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500 F1 Fanatic Quiz questions to test your knowledge

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Start, Monaco, 2012How good is your F1 trivia knowledge?

F1 Fanatic’s Quizzes now include a total of 500 questions – and some readers who’ve tackled them all have scores of well over 400.

If you’ve not tried any or all of them yet, you can get started below. You get five minutes to answer 20 questions in each quiz.

F1 driver quizzes

F1 race quizzes

F1 seasons and other quizzes

F1 team quizzes

Over to you

Keep an eye out for our new 2012 season quiz which is coming up in the season review.

What other drivers, races or teams would you like to see featured in an F1 Fanatic Quiz? Add your suggestions in the comments.

F1 Fanatic Quizzes

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  • 14 comments on “500 F1 Fanatic Quiz questions to test your knowledge”

    1. We need a Kimi Raikkonen quiz, man…

    2. Maybe a general quiz about the racing period 2000-2012? I think a lot of fans on this site (including me) are a bit annoyed at the historical questions that are in these quizzes, as many of us were not F1-fans when these races were held.
      Questions like: ‘Over which driver did Sauber lose their Red Bull sponsorship?’ or something.

      1. Indeed! I really hate questions that involve guys before 90s.

      2. @andae23 @alonsomclaren If a quiz is on a subject that includes earlier F1 history then it’s going to include them. However there are quizzes whose subject matter is entirely post-1990: several of the drivers, some of the seasons and so on. I will most likely flesh out the season quizzes with ones for 2008, 2007 etc…

        Though I should add that all these quizzes were written by someone who watched his first full season of F1 in 1990 :-)

        1. ok, thanks for clarifying.

      3. You are really annoyed at those questions? I find them great, not because I know the answers (i often don’t, and don’t even get most questions from the 1990′ and later right!), but because they make me have a look at the drivers, teams, races and tracks and find out new and undiscovered things.

        Remember, the point of the quiz is not to have a perfect score, but to enjoy our sport!

    3. some readers who’ve tackled them all have scores of well over 400.

      I dont think I even have 100…

    4. I love the quizzes just as they are, and it’s good to be reminded just how much F1 there was before Michael Schumacher.

      But sometimes 5 minutes just isn’t enough thinking time. How about an extra minute for F1 Fanatic Supporters?!

      That recent second-place quiz was great – how about some more loosely-themed ones like that: wet races, title deciders, one-off races, Finnish drivers, backmarkers. I was surprised to see there hasn’t been a Williams quiz yet.

      Even better, the “nobody remembers…” quiz also seems to have stopped a few suspiciously-high scoring characters at the top of the leaderboard…

      1. @bullfrog

        How about an extra minute for F1 Fanatic Supporters?

        Cheeky! Something about that suggestion reminds me of Max Mosley’s budget cap proposal…

        1. Cheeky! Something about that suggestion reminds me of Max Mosley’s budget cap proposal…


    5. Will it ever be possible to see answers after a test? It’d be good to learn more trivia for the questions we don’t know!

      1. @m77 I would like to add that feature but at the moment we don’t have it.

    6. Have a McLaren quiz like they do when you go for a tour of MTC.

    7. I was only any good at the 2011 season quiz, pretty dismal with everything else!

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