of Alonso verses the super ego and bravery of Lewis.Still like everything in this politically correct world we may be left with Vettel and Button, Fernando must be confident of some good years ahead.

            1. Here let me correct that for you:
              “F1 looked exciting with the deft skills of Lewis verses the super ego and bravery of Alonso”

    22. OmarR-Pepper (@)
      24th February 2012, 12:53

      Hey what about Prost as the new Renault ambassador? Was he chosen because his nose is so populr in F1 cars now?

      1. :-) Oui

        1. Better to sign him as No1.

    23. Michael Brown (@)
      24th February 2012, 14:09

      Actually, Schumacher could be at McLaren as well

    24. Lewis will be great at RBR as he really suits their brand image to a tee. And his world profile is much much bigger than Seb’s. Unfortunately, RBR would implode if they ever went down that route.
      Imagine Lewis taking all the nonsense that Mark has taken over the last two seasons? Or keeping quiet when that Marko guys runs his mouth in the media? It simply wouldn’t happen.It would be the biggest soap opera in F1 and would be generating regular column inches in the tabloids.I even predict a twitter war! I say go for it RBR.

    25. I am going to go with the herd on this one and say that Ecclestone is just stirring the pot again to get the media and fans interests levels up. However, and this is my personal opinion here, I do think alot went on behind the scenes at McLaren last year that we don’t know about. Lets just remember one thing, ever since 2007 McLaren has been according to many Lewis Hamilton’s team. That was certainly the case five years ago when Ron Dennis was incharge and all the way up until last year. Hamilton was their star man, a product of McLaren’s youth programme. The arrival of Jenson Button and the departure of Dennis has diluted that relationship to an extent.
      Where Button has excelled recently is that he has achieved what Alonso and Kovalainen failed to. He has beaten Hamilton over a whole season without the tantrums and public criticism Lewis has attracted onto himself. He hasn’t acquired the penalties nor has he questioned the teams decisions during grands prix, and yet he got the job done in 2011.
      That is Hamilton’s biggest problem. He is now starting to feel the same cold shoulder that Fernando Alonso did back in 2007 but to a lesser extent. He has had to realise that he is no longer the only game in town at McLaren and it has not been an easy lesson.
      Where Ecclestone could be wrong is the alternatives for Lewis. Ferrari and Red Bull are the obvious ones, Alonso or Vettel his obvious team mates. I can’t see Lewis being paired with Fernando, Ferrari have enough problems without adding to them. Red Bull would be a good bet, but he would have to do to Vettel what Button has to him and undermine him in a team that is all but his. Vettel is Red Bull’s golden boy, a double world champion, and I wonder if Hamilton is willing to stake his reputation by taking on Vettel in the same car. His idol Senna took on Alain Prost at McLaren in the 1980’s and relished the challenge, all be it all hell broke loose. I would love to see Lewis try, but it would be a huge gamble, even though Hamilton does seem to love being in the limelight.

      1. WALL OF TEXT ALERT!!!!!

    26. Just a heads up: a long awaited update today on ScarbsF1 with analyses of the Red Bull and Ferrari cars – happy reading : )

    27. It is strange for someone who won 3 races, the same number as his team mate, is said to be underperforming.
      Hamilton totally out qualified Button, the gap would be even greater had Mclaren not messed up several of his qualifying runs.
      The team’s strange decisions were responsible for some of his racing incidents. Half the time he is asking his race engineer for info and is not getting any.

      I do believe Hamilton should move. He will never get a good pit call if Button is just one or two positions behind. And if his new track side manager isn’t forceful, the team will continue to be negligent with his own end of the garage.

      1. To win in F1 is not difficult with a supreme car, if you are a top grade driver, Jenson has shown this,he is a skilled performer,with an organised personallity, his slightly underdog never say die position has certainly scored a lot of points with his new team.Adults allways find juvenlies, however talented,difficult to manage. Spoilt one’s with big ego’s are the worst of all ,what a great relief, must the gentleman at Woking have felt to at last have a replacement for John Watson (sorry John) . Handling the male version of Prima Donas used to be what F1 was about I am afraid that I am going back to watching In Car from W.R.C. far more exciting.

      2. Indeed. McLaren is completely dropping the ball. They really seem to favor Button.

        That’s no surprise though since Button IS Whitmarsh’s favorite.

        Still Hamilton did under perform in 2011. He had a lot of bad luck, but he also should have stayed out of a lot of crashes that were unnecessary.

    28. Mr E is no fool. He pulls strings that keeps F1 on top. He is without doubt the reason F1 is what it is today, a thing we all love and growing bigger. Mind you his daughter could do with some management.

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