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F1 Fanatic’s new year thanks and credits 2013

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F1 Fanatic logoAs we begin a new year and look forward to a new season, I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who helped out with the site last year.

@WillWood stepped in to help out on several occasions during 2012, writing articles and keeping the site running smoothly. I am extremely pleased to see he has gone on to find work with GPI Magazine.

@JameyPrice photographed testing at the Circuit de Catalunya for F1 Fanatic last year and later had the chance to shoot pictures at the United States Grand Prix. Thanks to him and best of luck for the future.

Dan Selby (@EcwDanSelby) was on hand to edit videos for the site and helped out several times during the season.

And particular thanks goes to Ed Marshal who has provided invaluable technical expertise at many times during the year – even at the most antisocial hours.


Dan Cross covered the Force India launch at Silverstone and Laney Scott took some cracking pictures of the new VJM05.

Ewa Zaborska (@Lilla-my) totted up your votes for each Driver of the Weekend and reported back on them throughout the year. Daniel Thomas (@iamdanthomas) did likewise for Rate the Race earlier in the season and Jake Michaels (@jakemf1) has since taken over on that popular series of articles.

@John-Beamer continued his excellent technical features which for the first time included some of his own illustrations.

@AnthonyFrench has begun a new series reviewing the most interested Tweets from each race weekend. We’ve only had a few instalments so far but I’m looking forward to more during 2013.

And thanks also to @StevenSmith_f1f, @Greg-Morland, @Tim-Ferrone, Jen Campbell and Robert Beck (@Rbeck) who wrote guest articles during 2012 as well.

If you’re interested in becoming a guest writer for F1 Fanatic you can find out more here:


We have a small group of researchers who help check facts and produce material for articles and other features on the site. @Girts did plenty of work on this during 2012 so thanks to him as well as @KateM and @Guilherme.

Find out more about becoming an F1 Fanatic researcher here:


Earlier this year the 400,000th comment was posted on F1 Fanatic. That total doesn’t include posts on the forum and comments on F1 Fanatic Live, which gives you an idea just how busy our moderators are kept!

So big thanks to @DamonSmedley, @Olliekart, @Bradley13, @Estesark, Sebastian Pramanick, Arun Srini, LAK, IDR, and Armen Abrahamian for keeping the discussion areas in good order throughout 2012.

If you’d like to help out as a moderator, here’s how you can:

Supporting F1 Fanatic

While creating the content for F1 Fanatic is rarely a problem, keeping the money coming in is, so special thanks goes to those who’ve contributed to the site during the year.

If you donated to F1 Fanatic, bought a product through our affiliate partners or became an F1 Fanatic supporter, thanks very much for helping to keep the site running.

The F1 Fanatic Supporter programme launched during 2012 and has helped raise contributions to cover the cost of hosting, running and developing the site.

By contributing ??1 per month or ??12 per year to F1 Fanatic you can browse the site free of advertisements. See below for more information and to sign up.

I do hope I’ve remembered to thank everyone I should have. If you think your name should be on here and I’ve left it off, please accept my apologies.

Here’s to a great 2013!

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Keith Collantine
Lifelong motor sport fan Keith set up RaceFans in 2005 - when it was originally called F1 Fanatic. Having previously worked as a motoring...

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  • 24 comments on “F1 Fanatic’s new year thanks and credits 2013”

    1. No, thank you Keith! I never would of met such a great community without your hard work to promote discussions and create new idea. So no Keith, Thank You!

      1. This. What you have created his is simply amazing. I don’t think there is a more welcoming community on the internet, let alone Formula 1 based sites. Your hard work and dedication is evident in every single page, and I enjoy reading them on a daily basis.

        Thank you!

        1. I agree 100%. @KeithCollantine This website is fantastic. The dedication and work you put in is truly outstanding and makes this one of the very very few pages I actually visit every day. The community that you manage so well to keep in check as well is fantastic and I have met some great people here, especially through the racing leagues (yes, thought I’d get a little plug in there ;) haha).
          It has been no problem at all helping out and I really would like to help out some more if at all possible. But as both @JamieFranklinF1 & @Olliekart above me have said, Thank You very much Keith, and Happy New Year. Here’s hoping we all have a fantastic year ahead!

    2. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! The awesome coverage, and all of your hard work has not gone unnoticed. This is without a doubt one of the best sites for F1 Fans, and the dedication you guys put releasing new content on a daily basis is truly amazing. I look forward to following the 2013 F1 season with f1finatic and once again thank you for all of your hard work!

    3. F1 Fanatic has truly become my second home and I want to use the opportunity to thank @KeithCollantine and the other F1 Fanatics for that. Thank you for your knowledge, intelligence, tolerance and friendliness.

      I would like to wish a Very Happy New Year to my F1F friends from the UK, India, Slovenia, Argentine, Australia, Portugal, the UAE, the Netherlands, Honduras, New Zealand, Germany, Latvia, the USA and Italy as well as to the other F1 Fanatic readers from all over the world. May God bless you and may your dreams come true in 2013.

    4. A salute to everyone running the show! Your efforts, for which you’ve asked nothing in return, have made F1Fanatic into, for my money, the best F1 news source on the web! Thank you, terima kasih, danke, xie xie, grazie, merci boucoup, gracias, obrigado!

    5. I want to thanks Keith & to all the members,let roll for 2013 F1 season which is 72 days away from us.

    6. I think F1Fanatic has improved a lot over the course of this year. The number of articles has increased, both during GP-weekends and off-season, and with that also the amount of information that you supply your readers with. I really like F1Fanatic as it is the blog that provides the best platform for fans to discuss topics (by quite some distance). So, I can only hope that the line will continue for 2013. Thanks Keith and others for fantastic coverage in 2012 :D

    7. Bob (@bobthevulcan)
      1st January 2013, 15:18

      Thank you, @keithcollantine and site contributors, for maintaining this wonderful blog which has become my, and I’m sure many others’, go-to website for all things Formula One. Thank you for your outstanding work, and all the best to all F1 Fanatics for the year ahead!

    8. Thanks for a great year, Keith. I was happy to help out in my small way and sorry that I don’t have the time to continue. I shall, however, remain a dedicated reader and subscriber :)

    9. Huge thanks to the F1F team for running and maintaining such an active website dedicated to f1 .

      I got to know of this site only during the latter part of the season but got to know a lot .Now , I keep visiting this site every day to catch a new article which in other sites happens only once a week. Keep up the great work .

      And………..BRING ON THE 2013 SEASON :) :)

    10. Thanks everyone for running such a great website, 365 days a year. Breakfast with F1Fanatic round-up has been the start of my day for over a year now, and the reviews, comments are analyses on the site are second to none. Roll on 2013.

    11. Happy New year F1 Fanatic!

      Thanks to everyone that collaborated with Keith for such a fantastic job during the 2012 season. My very best wishes to all of them.

    12. A tribute in my native language
      فانتيكس F1 شكرا لكيث كولّانتاين وعام مبارك لجميع

    13. Drop Valencia!
      1st January 2013, 22:38

      Thanks Keith and Co. for your dedication to F1 bloggery, and to other posters for thier points of view. Just remember to take a break, we don’t want you to burn out anytime soon!

    14. Thank you Keith et al. 12:01am has never quite been the same since I discovered this wonderful place ;)

    15. You’re welcome, everyone!

    16. OmarR-Pepper (@)
      2nd January 2013, 2:34

      thanks Keith and thanks to all the people, all the ones who I agree / disagree with, because all of you make this a wonderful community

    17. If Heineken did F1 websites it still wouldn’t come close to this! Onwards and Upwards Keith!

    18. Thanks Keith :)


    19. Thanks to Keith and the entire F1F team for making the best F1 site happen.Kudos to all.

    20. What can I say, Keith?

      Your dedication, efforts and passion is clearly over any other example one could find.

      There is a Spanish proverb which says: Love means deeds, not sweet words.

      So I decided to pay an annual subscription to this site, and as I consider is quite cheap thinking in what we get, I will pay equal amount as a donation to F1F.

      Keith, you’re site is the best value for money. Congratulations and I hope you become millionaire by doing what you love most.

      Happy new year!

    21. SlackBladder1
      3rd January 2013, 5:28

      Thanks Keith well done
      All the best for 2013

    22. Can’t wait for the new season

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